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  1. GPA Calculation for last 20 courses - % to 4.0

    No worries, thanks for the info!
  2. Do you know what your index score is? Congrats!!
  3. I did Osgoode, Ottawa, Queens, UBC, UVic, Calgary, U of A. I am confident in my GPA but my anxiety got the best of me on my first LSAT. Rewriting the December, but that's the only part of my application left to worry about. All I want is to get in and I've been waiting for this my whole life, so I applied everywhere but the Prairies (need something new!) to give me the best chances. The whole application and LSAT process was a lot of money but to me it's 100% worth it to apply everywhere, so I won't have to say "what if I would have gotten in there if I had applied."
  4. I just noticed on OLSAS that my program "to" date is listed as to "2017:08" under my transcript. Is this because the transcript received to date lists courses only until this date?
  5. How is L2 calculated?

  6. Do you recall what the auto-admit number index was for last year? Also, if the auto-admit could be expected first round or just accepted within the cycle? Trying to calculate my outlook
  7. How is L2 calculated?

    No problem! Figured might as well check with you first I'll be makin' a call Monday morning!
  8. GPA Calculation for last 20 courses - % to 4.0

    Hi there! For those with A/A+ as my school uses a 4.5 scale, how are these calculated? Is this the right scale (ie A/A+ both count as 4.0)? https://www.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/admissions/application-manual/appendix-1-gpa-conversion-tables
  9. How is L2 calculated?

    Did they tell you if it is calculated based on your two full years? I have only 3 courses this term to finish up my degree, so I'm wondering if they count back from these or if it's where I had full years! Since I know Alberta schools count backwards including these.
  10. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    Is this index based on 4.0 or 4.33 GPA and last two or cgpa?
  11. Ontario school individual login

    Perfect, that's what I thought. Thank you!
  12. Ontario school individual login

    I sent my OLSAS in for Oz, Ottawa and Queens around Oct 1 but I haven't heard anything from the individual schools yet in terms of a login, and this is my first time applying! So I should wait til after Nov 1?
  13. For application tracking for Ontario schools, do they send your login info for their own portals after November 1st?
  14. Course in the sociology department called "cities and urban life." Joined it late before I was able to go to a class and wasn't able to change it to get money back. Assumed it would be about poverty, homelessness, and sociological problems within cities... but it's an architecture based course on designing cities/built enviroment based on urban schemes.... not sociology I was thinking, and definitely not easy for an elective, haha! My GPA is not a worry and I'm studying for an LSAT re-write right now, so I don't think I am a bubble candidate. Thank you
  15. Hi all! I'm just finishing up my fourth year of my degree. I've taken full course loads every year and each summer, so i'm ahead credits. Currently, for fall I am in 3 courses, and two in winter just to finish the degree. The first half of one of the fall courses isn't going great due to a misunderstanding about what the course actually is on... I am considering voluntary withdrawing from it as my fall GPA is more important to me than an elective. I already submitted my apps and my transcripts. Would I have to resend transcripts to OLSAS and Alberta? BC, from my understanding, does not care about these grades in their calculation. And is there any issue seen in dropping one course -- I wasn't a full-time student for this term as these are just electives to finish, but I would assume my past 108 credits would show more than this fall term would. Thanks