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  1. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    Probably school dependent, but at Osgoode during first semester you we’re told to reboot or continue working by hand. If the examplify reboot was unsuccessful, you got to continue writing in word. If the computer reboot failed overall, you had to write by hand. No additional time was given. Second semester, after lobbying, the deal was that if your reboot failed for both examplify and your computer and you wanted to continue writing on a computer they would pause the clock and take you to a computer lab. Everything else stayed the same.
  2. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Para 32 of TWU v BCCT pretty explicitly acknowledges that TWU is exempt: ”Therefore, although the BCCT was right to evaluate the impact of TWU’s admission policy on the public school environment, it should have considered more. The Human Rights Code [] specifically provides for exceptions in the case of religious institutions, and the legislature gave recognition to TWU as an institution affiliated to a particular Church...” So yeah, I have no idea on what basis you’re arguing they run afoul of the law, but two successive SCC cases have suggested that they do not.
  3. 1L Grades + Advice

    I’m dumb, ignore me! (But read my exasperation as exasperation at every other post — good job OP) OP, it looks like Windsor curves to a 76? I think average grades from Windsor might make it a bit of an uphill battle, but you will likely get a couple of interviews.
  4. 1L Grades + Advice

    I have a dream that people will post what school they’re at for these questions in the future.
  5. Clerkships

    What kind of grades does one generally need for the FCA and OCA?
  6. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    This year ExamSoft crashed for a lot of PC users at Osgoode.
  7. Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Have you not discovered the wonder of grocery delivery yet?
  8. Law School Debt

    Were you planning on just not living for the summer if you didn’t get a job? You still save the debt, it’s just not applying all 44k directly to your line of credit. Although you may lose the possibility of living at your family’s house for those four months.
  9. Law School Debt

    Also depends on the area of law you’re interested in and the summer jobs you get. Working for 13 weeks at BJs Toronto in 1 and 2L would cut 44k off your debt.
  10. Competitive moot - not selected: forget about litigation?

    You’re probably ruined. Just kidding, chin up buddy. At my firm, nobody gave a damn about my moot performances once I started here. Im not even sure it came up in interviews.
  11. Suits For Men

    No, I’m lying to you for fun
  12. Suits For Men

    For what it’s worth, I also read “mourning or evening wear” as meaning morning wear or evening wear. It didn’t even cross my mind that you meant evening wear or mourning.
  13. Concerned Law Student

    I think it's going to be really difficult to get any OCIs during the 2L recruit. You'll likely need to do quite well in first semester of second year and hope to work that into a 2L job during the informal recruit that occurs throughout the spring.
  14. Undergraduate Course Load

    Osgoode does offer an extended time program: https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/jd-program/extended-time-program-jd/ Note that it may disadvantage you compared to other students for the purposes of the relevant recruits. I'm not sure how ETP students are viewed by different categories of employers. Good luck, and great GPA.
  15. Attempting to apply for articling in Vancouver & Toronto

    I definitely wouldn’t call major law firms, ask to speak to their student coordinator, don’t tell them your name, and ask if they’d be willing to do remote interviews so that you can interview at other firms across the country at the same time. If only because that’s super weird, and literally nobody would say yes to that.