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  1. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    It really depends, but I would say I use my printer enough to make it worthwhile. That said, I use a black and white laser printer. Overall, if you already own one, it'll save you money over printing at the library.
  2. I was offered a spot with Parkdale's intensive program today and had a question re: the summer job. Do you have to apply for the summer paid position separately after you accept the offer for the intensive or are you considered automatically when you apply? I'm trying to get my summer employment plans (I'm a 1L) in order, and I'm not sure whether people have already been offered the paid positions. I did a quick search of the forum, as well as Osgoode's and Parkdale's websites, and didn't come across a clear answer. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Chances? (3.70 / 165)

    Great shot for Queens, Western, and Ottawa. Most likely in at Oz. I'd say out for UofT.
  4. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    I wrote the LSAT September 2016. The wait was killing me, I'm just glad the acceptance came eventually.
  5. Thank you all for the help. I should have been a little more clear in my original post, but I was referring more to the copyright/tm side. That being said, this was all very informative and I'll probably explore a bunch of different areas once I start off. Once again, thanks for all the help!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm a 0L and starting at Osgoode in the fall. This is kind of pre-emptive but going into school, IP Law is one of my standout interests. However, when I look at job postings for positions in the field, it seems like firms overwhelmingly look for an applicant with a science or engineering background (I did polisci). Would taking the appropriate courses at Osgoode or perhaps doing their specialized intensive offset this requirement? If anyone who works in the field knows, that would be great. I'd like to avoid taking a bunch of IP courses if I can't actually work in the field post-graduation. Also, I acknowledge that it's too early for me to decide what area I want to practice in 100%, I'm just kind of curious. Thanks!
  7. Accepted to Osgoode 2017

    Accepted today via phone call. Was waitlisted two days ago. In queue on Jan 17th. CGPA: 3.61 LSAT: 163 (first write) Decent LORs and ECs
  8. Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    I am a Canadian citizen, from Ontario actually. CGPA: 3.61 LSAT: 163, first write Worked throughout my undergrad, volunteered on and off campus, most recently worked for the US Consulate in Toronto
  9. Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    Hey, I decided to accept.
  10. Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    I got the call at like 1:30pm. I already accepted a spot in the MGA at UofT Munk. I'm really conflicted now BC I thought I'd written off law school but I'd basically assumed Osgoode wasn't gonna accept me.
  11. Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    Waitlisted yesterday. Received a call today with an acceptance, have until 3pm to decide.
  12. Waitlisted at Osgoode 2017

    Waitlisted today. In queue since Jan 17th. CGPA: 3.61 LSAT: 163, first write Filled out part b. Not too bummed. Decided to go with an MGA at UofT over offers at Queen's and uOttawa. Hopefully this helps with an idea of what the waitpool looks like
  13. That means that Carleton has accepted you into their end of the program, but your acceptance to the joint program still relies on getting Ottawa's acceptance.
  14. I applied for both the MA and joint program. During the first round of NPSIA acceptances in February, I received an e-mail from Tabbatha telling me I had been accepted to NPSIA but to wait for an official e-mail. I emailed her back and asked if this was for both the joint program or just the MA, to which she replied it was just for the MA and asked me which one I would prefer. I told her I prefer the joint program, and she told me then I'd have to wait til they get around to the acceptances. Today, I received an e-mail from Carleton's graduate studies department welcoming me to the joint program. My status has also changed on Carleton Central and now shows my acceptance.
  15. I just got an e-mail accepting me into the joint program. It also updated on Carleton Central.