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  1. Also accepted sometime last week 3.76 cgpa & 152 lsat. Also declined in Favour of Ottawa best of luck
  2. Hey, I am looking for a roommate and an affordable place to rent starting September. (Preferably near campus). Feel free to Pm me thanks
  3. thanks for your feedback:)
  4. thank you so so much for this run down its incredibly helpful. I will most likely be doing single JD. I want to do family or disability law so I dont think there are any advantages to doing dual JD. I heard dual is only good if you want to go into business or internatiional law or obviously plan to practice in the states which I dont care to (atleast for now). So i guess it won't be really relevant to do that. Also would the dual be more intense than the single JD? financially, my parents are middle class but in a lot of debt so I will be relying on loans, tbh. I honestly applied dual because I thought it may add to my resume but i am starting to realize that is not the case.
  5. Thank you my intention was never 'big law'. i was more looking at medium sized family law firms in the gta
  6. same here. im starting to get worried. right now its windsor or ottawa. despite the admin issues would you say ottawa is a better choice for gta jobs.. thats the market i am planning to work in
  7. thanks so much for the feedback, it really sounds like the place for me
  8. thanks for your feedback, I am interested in getting into family law or health disability law, definitely something social justice oriented. sorry, i know i didnt provide much details. i guess, I was looking for people to explain why Ottawa may be a better choice than windsor they seem to offer the same things. I appreciate your feedback. How did you like your experience there: people, profs, culture of the school, environment?
  9. I haven't seen really any posts of anyone being accepted to the dual progam at Ottawa. I got accepted to both the dual and the single and I have a couple questions: is it worth it? online, it says tuition will be charged the same as if you were doing a single JD (so no additional cost for american schools). is this true? what are benefits of doing dual at Ottawa? any disadvantages? Thanks,
  10. thanks for your feedback the more research i do the more im leaning towards ottawa as well. but im trying to see if there are any windsor advocates
  11. I recently got accepted to both and originally both were my top choices due to the fact that they are both 4hrs away from me, they are both social justice oriented, both are about same in costs of tuition, and both are in Ontario which is where I would like to practice. I am having issues of discerning between which school to go with ? Can any 1l's give me their feedback on their experiences at either school, or what you would go with. I am trying to develop a pros and cons list I basically have until May 1st to come to a conclusion. Also, If i provincially accept one can I accept another and then make a decision by firmly accepting around June or will provincially accepting one negate another Ontario acceptance? Thank again for you help
  12. its this book I am reading that kind of got the ranking thing in my head but yah i got to get rid of that. lol thanks for your feedback though much appreciated i heard Ottawa is very social justice oriented as well so its a close one
  13. hey, no thank you for this post, I appreciate honest feedback. i also go into dal (by some miracle) still wondering if its a better choice than these Ontario school given its rep. ive been told that dal does give options in toronto but does it really...? lol also i want to do something social justice oriented and i was told dal is way more conservative do you have any takes on this? and yea, as of now I want to stay in Ontario more specifically GTA. I don't need to be in a big time law firm on bay street as I am interested in family law but I do want to situate in the GTA (brampton, ajax, scarbs, etc.) & seeing im a Torontonian born and raise yes GO LEAFS!
  14. lol fair enough, thanks for the feedback yah im leaning towards ottawa as it has a better rep and i MAY want to dabble in politics one day not sure. im going to make a school comparison page to see what othe people can advise
  15. haha thank you! I am honestly conflicted they are both 4hrs away from me, about the same price in terms of tuition, and both social justice oriented. if you don't mind me asking why do you say pick ottawa?