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  1. Anyone received notification?

    No e-mail, and the application isn't active on Student Center. I imagine it'll come active next week. I am surprised they've taking so long, though.
  2. LR Prephasing

    The issue with this is that it allows you to fall prey to the very carefully worded trap answers placed by LSAC. I used to do this when I was studying, because pre-phrasing and "knowing" what the right answer would be in LR was something I was pretty good at. However, the 25 seconds or less it takes to read over the other answers is worth it. The timing strategy I used that got me a 166 was: - First 10 in 10 minutes, second 10 in 15 minutes, final 5/6 in the remaining time, using whatever is left to go back to questions I was unsure of. I always skipped the parallel reasoning/flaw question in the 20s until the end, as this can be a huge time waste. But yeah, you don't want to drop Q.2 because you skimmed the answer choices and got caught in the trap.
  3. LSAT Update?

    Did it ever update for you?
  4. target score advice plz

    I mean, you should aim to get the highest score you can. Obviously a 162-3 would help a lot in getting you in, but a 165+ but would go significantly farther. Maximize your chances and go for the 165, if you think you can do it.
  5. Should I retake the lsat?

    The reality is that a 154 is generally not enough to get in anywhere but Windsor or Lakehead (regarding Ontario). You really should re-write. I know it's a pain (and I think the deadline for registering for December has passed or is approaching), but if you study hard for the February you'll at least have that mark considered for every school but Windsor.
  6. Chances cGPA 3.44; L2 3.7; LSAT 152, 154

    You should consider re-writing. While you may have an outside chance at Windsor, you generally won't have a chance anywhere else. If you can manage a 160+ you'd be in great shape, though.
  7. Document Tracking Error

    Yeah, I have the same problem. I imagine this is just an issue with the OUAC website today, and nobody is there or something.
  8. LSAT Update?

    I e-mailed them about this. The response: So, I suppose wait a little bit and then see if it gets updated? I'm having the same issue, where it's showing my old scores and not my newest one.
  9. OLSAS app submitting question

    You can submit it now. I did mine last night, and my referee submitted this morning.
  10. I was scoring 158 the week before my first write. I was barely getting through 3 games a section until literally a week before the test where everything just seemed to click, and I was able to easily get through four. Ended up scoring 162, and 166 on my last write. Now, that's not a norm, and you shouldn't count on a last minute surge. That being said, it is possible. My diagnostic was pretty low, as well. You can always improve. Don't be afraid to take a day off or so to reset. I've found it can really help!
  11. Submitting OLSAS application

    It should be noted that OLSAS has a habit of crashing/insane lag due to a massive influx of people sending in their applications on the last day. You really should submit ASAP. Don't cause yourself any undue stress.
  12. School submissions

    Sentences is kind of a weird way of describing length of the statement. But yeah, I'd say 4 sentences seems a bit short.
  13. URGENT: Referees

    Pretty sure the deadline is November 1st at 11:59. Not October 31st at 11:59, if that helps. So they must have everything in by Wednesday night.
  14. Online Portals for Each School (Ontario)

    I got my e-mail for SOLUS (Queen's) on November 16th of last year, and from Windsor the day before. So, probably around then? Mid-November, I guess?
  15. OLSAS School Submission Questions

    Keep in mind, you only have 1800 characters. You'd have to be extremely brief in talking about each one for this to work. I suppose you could, if you wanted to. I doubt they would hold it against you. My only worry is that you'd be missing out on so much by trying to describe each one.