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  1. 4.0 after drops/153 LSAT/MA

    I think it would be harder for a non-Atlantic resident such as myself to be accepted with those kind of stats. I won't be applying until next year anyway so I have plenty of chances to increase my LSAT and become a more competitive applicant. Still, it feels nice to know I still stand somewhat of a chance even if my LSAT were not to increase for any reason.
  2. 4.0 after drops/153 LSAT/MA

    I hate that damn thing so much . But yes, I agree that the most prudent remedy would be to rewrite. Thanks!
  3. 4.0 after drops/153 LSAT/MA

    Do I have any chance of getting in next year if I applied with a 4.0 GPA/153?
  4. 4.0 after drops/153 LSAT/MA

    Nvm: It turns out I have a 4.3/4.33. I just wanted to make sure I have the right calculation. I went to Carleton, and we have a 0.5 credit per course GPA. What I did was convert each grade to the 4.33 scale, added up the total points and then divided by the total number of courses. I did a 4 year degree plus an MA, so my total number of courses would be 47. I took 25 percent of my lowest grades from that calculation, leaving me to divide the total number of grade points over the adjusted course load after drops (roughly 35). Is this right? If someone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. This is really bothering me lol.
  5. Thinking of applying next year. Ontario resident. Applying as Access to other schools, but not sure if I should apply as Access to UNB or regular because my GPA is higher after drops. What is recommended? More schools need to allow GPA drops: Without drops, my GPA is a 3.25! Sheesh.
  6. Chances with low LSAT score in Canada

    My mistake. Thought it meant something else.
  7. Chances with low LSAT score in Canada

    Would you be able to elaborate on the claim that Access is a black box? What sort of things would an access committee be looking for, if they know that access applicants are applying with elements of their application that don't reflect the majority of applicants in the general category? Are stats considered lower acceptable, do they need to see an extensive list of EC's? etc. Nothing that I've read on this forum gives me the impression that Access is a black box, as I've seen individuals apply as Access with a wide variety of stats get accepted and rejected. It all still seems like a big mystery to me, and it doesn't give me a good ability to predict whether I have a chance or not.
  8. When is the latest to expect acceptances/rejections?

    The motto which I am repeating to myself: "whether now or sometime in the future, you will get into law school." We will take as much time as is deemed necessary for us to get in. If the study and practice of law is going to be a lifetime investment, it shouldn't matter when we get in, despite the throws of anxiety telling us otherwise. Best of luck to you in your journey. I wish you success.
  9. Access Category 2018

    That's really interesting! My learning disability has to do with the discrepancy between my visual processing speed as opposed to my auditory processing speed of information. The mind is a strange universe. Is Ottawa your first choice?
  10. Access Category 2018

    Same. I hate to do this, because a discussion of stats in the Access category is in my opinion needless, but just out of curiosity - what are your stats like and, probably a better question, why did you apply as Access?
  11. Access Category 2018

    Has anyone been accepted/rejected under the Access category? Who else is applying under Access? Also, if you feel obliged, post your stats and why you are applying as Access. In addition, if you were to be Accepted, is Ottawa your first choice? Myself: 3.25 GPA, 3.73 L2, 153 LSAT, MA degree. Applying as Access due to permanent learning disability and lifelong psychiatric issues. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Advice on GPA

    Talked to the admissions officer at UOttawa. He confirmed that UOttawa does calculate non-degree courses as part of the students overall cGPA. This is a message to anyone in the future who may be thinking of going back to school to raise their cGPA. I did a calculation of what I would need to do to raise my cGPA to a 3.7. A full course load in one semester would suffice - seriously thinking of doing this if I don't get in this cycle. Good luck to everyone.
  13. LSAT Prep course 1 month before Feb LSAT

    161. Don't know how I dropped down to 153 on test day, but oh well. I think I'm going to sign up for some extra tutoring hours in addition to the course. There were some basics that I think I need to learn again. There were some bad habits I conditioned myself into during my 4 months of studying that I need to unlearn. I think that this course will be helpful in helping me unlearn these bad habits.
  14. I wrote the LSAT in December and scored a disappointing 153 after studying full time for 4 months. I am re-writing the LSAT in February, and have decided to take the Powerscore Live Online Prep Course. Is this course worth it given the time of only one month before the Feb LSAT? Should I wait to take the test in June instead? I studied before using a Manhattan course along with the Powerscore bibles. I regimented 20-25 hours a week for about 2.5 months before the December LSAT. I've taken about a month break since writing in December and will beginning my new study regiment a week before the course is scheduled to begin on January 9th - giving me about 5 weeks to study for the February LSAT.
  15. Advice on GPA

    Greetings, I am seeking advice on how to boost my GPA. My OLSAS GPA is a 3.25, my L2 is a 3.73; I am applying to UOttawa as an Access candidate with medical documentation explaining why my GPA is lower than average, but I would also like to know if there is a way I can boost my GPA a bit. Does UOttawa allow for non degree students to go back and take courses to boost their GPA after they've graduated? My LSAT is also a 153, but I am planning on retaking in February. However, I wonder if it would be more prudent to consider an increase my GPA first, seeing as how UOttawa is a GPA-centric/Holistic school. As an Access applicant, I have no idea how "competitive" my profile is or what even constitutes a competitive profile in the Access category, and I would like to not rely on these claims so much. A good first start would be to consider the GPA increase. Any advice on strategies to increase, if any, would be appreciated. Good luck to everyone with their applications.