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  1. Am I going to law school fall 2018?

    I never said you were trash talking, I said "that trash," referring to discussing/worrying about cGPA, LSATs, and ECs. I see now that you were talking about friends who got in last cycle, and that you were presumably talking to prior to school, my bad. Still a very different vibe than I ever had (I never talked about that stuff with anyone), but I guess you come from an arts background, so it would make more sense.
  2. Am I going to law school fall 2018?

    Why on earth are you talking to your friends about their cGPA, ECs, and LSAT scores? Doesn't that trash stop when you get into law school? It did for me.
  3. US law school vs Canada to work in US?

    [Emphasis in original] It's also worth noting that, for a lot of people, even that serious dedication (or more) won't pay off with a score that high.
  4. US law school vs Canada to work in US?

    I have access to Osgoode's. According to internal statistics, ~8% of the class interviews at the Toronto OCI for NY and ~2-3% are hired back for articling. The missing data would be what percent of the class wants to interview (Osgoode suggests you only do it if you're in the top 10%) and how many are hired for 2L summer (since I only have articling data).
  5. US law school vs Canada to work in US?

    Is this your LSAC GPA? If not, you need to go calculate it (here). With a 3.2 you may see your GPA drop well into the 2.Xs depending on the distribution. If your transcript includes percentages be sure to use those instead of letter grades.
  6. Appointment Tomorrow For LOC, Advice?

    You won't have to close any non-credit accounts with your existing bank if you go with Scotiabank. You may have to close credit accounts or provide evidence that it's a secured loan if it is.
  7. Is it worth worrying at this point?

    You know, I've somehow managed to click onto that page a dozen times without ever seeing the sidebar. Interesting fact. Osgoode says they received one fewer applications that OUAC says they received (2577 vs 2578). Imagine some poor sap with a great GPA and LSAT that had his application dropped under a filing cabinet or something.
  8. Clinics at Osgoode and U of T

    To add to Ryn's advice (which I agree with), the criminal law intensive is supposedly very competitive. My understanding is that you need solid grades to even get an interview, barring truly interesting life experience. However, you can get experience in criminal law many other ways, including working with the innocence project (run by the same professor) or doing research for a criminal law professor here at Osgoode. Plus a lot of the non-crim intensives, such as CLASP and Parkdale, would give you relevant skills (read: working with people from lower socioeconomic classes and mental health problems in a client facing role).
  9. is 30 too old to start law school?

    We’re in agreement, you just explained the point a bit better I think students with children will find it harder to integrate with the social groups that are involved in weekly pub nights (although possibly not, depending on how supportive a partner you have and how old the children are). Part of that is logistics (pub nights often run till 4 am) and part of that is self-selection (many parents would prefer to spend time with their family). They also might struggle to join the social groups that involve a fair bit of travelling, such as the law games crew, or a fair bit of extra time at school, such as the Moot Court (musical theatre/variety show) crew at Osgoode. None of that is to say it would be impossible, just that it’s a barrier to step over
  10. is 30 too old to start law school?

    FineCanadian's advice is spot on, in my experience. If you're chill, don't bring up the fact that you're older at every moment, and like beer, we can be friends. The idea that law schools is full of 22-year-olds is a myth anyway. The average at Osgoode seems likely to be around 25, and there are people of essentially all ages. The exception to this is if you have kids. Those students have parental responsibilities, and, unfortunately, those responsibilities tend to prevent them from engaging in a lot of social events at the school. It's not like they get shunned because of it, but it does mean its harder for them to integrate into certain social groups.
  11. Is Lifetime?! Cumulative Undergrad GPA always used?

    I thought providing advice to OP was considered helpful You can take issue with the tone of my last post, but I'm still providing OP with information and advice so that he doesn't make a decision based on the faulty information provided here.
  12. Is Lifetime?! Cumulative Undergrad GPA always used?

    Backtracking. Good call As I said OP, if you did well in second degree you could get in.
  13. Is Lifetime?! Cumulative Undergrad GPA always used?

    I'm not out to get you at all, I don't know why you would think that. As I said, it's wrong. Here's a list of schools that don't say they only look at the first degree, at least based on their admissions criteria page: Queens, U of T, Western, Windsor. Those are just the four I checked. I'm sure many others don't.
  14. Is Lifetime?! Cumulative Undergrad GPA always used?

    Why wouldn't they help? If you took a 3 year degree it would completely cover your previous degree for many schools (all L2 and all B3 schools).
  15. Is Lifetime?! Cumulative Undergrad GPA always used?

    This is wrong, as Ryn pointed out.