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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Wow, is this a common thing that happens every year or do you think it was specifically an outlier for your year? What do you think motivated the change?
  2. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    Perhaps they think that not publishing it makes grading appear more illusive to employers? I don't know. Considering most other schools (if not all?) do publish this data, I really would like an explanation for why U of T chooses not to.
  3. Lower grades at a more competitive school?

    Does U of T have grade distribution stats available? What is the "average" in 1L? When you have an A/B+/B system it is easier to tell than with Hs and Ps. Are these statistics available at U of T?
  4. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    I don't know, personally I didn't improve between my first test and my last test, I got the same score. Granted, I only did like ten. But I know some people who significantly improved their score over time, so there's that. I think most of it stems from peer pressure, honestly. You hear and see people stressing and ranting about how much they're studying and how many tests they are doing and you end up doing the same out of paranoia or insecurity or something. If you're doing something for the first time, you don't know how much effort you have to put in to get the score you want. It is a lot like law school, actually. Spending two weeks writing a memo that could be written in day or even a couple of hours. But people will spend that whole two weeks... for various reasons. It's the same reason why people read all of the cases in fine, nitcomb depth and refuse to skim. You get diminishing returns, but by the time you realize it, it's too late. Eventually you learn, and you learn what is necessary to skip and where you can cut corners and where you need to channel your energy. But for the first time, it's scary and mysterious and you've never done it before, so you don't know if you're doing it the right way, and you have all of these people shouting into your ear about "the right way" to do it, and that's basically it. @Lamps8 - good post.
  5. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    Presumably they mean they're using their time after work/school.
  6. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    Trust me when I say that you will miss these weeks. A lot. Also, you probably won't make any strides with two weeks left on the LSAT if you've been studying for months straight. You'll only make it worse for yourself. The one thing that would have improve my LSAT score, in retrospect, would be not being so damn tired and burned out when I was taking it. Take the next two weeks off. Maybe review a couple of PTs right before the test day, just to jog your memory. You're not going to forget anything in two weeks.
  7. Damn, wow. I guess that is a lot like lipstick on the teeth or wine-stained teeth, isn't it? I feel like those things are very distracting when you speak to someone and yet they can be helped.
  8. With respect to offensiveness and disrespectfulness... I can't believe some of the horror stories I keep hearing. As far as "professional presentation" go, how far does this extend to just personal mannerisms in general? I know a lot of people can't help their vocal fry, or they will have a thicker accent, or a very high-pitched voice, etc. Is this seen as unprofessional? How far does this extend to physical appearance (sorry if this is a controversial question to ask)? Do people ever end up finding out if they were rude or disrespectful or said something especially nasty? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions - this is all just really interesting to me.
  9. What are some of the most common factors that determine whether someone who is on the fence is or isn't getting an offer? What puts someone on the "isn't getting an offer" list right away?
  10. 2018 2L Recruitment

    The raw numbers, probably in like a week. The special report w/ statistics and feed back, next semester.
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I am quite some time away from going through the process myself, and this is so interesting to hear. I never thought about it from the POV of the recruiters.
  12. Career Suggestions - how much DO grades matter?!

    Re: Manipulation and competitiveness Your fellow students are struggling just as much as you are. Some people just show it less than others. Don't attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence. If someone is giving you a misleading answer to a question, they likely just don't know the right answer but are trying to help you anyway. The people in your cohort are not godly superhumans that understand everything right away and know the right answer to everything. Don't assume they are and don't treat them as such, because it is clearly detrimental to your motivation and your mindset. Most people in your cohort are just going to want to help you. Of course, there are always a few bad eggs and I'm sorry if you've run into them - but they are the exception, not the rule. Focus on yourself and what you need to do. Don't pay attention to everyone else. Don't think about what they are doing, or how eager or motivated they are, etc. Don't think of it as "competition" - just focus on doing your personal best. That being said, don't skate by on the bare minimum because that isn't going to be your best work. Also, talk to your CDO about what kind of work you want to be doing when you graduate and decide now. Think about it, talk it over with family and other lawyers. Think about what matters to you - is it a work-life balance, big money, being your own boss, dealing with important social issues, stability? Write down a list, bring it to the CDO, ask them for guidance. That's what they are there for. Pick something that you actually want to do as oppose to something you're just settling for, it'll give you the motivation you need to focus on yourself rather than what other people are doing.
  13. Number of In Firm Interviews to Summer Job Positions?

    I am speechless. Wow.
  14. In-Firm Interview Schedule

    This thread is a hoot... but why not take the PATH? I take it all the time and it saves me 5-10 minutes. I suppose you could easily get lost if you don't plan your route out though.
  15. Chances at Osgoode/Queen's? LSAT 161 GPA 4.25

    @IJustWannaGraduate post-call meaning after you take the bar and "out in the real world" - it probably won't matter. It might affect admissions chances and opportunities once you're in law school, but judging based on your stats (I'm not sure what a 4.25 translates into OLSAS GPA, but I'm assuming it is high) it shouldn't affect you too much. Your stats seem to be above average for most schools in Ontario. If you were an applicant with very average (or below average) stats then it would be a damaging factor.