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  1. What firms are still hiring 2L summer students for 2018?

    It’s interesting some of the midsize firms/regional firms that previously participated in OCIs have now opted out. I guess they figured the cost to benefit ratio is too high.
  2. What kind of summer jobs are available between 1L and 2L?

    I got lucky and snagged a government gig which is unlikely for most, but research jobs and NGO’s/non-profits are more common. I leveraged a EC contact. That can be a good option.
  3. You can get some sense by looking at the nature/scope of work done by the partners and senior associates.
  4. Articling Docket

    I would be surprised as an articling student on Bay to ever worry about billable hours amounts. From my experience as a student I almost always had more than enough work all the time--the workload was usually far more than when I was an associate. That being said, one should expect an hours workload at a minimum equivalent to a busy associate. At least in my experience the issue with workload as a student was less the volume, as crushing as it was but rather unpredictability of two kinds: 1. Unlike an associate, where I had some ability to foresee workload, as a student assignments came up unpredictability, and with short timeframes; and 2. Unlike an associate, where I had two or three sources of work, as a student I had many sources of work, none of which had a sense of either my schedule, or the schedule of the other people giving more, or any appreciation of such things, which meant a need to balance competing demands. As an associate it was easier to manage the sources of work than as a student, and I knew who I was managing.
  5. Course Selection Dilemma

    If you know you want to work in particular field I might not take relevant courses pass/fail. It might not have an impact depending on your package but it can't help.
  6. As someone who doesn't practice and works in a job where a law degree is useful I wouldn't recommend it however much I enjoy my work. If anything opens doors it is the relationships one builds out of practice not the degree itself.
  7. As someone who does regulatory investigation work for a living (not LSUC investigations) I have some sympathy for our Osgoode Overlords. Not a lot, admittedly, but some.
  8. Bay Street Bonuses

    Yeah from my experience it was early in the year based on the previous year's profit. The firm offered to directly place the money in my RRSP which make me think it was near deadline season.
  9. I think feeling like a moron is pretty normal. I felt incompetent through articling and beyond. Learning how to lawyer involves a fairly steep learning curve.
  10. Commuting During Articles (Bay Street)

    Full service firms will invariably let you use a taxi chit to get home if you stay late. You won't have to use the night bus.
  11. Commuting During Articles (Bay Street)

    IMO it would make life easier if you are closer, but it is certainly doable (I had colleagues do similar commutes). You'll get to know the taxi drivers well. I would also try to suggest arriving earlier to limit the time spent in traffic/ttc hell.
  12. My employer is hiring for a job where a law degree and experience in health law and admin law is an asset. PM me for more detail* *Caution: Successful applicant may be stuck being trained by harkareferral.
  13. PD events - how do you find yours?

    Aside from the usual suspects (your associations, oba, local law associations in your region) keep an eye on forms that offer cpd sessions as they are often free. i often find it somewhat challenging to find relevant sessions myself.
  14. Levitt LLP

    Oh I have no doubt one can do well there, but I suspect it takes a particular personality. More power to you I suppose. It does take all kinds.
  15. Levitt LLP

    I echo Bob's sentiment (from dealing with the guy not working for him).