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  1. Tuition Fees

    Ok thank you so much, was panicking a little bit about it. I got the 16,061 from a Macleans article for different school tuition's.
  2. Tuition Fees

    Hey guys, so I chose my small group course and they have yet to update my block timetable so that I am enrolled in everything else. However, in the meantime they updated my financial statement, and just my small group course is costing 5,868, is that the norm? Are each of the 8 courses close to 6,000. I was under the impression that the entirety of our fees for one year are $16,061.
  3. Enrolling in Courses

    I received my offer on June 20th and I accepted the offer last week and they updated my application to reflect that they received my deposit as of today, so I was just wondering how long it would be before I could start choosing which small group I could take. Also, stupid question but aside from our choice of small group, all other courses are a predetermined schedule right, and if so when do we get our timetables?
  4. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Got waitlisted this morning, does yours say unnumbered waitlist as well??
  5. Anyone who has applied in the Discretionary category they won't look at those files until mid April, and acceptances will go out by the beginning of May!
  6. Accepted to Lakehead 2017

    Called Lakehead to receive an update on my application, they told me they sent out all the offers that they needed to for the time being. They said they will send out more offers as deadlines for people accepting/rejecting their offers are reached April 11th, first week of June and first week of July.
  7. When did all of your guys' applications become complete?
  8. Rejected from Windsor 2017

    Has anyone who received a rejection email from windsor have their status on their uwindsor portal changed to rejected final and rejected on olsas as well?
  9. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Has everyone's outstanding Windsor applications, now been referred to admissions committee