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  1. Received a rejection during that big batch sent out in march. No surprise to me. cGPA: ~3.3 L2: ~3.5-3.6 LSAT: 160
  2. As Otter said, you must send in all final transcripts. Additionally, I also received a rejection from U of T weeks ago and my OLSAS still has not updated, so no need to worry about that. The schools constantly work through OLSAS, but there are often delays. On one acceptance I received word from the school in an email about a week before it showed up on OLSAS.
  3. Funny how schools still do this, especially when all other schools use electronic means and that email and the internet is the primary tool of communication for every single law student in the year 2017. Anyhow, congratulations! What was your LSAT score?
  4. Holy moly..
  5. Great advice - I am also in the position of a "deferred decision", and my grades are basically as you describe. At the least, the letter can be seen as a positive in the sense that they have yet to reject us. Crossing my fingers.
  6. Stats? Did you recieve an email or just check the website?
  7. Does it say that anywhere at all in your acceptance letter?
  8. Congratulations! Are you an Atlantic resident?
  9. No problem! I'm a paranoid person as well haha, and the worst thing I could think of was messing up accepting an offer! So I basically triple checked with OLSAS.
  10. It will still say the offer's expiry date - as long as it says Provisionally Accepted beside the offer you wanted to accept, and you submitted the OLSAS page and waited the day or two for it to come back online and say that - everything is good.
  11. I'd be happy to give you some tips (and am a fellow Londoner). I'll PM you
  12. And easily forgotten but most importantly remember to submit the whole OLSAS application after that. You should then see a screen (if you try and log on again) saying it's processing your recent update and will be back online in 1-2 days.
  13. Removed myself from the list! Good luck everyone
  14. Thanks! For where, out of curiosity?
  15. Thanks very much it is kind of cool haha! There definitely will be, don't worry at all. I'll be giving this school some thought, but am quite confident I'll be removing myself from the list soon.