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  1. Browse through the past three years of Accepted threads - you will see pretty quickly that Windsor's admissions policy is completely holistic and really cannot be predicted or commented on by just providing an LSAT and CGPA...
  2. In que since January 18th
  3. All good advice! Thanks everyone for your responses and wisdom.
  4. Thanks very much for doing this - and congratulations on finishing 1L! Couple questions for you: 1. How did you manage your time? As in how did you plan your days to manage schoolwork/extracuricculars/free time 2. Are you sufficiently introduced into how to study/prepare for classes in the first week? Did older year students explain like case briefs and such? Or do you just kind of figure it out yourself? 3. Any other tips for entering 0Ls?
  5. The Facebook group for the class of 2020 is still quite small compared to the class of 2019's group (172 people vs. 496). Still much more movement to come I think!
  6. It would say "deferred decision" where you see "applied". Not everyone's status is changed to this. I believe they use it for potentially admissible student who they wish to calculate their GPA using their L2, but wish to confirm that their last and final semester grades are in line with what they're expecting from their L2. Kind of like a "we think you look good because you have three terms with good marks, but are going to wait until we see the final one before we make a decision on you incase you screw up". Hope that helps.
  7. Not at all. I was deferred April 13th.
  8. Waitlisted today after being a "deferred decision". CGPA: 3.30 L2: ~3.5 LSAT: 161 Strong EC's, strong PS, average LORs, regular applicant.
  9. Sorry - I was a little unclear. No, if a decision has been made on your application, you will see it there. Otherwise, regardless of how much your application has been looked at / when it was first looked at / when it went into the pool, you will only see "pending" until a decision has been made on your application.
  10. Look for an email in your inbox sent sometime in the fall with the subject "Queen's Law Application Acknowledgement". That has instructions as how to sign in to SOLUS. Spoiler alert: There is really no information on SOLUS, and most likely you will see what everyone else sees - the dreaded "pending" statement.
  11. Congratulations! That's awesome. What was your L2 out of curiosity?
  12. If there's nothing in your official acceptance letter mentioning any conditions required to maintain your offer, then don't worry. If they did say "upon completion of your degree", and because of these three failed courses you're not graduating, that might be a problem.
  13. Thanks for that! I wonder how many more spots they have left...
  14. Congratulations! What was your L2 out of curiosity? Best of luck at McGill!
  15. Wow.. Ottawa is being quite strange this cycle, you're stats are great! I'm sure you will hear elsewhere (if you haven't already).