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  1. I did my Bachelor Master and PhD (recently graduated) in law in China. While I was sophomore for PhD program, I spent one year visiting Victoria University, Canada. Only got some scattered knowledge about aboriginal culture from my peers' research (many of them did their papers on First Nation).
  2. I am the 0Lsl worrying about being left behind since I am an international student, without much knowledge about Canada. I did research and learned that the best way to prepare before law school is to enjoy the last summer vacation. If possible, would you please recommend some books introducing history, culture, society, community etc to me? I think those books might help me somehow relieve those worries about new beginning. Many thanks.
  3. Accepted via phone call at the end of June. International student from China. GPA(WES): 3.53 LSAT: 164
  4. Take this, it might help you. I followed the process the sticky recommended on September test. it worked
  5. LOR

    Cannot open the sticky. You've downloaded it? I have the same question as yours. Thanks for any suggestion.
  6. Yes, got the same feeling at the cost of not being able to finish the LG Section in Sep. test. My practice in the older PTs (before 69) is perfect, always finish LG before time with answers all correct. However, at the real test, I just figured out that the usual pattern of resolving LG did not work.
  7. @analystML What is a blind test plz?