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  1. I'll definitely give this a shot today. I'm trying to do a timed section, and then a blind review of that section after (I've never tried this method, but people seem to swear by it), where the blind review is completely untimed. Definitely going to focus more on ensuring that I hit every inference I can.
  2. Both. I'm mostly focusing on getting my games timing, and working on the more "unusual" games, since this is going to be my (unfortunately) third write in September after getting 162-162. After a horrendous write in February where I bombed the games section due to being caught off-guard with some of the games, plus a writer and proctor getting into a yelling match mid-games section, I'm trying to get to the 167 I was PTing at in January. I wrote the December 2016 LSAT, so I've likely done that game already. But I'll definitely be on the lookout for that one!
  3. Ah, I see what you mean. That's insane, then. I don't understand the point of giving that many people a false hope.
  4. Hey, Settled on the Humber one since it's a little bit closer to me. Thanks anyway!
  5. Hey everyone, I'm at the point where I'm making/getting most "basic" inferences, but I'm really looking to find some LG with some more "advanced" inferences required to get the game done properly and quickly. Perhaps games with a lot of rules/juggling of information that can be easily done if you make the correct inferences (i.e. PT 2 Game #4). In this particular game, I got through the first 3 games easily, but stumbled on the high degree of information/rules provided. On BR, it was pretty obvious that I'd missed the important inferences needed. After finding those, the game was relatively simple. Does anyone know of any games in particular that would be good for making a lot of inferences, or more advanced inferences?
  6. I can imagine a few reasons for this: 1). Windsor waitlists before getting anywhere near the bottom of the pile of applications. I.e. they may take an extremely low scoring student and waitlist them in early February so that they can come back to them when they reach the end of the pile. 2). Windsor is absurdly generous with their waitlisting. In which case, they need to seriously re-evaluate the way they waitlist. It's not really fair to give that many applicants false hope, 60%+ of which have almost no chance of ever receiving an acceptance. 3). Windsor opts not to give out acceptances when they have a large number of available spaces (this ties in with #1) so that they can reach the end of the application stack. I expect this to be the case, since your comment mentioned there "were" over 600 people on the waitlist, and not that there "are" over 600 people. Nevertheless, they need to be more liberal with cutting people from this waitlist. It's just cruel to keep this many people on this long, when there *might* be 1-2 spaces that open up between now and September 1st.
  7. Hello everyone, Looking to take the September LSAT in Toronto. I had an abysmal experience at the Madonna CSS location in February (proctor and a test taker got into a yelling match mid-games section, and it was run by some seemingly ex-military people). Has anyone been to either of these test centres recently, and could give a decent idea of what to expect?
  8. Hello everyone, Looks like an unsuccessful cycle for me. However, I'd like to try for improving my LSAT score by the September write date. My previous two scores were 162-162, but I was PTing at 167-9 before the Feb. LSAT, whereas I was PTing at 161 before the December write. I bombed the Games section in February (I believe), and that's something I'll be wanting to avoid. My goal is to get that 167 that I know can get. But, I'm returning to the LSAT after putting it down since February. Where should I be looking to begin? I still have a significant amount of untouched tests that I left as a "Just-in-case." Should I be doing another diagnostic, re-reading books, etc.? If you had to go back to the LSAT, how did you do it? Any recommendations or things to avoid? Thanks!
  9. Thank you for this! I was looking at some very outdated information when I made that comment (clearly). Although I was exaggerating a bit with the double comment. I do stand by what I said though -- that it seems like a bit of false hope to keep that bottom ~75 or so. Unless I'm wrongly expecting that the vast majority of the class is already filled (at the very least provisionally). Would love to know this as well. Best of luck to all on this forum.
  10. 250? Jesus. That sounds so insane to me. I've been on the waitlist for several months now, so it's hard to believe there could be a waitlist almost double the size of the incoming class. I wonder why they waitlist people to that extent, when there's no reasonable chance of the bottom ~75+ getting in by this point. Best of luck to everyone!
  11. I'd be pretty confused too. This sounds like something you should call them about, though. I'd imagine it's a glitch, but who knows. Hopefully it works out in your favour!
  12. Hey everyone, Waitlisted this morning. Based on that, I assume Windsor is going to be waitlisting people around our stats now. Best of luck, all!
  13. Starting to think it's looking bleak. One person in the acceptance thread just got in through the "Referred" without being waitlisted. I suppose there's some hope, but I'm not very confident. I guess there's always re-writing LSATs and trying again next cycle. But who knows! Can't write it off yet, I guess.
  14. Haha. I like the idea of that (however unlikely as it may be!). Best of luck to you, too.