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  1. Does anyone have any idea how many students they're admitting for 1L 2017?
  2. Does anyone know of any Kamloops gyms that are set up for olympic lifting? ... definitely not looking for the type of gym where you can't drop weights or use chalk. I need barbells and bumper plates. I need chalk. I really dgaf about any other equipment whatsoever. I'm especially interested in an access card gym where they don't necessarily have it staffed, but you can access it any time by key card, if you know what I mean. Either that or someone's garage gym (Not interested in Crossfit, as I can't afford $150+ a month - love the Crossfit gym I'm at now but I get a smokkkinggg deal that I doubt any other box will want to give me).
  3. Our of 4. This is my OLSAS cgpa.
  4. Yea May 10 is my deadline to pay the deposit / accept the offer.
  5. Question about the commitment fee / deposit ... Any idea why only $400 of the $500 fee goes to tuition? Where does that extra $100 go ....
  6. Yes, I was emailed and Sharee said there is a letter in the mail as well.
  7. Offered admission on Tuesday the 18th! LSAT 155, 157 cGPA 3.35 I'll be accepting =)
  8. Yea I never minded paperwork before. in my 10 years of work experience, I have always had no issue.. It was only until I realized that there are jobs out there without non-stop paperwork that I started thinking the grass might be greener
  9. I was waitlisted on March 3rd. Devastated... =( Hoping beyond hope that I get an offer soon. Anyone know when the next round of offers expire? I'll be counting down to that day. Lsat 155, 157 cGPA 3.35 L2 3.35 ECs - 10 years of work and volunteer experience, mostly in sales. I'm accepted at Lakehead and Windsor but I want Calgary (or even TRU). Sending positive vibes out to everyone else waiting! (sire note: When I went for a tour of the law school, my tour guide told me that a couple of people she knew were offered admission in August right before school started. YIKES!. Didn't really think that happened IRL).
  10. On a related note, I bought an official real and true LSAC published Official Lsat test (I forget which #).. I bought the eBook version, it was like $5 on sale on Kobo ... I figured I'd just convert the ebook to a PDF and print it so I'd have a hard copy . WOW nope, huge pain in the ass and still didn't turn out right at all, printed super wonky. Ended up just buying the hard copy. Fml ... And I'm not sure who is behind these boards now that it is 2017, but whoever it is.... Thank you. They have been incredibly useful. Actually they've been my biggest resource in school research.. Most everything else out there is all PR nonsense put out by the schools themselves. So THANK YOU to all the Mods and everyone.
  11. Any former RCMP members who are currently applying to law school / in law school / are now lawyers? I'm curious about your perspective on each career... If you're just applying to law school - what made you decide to apply? Why did you leave the RCMP? Are you just taking leave from RCMP for school, or did you leave the service and don't plan on returning? I ask because I've applied to law schools across the country. Then I applied to the RCMP a month ago and sent in my Selection package.. And now I'm questioning everything! I know that getting invited to depot can take anywhere from 6 months (some very optimistic members gave this estimate.. i'll believe that when I see it) to 2 years.. Or it may never even happen for me. So I'll be accepting an offer at a school for the fall and I'll start law school. I'll cross the bridge of deciding between Law vs Policing when I actually come to it (aka have a troop invite in hand!), as I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. But there are moments when I think to myself - I'm insane? For wanting to work nights.. end up who knows where (though I've heard they're improving upon recruits' requests).. for not so great pay (well, maybe a little better as of this recent bump).. and so on. But something keeps tugging me back to policing. Also my current job is more hands on in security / loss prevention, I love it. The paperwork is the worst part for sure, not that there is too much.. 1-3 hours per arrest. But it makes me REALLY realize.. with law, I will literally be a full time paper pusher.. At least with policing there is more of a balance.. So please.. set me straight
  12. Hi there, Prospective student here. I'm wondering what people do for parking around the law building? According to the campus maps, there are no designated student lots near the law building. The Google Maps street view is from 2012 so I can't really rely on the signage in those pictures. In all honesty - is parking a pain in the ass? I previously went to Ottawa U where transport / parking was a huge pain, coupled with brutal weather - and 4 years felt like forever. If I choose to / have to live in the bitter cold again, I'd rather at least have nice easy access to my car and not have to walk 15 minutes each way. Thanks for your help.
  13. I'm glad someone else was as paranoid as me. Mine says C as well. Fingers crossed that it just means Complete.
  14. Nope! Edit: Last year it was about the first week of February that people seemed to have been notified about their interview (at least those who posted on this forum). Hopefully we hear something in the coming days.
  15. Also waitlisted this AM via email for JD. cGPA 3.36 LSAT: 157 FML: level 100. Any idea if those old stories about Windsor wait listing 500+ people on a preferred and non-preffered list are true? I just tried calling admissions but no one answered. Probably on lunch.