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  1. PMing you to keep this thread on topic.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone here has any idea of what type of index score would qualify for a UBC entrance scholarship? Cost will be a huge factor for me so I'm wondering where I might stand with around a 94 index score. Thanks!
  3. Merit based scholarships at UVic

    Does anyone know what index score would be competitive for an entrance scholarship at UVic? I'm sitting at around 974 which I assume should be good for acceptance, but not sure how that stacks up as far as scholarships are concerned. Thanks!
  4. Offer here as well. Self calculated: GPA: 93.18% (with drops) LSAT: 164
  5. Document Tracking Error

    Same here, I wouldn’t worry. It probably has something to do with them submitting application data to schools since the deadline has passed.
  6. Where to upload supporting docs

    It’s part of the application process. If you read everything as you go, you will see it. If you didn’t read it, and submitted already, then you have to email it to them.
  7. Where to upload supporting docs

    Alternatively, you can email them to an email address that they have for this type of stuff. I’m not going to go find it but I know for a fact it’s on their website. Edit: nvm, I’m nice: lclerk2 (at) uvic.ca
  8. “We do not require reference letters for applications in the Regular Category. Two reference letters are required in all other categories (Discretionary, Indigenous, as well as upper-year transfer or letter of permission applications).“ Was on the website: http://www.allard.ubc.ca/application-requirements-frequently-asked-questions
  9. Among the top ten in the world!!!11!

    Sure, I agree with you on that but I don't think that one single article posted online breaks that threshold for me. I mean, I think that if any other Canadian law school ranked top 10 on any ranking list they would definitely highlight that information somewhere, no?
  10. Among the top ten in the world!!!11!

    I can understand the argument for not choosing a school based on prestige/ ranking as being quite pervasive. However, I don't necessarily see the issue with a school being excited about ranking in the top 10 law schools.
  11. OLSAS- document tracker issue

  12. UBC-Scotiabank PSLOC at Prime?

    I have heard that Osgoode students have been able to get prime (directly from the Scotia rep for Osgoode). So I’m just seeing if anyone has received a similar offer for UBC. U of T gets prime too with a Scotia but they have some sort of special deal for all their students.
  13. UBC-Scotiabank PSLOC at Prime?

    Hey! No, I haven’t - just planning ahead at the moment. Looking back to previous years, it looks like the end of Nov is when UBC starts.
  14. I'm wondering if any of you have had any luck getting Scotia down to Prime + 0% with a UBC acceptance? If so, did you contact the person in this document:http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf or just go with your generic small business advisor? Any tips that you wish you knew going into the LOC phase of law school planning? Thanks so much!
  15. OLSAS Academic Awards

    Can’t hurt-I’d add it.