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  1. NHL fans

    Coming from Vancouver, Leafs fan!
  2. You could keep this question to one thread maybe?
  3. Application Status

    Couldn't hurt to shoot Rose an email and let her know your situation. She might tell you that your application is under review, that you should be receiving an email shortly, etc. Though the cycle is definitely slowing down, an acceptance is certainly not out of the question.
  4. Here is the link to another useful thread regarding the transfer route: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/38962-ask-me-anything-about-the-transfer-route/
  5. Finding housing

    Good advice! Just wondering why you warn against these homes? Just issues with old construction (i.e. drafty, faulty appliances, etc)?
  6. Accepted at Dal 2017

    I was just accepted to Dal! My GPA is 3.6/4.0 and my LSAT is 162. Non-maritime. Respectable LoRs, average ECs
  7. Accepted to USask 2017

  8. Similar to the above poster. I would definitely prepare to find a consigner for your PSLOC because a) they're more than likely going to require one, and b) you're more than likely going to need the LOC. Look and see if your current employer or municipality offers any scholarships that you might be eligible for. I wish you luck!
  9. And not to nitpick (isn't that what everyone says immediately before proceeding to nitpick), but it's usually referred to as the LSAT, not LSATs. We can't have you going around this place sounding like a chump, can we?
  10. I guess I should've been a little clearer in my original post. I don't mean to imply that every transfer student has gone from a weak school to a strong one, and certainly there are many examples like the one you provide. What I really meant to ask is: in the absence of any inside knowledge, do you think students might look upon transfers from typically weaker schools with an air of resentment? This question doesn't really apply to UofT students who transfer to uOttawa, or Osgoode students who transfer to Queens, etc.
  11. I'll bite. Do you believe that it's at all taboo to transfer out of your 1L institution? Of course, students at your new school are going to look at you differently because, well, you are different. You're a new face in the cohort. But do you ever get the impression there exists resentment toward transfer students because of the way they've sort of manipulated the system? Are they not taken as seriously by classmates because they jumped from an easy-entry school to one with more stringent admissions criteria?
  12. Scotiabank PSLOC

    You will need to obtain a confirmation of enrollment from the university before the funds will be released into your account. Toward the end of August you should be able to request one, though perhaps even earlier. Some people's experiences have varied, and they have been required to show the bank a class list before being given access to funds. Best to simply ask your PSLOC representative, but regardless, don't expect to have access before mid-August or thereabouts
  13. Accepted to USask 2017