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  1. Ontario Bar Exam Prep - June 2017

    Can anyone suggest how I can approach studying the Business law section? I would like to point out that I dislike business law, and the only course I took that was business related was Business Associations. I really really want to avoid as much as possible in depth studying of this section. I cannot imagine how many questions they would ask and how detailed it would be - please someone, throw me a bone or two...
  2. non-law position in the interim after articling

    IS anyone currently still working or going to work for Ombudsman? I need some questions answered. I prefer private Pming. Let me know please thank you so much!
  3. International Law ! Work for the UN, NGOs, etc sign up for human rights, intl humanitarian law, things like that international criminal law and do clinicals and try to summer intern somewhere abroad! and check out UN summer options esp in NY.
  4. Friends, I am Conflicted.

    Do the degree that you are interested in. You are paying a lot of money and gaining an education - it better be in something you care about, enjoy, are curious about etc. I would never do a degree just to get good marks, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to learn a field you enjoy. There are many other ways to boost your applications for law school so you can do engineering and do (other things like volunteer work, leadership roles, and much more that you should research about). Also focus on doing great on the LSAT to offset your GPA in Engineering. I also believe that admissions are aware of the engineering program and its challenges to a certain degree. In the end, follow your passion. This is all just a personal opinion!
  5. Major Dilemma...Please help!

    Will be viewed favourably for sure. Also, do not pass up such a great opportunity to enrich your experience. This is something you can talk about in your future interviews for jobs as well. You only have things to gain from this! P.S being in your home native country is irrelevant to the good work that the UN does. It has no bearing at all in my opinion. It is just a fact that you are from that country etc...
  6. I would see if that option is even on the table first then cross that bridge when I get there. I say this because you already have all your documents lined up ready to go. Also, I have heard firms let associates go to clerk and come back. They are benefiting from everything you learn from clerking. If I were you - this is purely subjective - clerking at the SCC is a unique opportunity that will not come around often, whereas working at a firm (to a certain extent would). I would apply in a heart beat. To me, that is a dream role! Good luck.
  7. Public Interest Articling Salaries

    Thank you. I had this fear that if I asked, they would draw all these inferences ieL if you care about helping marginalized groups you would not be asking this question ha! You would do it at any price!
  8. Public Interest Articling Salaries

    Thank you.
  9. Public Interest Articling Salaries

    This might be true haha because there are articles online that talk about how legal clinics do not pay articling students! But I mean it is funded by LAO so I wonder why they would not pay! I might send an email to ask, would this make me lose my chances of applying if I word it really well!?
  10. Public Interest Articling Salaries

    Does anyone know how much a legal clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario would pay an articling student? There is no information about the compensation of a job posting under a legal clinic. I am concerned that it is unpaid or pays 30k. I appreciate it is public interest work which is what I want to do. Nevertheless, knowing the compensation number can help me make some decisions. If anyone has any information, I will be indebted to that person!
  11. Dating a Lawyer you met at a wine and cheese

    You're in 1L. You are just starting out. I would advise against it. Do not take a chance and ruin your reputation or worse, some unpredictable event could come from your unprofessional act. I agree with some fellow members here, it is best to maintain this person as a networking contact. If anything more is meant to happen, it will happen organically. I do not think the risk is worth it - given you barely know this person and that you have just started your path to a legal career.
  12. I am confused! Have interview offers been sent out already?
  13. Has anyone received any interviews for the summer position at MAG?
  14. Clerkship 2016

    I second this.
  15. Clerkship 2016

    Hi there, could you please PM me with some pointers for a clerkship interview? Id really appreciate your help.