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  1. Can possibly give you a better chance at admissions at places like UVic that offer rolling admissions.
  2. I took 3-4 courses per semester. Also took 1-2 courses for a number of semesters as well. To clarify, by early admissions I meant that I was accepted early on in the process (for example, I was accepted by Queen's on the first day that they starting accepting folks). I did not give any explanation for my lower course load. I contacted every school during the time I was putting together my applications and some schools said it didn't matter while others just have a vague answer. I would suggest doing whatever feels best to you. If you can get better grades taking 2/2 courses while working for a prof and that's what you want to do, then do that. Being able to work for a prof might help you get a strong reference letter and that might help your application for ON schools. I know that if I was an exception (which I am not sure that I am - my application was not particularly exceptional), it might be because I had awesome reference letters.
  3. If it's helpful, got early admission to UBC, Oz, Queen's, U of A, UVic.
  4. Never had a full course load and got accepted to all schools applied for (early admission for all but one of the schools). Even got scholarships.
  5. Diversity, inclusion, integrity and all that stuff

    No need to be mean folks. OP - you didn't get in this time but if you re write the LSAT and/or apply in the discretionary category, you may have better luck next cycle.
  6. Diversity, inclusion, integrity and all that stuff

    Mods - please advise above poster re permanence of posts and anonymity
  7. About U of T Waitlist

    Did you get on he wait list?
  8. Waitlisted at U of T 2017

    Anyone waitlisted yet?
  9. programs with a focus on anti-oppressive politics

    For anyone who wants advice on how to prep for law school, uh, I'd suggest jotting down some of the questions you have in relation to points of view you disagree about (especially in relation to important topics like politics, racism, etc.) and do some real research and read proper shit on the internet (articles, etc.) rather than asking sorta stupid questions on lawstudents.ca. The approach I suggest is more meaningful and is likely to assist an individual with growth in maturity and worldliness. That's just my free unsolicited advice. Back to lurking.
  10. Part-time students vs. full-time

    Have gotten accepted this cycle to almost every school I have applied to, and I have had a lower course load as FT student.
  11. Accepted to UBC 2017

    When did you submit your application if you don't mind me asking?
  12. U of T student profile

    so. many. white. tears.
  13. Accepted to UVic 2017

    when did you submit your application?
  14. Application status - actions required

    I submitted my PS on Friday and it was updated when I checked today.
  15. OLSAS Sketch Question