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  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to share some positive experiences here at TRU and in Kamloops. I know many of you will be deciding now what school to go to. I was accepted at a few schools across Canada, but chose TRU. Why? 1) Its in the province I want to practice -- It's near the city I want to practice in; so I get to meet these local lawyers and visit to their firms etc (eg Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna etc). Whereas if I wanted to practice in Toronto I'd miss out on those opportunities to network (whereas the TO students would have been networking all along). -- You're learning BC law; If you study in other provinces, you'll learn those laws. This isn't necessarily a career-ending move, its just that it makes it so much easier on you. -- Its near my family, about a 2-3 hour drive. That was pretty much my only factor. . . But now that I've been here nearly a year.. let me tell you about so many more ... > Collegiality - is that a word? idk. But the students here are really friendly and helpful to each other, at least in my year. - there are other schools where students care ONLY about their OWN mark and worry that other ppl getting good grades mean they have a lower chance of getting a good grade (bc of the curve) - luckily most of us believe that if you're THAT worried about getting a bad grade, you probably deserve one. Very few people are like this, but they're pretty easy to identify after 3 or 4 weeks. Beware.. - we are helpful with sending notes, trading CANS (don't you worry, you'll find out what CANS are soon enough little ones) - there will always come a day that you'll miss a class and need notes. If you dont send yours when others need it, no one will send your theirs. So everyone is really helpful in this way. - the Prof's also help foster this sense of community because they all want the best for us (because they want the school to succeed, as its the newest in Canada , I'm sure you've heard) > The building (http://www.marceldion.ca/vii/) - if you wrote your LSAT in Kamloops you'd have seen the building. Its purdy. - We study in a building called "Old Main" - its the oldest building on Campus but they reno'd the 3+4 floor - which is entirely law! Most (if not all.. pretty sure all) your classes will be here. - This is a lovely building. There is a 24h library (accessible by fob) and a 24h reading room (a big quiet room with just desks and couches everywhere, accessible by fob). - There is a lounge provided by the Society of Law Students (SLS, like the Law student union sort of), with a sink, kettle, keurig, 2 microwaves, toaster, and fridge (don't count on using the fridge... other students leave it in a constant state of f'd up.. ). It also has couches, pingpong table, and foosball. Its a small room but works out well. - there are plugs in all the classrooms right on the desk where you sit. - there are projectors, mics, and 2 projector screens in every classroom - you can rent it out to watch a movie, and even sign in on netflix.. or i guess if you like learning you can listen to a guest lecturer who is across the country via video-conference! Pretty cool. - not to denigrate another school ... but in my decision I did factor this in - I looked at other school's classrooms online (this took a fair bit of web sleuthing, eg at 'events' photo galleries and so on) and there were 1 or 2 schools that looked awful.. akin to my undergrad classrooms built in the 70s with no windows, outlets, decent chairs, etc.. It isn't necessarily a deal breaker but I personally would have felt just a little worse coming into school every day... at TRU you know you have the BEST. > The classes - TRU has the most class hours of any law school in canada during 1L. Prepare to be spun on your head. Good luck with it. - but in reality the teachers are all pretty great in 1L - if you went to a massive undergrad school like I did, it'll be weird when your teachers know your name. Its awesome though. - There are not many assignments, so its easier to just keep trucking on and not have an entire week f'd up because you spent 4 days doing nothing but one assignment. (Except in Early March - that will happen one week..) - Exams are basically 100% finals - there is a christmas exam but it doesn't really count (help not hurt). - there will be about 100 people accepted to your year; this is split into 2 "sections"; you'll have all your classes for 1L with your section. the same 50ish students. So you'll get to know them pretty well. Its nice. Sort of like a fun version of high school. You know everyone. Everyone is nice. Everyone is respectful. Well ... generally... > The integration with the Truth and Reconciliation Committee's Calls to Action - it could be better.. But TRU is doing a pretty good job of integrating concepts of Indigenous law into our classes. We definitely talk about indigenous rights pretty much every week. - you'll have a number of local indigenous leaders (eg scholars, elders) come speak to the classes. Its a pretty great learning experience. - If you're indigenous yourself, I think you'll find that most students are genuinely interested in your story. It may be uncomfortable to share and there certainly is no pressure. But I find in our classes we often get wonderful input on how old / new laws have impacted reserves / land title claims / hunting rights, etc. It adds a wonderful richness. - you'll visit the Kamloops Indian Residential School in 1L.. Its pretty cray. A very unique experience. An honour to be given a tour by past students who were forced to go there (and starved, beaten etc while there).. Instead of abandoning / burning it down they bring students in to show us how our laws really trampled their rights and culture back in the day (oh.. today too...) - there are also field trips for this purpose in both the 2L and 3L but I'm living under a textbook and don't know what they are > Outdoorsy stuff - TBH i don't really care about all the wonderful winter activities, but rest assured if you're not a lazy bum like me, you'll love being 20 minutes from an awesome ski hill (SunPeaks), lots of xcountry trails, loads of walking/hiking trails (like right on campus pretty much) - The scenery is gorgeous here. From any north facing window in the law school you can see the gorgeous mountains that surround us. > Clubs - there are lots of clubs at the uni but more specifically in the law school; cribbage club, digital media club, south asian law students, indigenous law students, animal law club, Oral advocacy club (PRO TIP - JOIN ORAL ADVOCACY. It will seriously help you prepare for your 1L moot). - the list goes on. Its all really accessible and friendly. - they're always putting on social events - they're first semester heavy but its great to go to all of them if you can. > Moots - there are 5 or 6 upper year moots that count as class credits, so you can practice your skills IRL - the school sends you to these moots (travel, accomodation etc), which all occur in different cities across canada - most law schools do this, its just the particular competitions that vary.. dont go to a school if they dont have moots! Other positives: - Kamloops rent / gas / groceries etc is reasonably priced - traffic here is practically non-existent. it might add 3 minutes to your commute. no more. if you're used to a big city (ie traffic adds 1-2 hours) it's cute here Some less great stuff... - international partners - only 4 schools for exchange; they're apparently adding schools in Aus and NZ; but international exchanges in law school are much more inconvenient than exchanges in undergrad; most people have no desire to do one anyway, regardless of what schools are involved. - tuition - sooo high. Tru gets no govt assistance unlike the other BC schools. So we pay a lot. - parking at school - sucks. But that's pretty much the story at any uninversity. - kamloops nightlife is poop on a paddle. Your best options are Shark Club (where you'll be lucky if the worse thing you see is some guy licking coke of his hands); Commodore (where the crowd really ranges in age and I feel like i'll be pickpocketed at any moment); Earls / Browns (you'll never get in .. even on Friday at 10am their tables are full). I mean honestly you'll be busy with other stuff so its not a deal breaker. Chances are good you're not a huge party animal if you've got the grades to get into law school. - similarly, if you love shopping you'll have to make friends with online shopping. There is nothing here. apparenly a sephora is opening.. I'd be surprised if that happens. There's a lulu. A "Bay". A sport chek. Thats it. LOL. - if you're planning on driving to Van on the weekends all winter long, think again - the highway is a death trap. Multiple ppl die each week driving on it. You probably know this already if you live in Van but its surprising how many students dont realize how bad it is. - acessibility might bit tough - in Old Main the parkinglot is not cleared / salted very well. So if you use a mobility aid, you might have to Impark (who runs the lits) to pay special attention and ensure its ploughed / salted. Once you're in the building it is much better. Really the only negative that could be a dealbreaker for some is the tuition cost. But if you're getting loans etc, don't let that stop you if you can. I really love TRU and am proud to go here. It was my first choice school.
  2. EC's

    I couldn't say whether it really affects your app.. But I will say that the value of your EC's in real life are going to make you a better lawyer. I wouldn't go to law school without a few years of work and volunteering under your belt. It is very interesting noting the differences in philosophy regarding how the law should be applied when it comes to people who've lived in the real world, versus those who haven't yet. Being able to hold your own in a meeting is invaluable. Those skills directly translate to your oral advocacy skills. Having to write something other than an essay (eg a newsletter, an opinion article in your local paper etc) is going to translate directly to your written skills. I'm not saying that those with fewer EC's are worse students. Not at all! But I am saying that I personally feel that if I had done law school right after undergrad, I would have missed all the perspectives gained from over half a decade of working (and volunteering) full time.
  3. Housing 1L

    I am a 1L and live downtown (near the "Sagebrush Theatre"). I drive a car, and would NOT recommend living in this area of you don't have one. The buses have to change near the downtown core and you're commute could take 45 minutes. Its nice to be close to downtown, but to be honest I don't find myself going out around there much. I'm from a large city and the nightlife in Kamloops is bleh. I am typically occupied in other ways (get togethers at friends houses etc). Thank goodness because the bars suck.
  4. Suits for Women

    Hello everyone.. I've found this thread helpful up to a point.. but many suggestions on where to get suits are closed down now (Jacob, Mexx, etcetc). I live in a smallish town.. The Bay, RW, and Le Chateau are literally the BEST options for me.. Le Chateau's current suiting options are a literal joke if you ask me. They're all weird cheap materials that are very soft and unstructured looking. Highly overpriced for how informal they are. They're all business casual. Most don't even have actual matching pieces in the same colors. And my Bay store ONLY carries 3 full suits, and they're ALL calvin Klein and don't quite fit me right, past the point of tailoring (i.e. spots like shoulders etc that can't be tailored). My RW store only has 2 full suit options, one of which is grey and too light IMHO. The other is blue but is a 2 tone blue, doesn't seem professional. I bought 3 pieces of it but I'm considering returning.. Thoughts? It fits well. but I'm not convinced its worth the $300 I dropped (hint: If you have CAA they take 15% off). JUST WANT TO EXPRESS MY FRUSTRATION. ARGHHH. Going to be checking out a consignment shop that tends to carry some suiting options, but mostly theyre the bright colored Emily Gilmore old lady social suits that you can't wear in an office I'm considering ordering online. . . Men have it so much easier (in all aspects lets be honest) but with suits especially!!!
  5. How did you pick which LOC?

    Has anyone just submitted an application online through the Scotiabank website for the PSLOC? I just want to take care of this asap, and get in an application. I'll go in and meet/sign etc at a branch later but I'd love to take care of the application asap. It seems that Scotia is the clear winner here on the LOCs.. They ask for your landlord name/number... Is that normal? I've never applied for credit before (other than creditcards).
  6. Next round of acceptances

    Does anyone have any idea how many students they're admitting for 1L 2017?
  7. 0L's - post any questions in here

    Does anyone know of any Kamloops gyms that are set up for olympic lifting? ... definitely not looking for the type of gym where you can't drop weights or use chalk. I need barbells and bumper plates. I need chalk. I really dgaf about any other equipment whatsoever. I'm especially interested in an access card gym where they don't necessarily have it staffed, but you can access it any time by key card, if you know what I mean. Either that or someone's garage gym (Not interested in Crossfit, as I can't afford $150+ a month - love the Crossfit gym I'm at now but I get a smokkkinggg deal that I doubt any other box will want to give me).
  8. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Our of 4. This is my OLSAS cgpa.
  9. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Yea May 10 is my deadline to pay the deposit / accept the offer.
  10. 0L's - post any questions in here

    Question about the commitment fee / deposit ... Any idea why only $400 of the $500 fee goes to tuition? Where does that extra $100 go ....
  11. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Yes, I was emailed and Sharee said there is a letter in the mail as well.
  12. Accepted to TRU 2017

    Offered admission on Tuesday the 18th! LSAT 155, 157 cGPA 3.35 I'll be accepting =)
  13. Former RCMP? or former police.

    Yea I never minded paperwork before. in my 10 years of work experience, I have always had no issue.. It was only until I realized that there are jobs out there without non-stop paperwork that I started thinking the grass might be greener
  14. Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    I was waitlisted on March 3rd. Devastated... =( Hoping beyond hope that I get an offer soon. Anyone know when the next round of offers expire? I'll be counting down to that day. Lsat 155, 157 cGPA 3.35 L2 3.35 ECs - 10 years of work and volunteer experience, mostly in sales. I'm accepted at Lakehead and Windsor but I want Calgary (or even TRU). Sending positive vibes out to everyone else waiting! (sire note: When I went for a tour of the law school, my tour guide told me that a couple of people she knew were offered admission in August right before school started. YIKES!. Didn't really think that happened IRL).

    On a related note, I bought an official real and true LSAC published Official Lsat test (I forget which #).. I bought the eBook version, it was like $5 on sale on Kobo ... I figured I'd just convert the ebook to a PDF and print it so I'd have a hard copy . WOW nope, huge pain in the ass and still didn't turn out right at all, printed super wonky. Ended up just buying the hard copy. Fml ... And I'm not sure who is behind these boards now that it is 2017, but whoever it is.... Thank you. They have been incredibly useful. Actually they've been my biggest resource in school research.. Most everything else out there is all PR nonsense put out by the schools themselves. So THANK YOU to all the Mods and everyone.