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  1. LPP

    I see the value in articling, I think I've been a good defender of it in the past. Strongly disagree with you re: capping admissions to match articles for reasons I think we've discussed at length. I would probably be fine theoretically with the idea of unpaid articles with cheaper tuition. Theoretically, I'd be fine with unpaid articles with the same tuition, to be honest. Personally and in practicality, I like the idea of paid articles (for blatantly self-interested reasons).
  2. LPP

    Okay, that's a 100% valid reason. We should name them too. Just for fun.
  3. LPP

    That post was a criticism of the Canadian system. My critique there is that its stupid that the Canadian system essentially assumes a decent LSAT and decent uGPA will make a competent lawyer, and that we should shift to a bar-based system here, precisely because that assumption is flawed. Implicit in my argument is the argument that some people with shitty uGPAs and LSATs would be competent. Basically, the Canadian system is a shitty pseudo-paternalistic and pseudo-protectionist system that somehow fails to protect the students, the profession, and the public.
  4. LPP

    Are people arguing that entrance stats are the reason it's okay for the bar to be more lax? That's a dumb argument. First off, the real barrier to getting called in Canada is articling. Second off, the bar should be harder. I don't know anyone who seriously argues against tightening the bar exam, do you?
  5. LPP

    They probably don't, but then what's the big deal if they don't? If they're shitty law students, don't hire them! I just don't really get why anyone would care what scores the shitiest accepted student has. Presumably, they're either going to be the shittiest student (and then you don't hire them) or they're going to outperform some of their peers (which means accepting them wasn't a mistake).
  6. LPP

    Why does it matter? If someone's a 150 and 3.0, but are a straight A+ student in law school, are you really going to care?
  7. Ryerson Admissions

    More than enough law schools for what? To satisfy demand? There aren't.
  8. Ryerson Admissions

    10/10 would have attended Ryerson over any Ontario schools except Osgoode and U of T. I probably would have stayed in BC at UBC if I didn't get into those two, but if that wasn't an option for whatever reason, Ryerson would have been my next choice. I think, realistically, Ryerson is going to slot in between Lakehead/Windsor and Western/Queens/Ottawa in the desirability index. I would bet that within 10 years of their first graduation, Ryerson is going to be solidly in the Western/Queens/Ottawa cohort.
  9. Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    I do too. But they always seem to fall silent on issues around Islam (or other minority religions) Then again, they certainly piped up about Singh’s turban, so maybe they’re becoming more equally bigoted!
  10. LPP

    The existence of access programs (and continued under representation of certain groups) rather strongly suggests that there aren’t a sufficient number of diverse good students to fill law schools, doesn’t it? Obviously there are exceptions (you’re one), but does anyone believe that if you put in strict grade and LSAT requirements there wouldn’t be a dearth of diversity?
  11. Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    You didn’t point that out at all. You flipped out by saying you wouldn’t say it – a proposition I never suggested. And yes, I speculated as to how people would react to a hypothetical situation. That’s basically the only thing you can do when discussing society’s reaction to a hypothetical. The proposition that you wouldn’t is absurd:
  12. Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    And yeah, also not a Christian. Good god.
  13. Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    Well if richelieu doesn't want an Islamic law school, surely the entire left will virulently oppose an Islamic law school! I'm glad we've settled that issue and all is right in the world.
  14. Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    I think the difference would be where those voices would be coming from. I would be shocked to see progressive virulently fighting an Islamic university or law school.
  15. LPP

    Law school isn't exclusive, with everyone who wants to attend being, more or less, capable of attending. The public is protected from incompetence in a meaningful way, instead of the Canadian system, which essentially assumes that a decent LSAT and decent uGPA will make a competent lawyer. There is a wealth of information publicly available on salaries, placement rates, bar passage rates, etc, which means that individuals are responsible for their own actions and their own decisions – if you go to Cooley thinking you'll be the exception to the rule and you aren't, you have nobody but yourself to blame for your misfortune later. I'm willing to bet the Canadian system is just as bi-modal, by the way. We just don't have the data. At the end of the day, law school really shouldn't be exclusive. There's no logical reason for law school to be an exclusive program. What should be exclusive is being a lawyer (the logical reason for that being the protection of the public). The American system gets much closer to the twin goals of non-exclusivity and public protection than the Canadian one.