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  1. Why $2 million? Why not $1.99 million? Or $500k million? Why not aim for #1 in Canada and go for $45 million? Arbitrary number, and pursuing it as a life goal will make you terribly unhappy.
  2. As an off shoot of this: how do employers treat legal name changes?
  3. I would apply and state the degree you are expecting to finish with. What degree type you register with your school is different than what OLSAS asks you state, I think. You have to specify what kind of degree you expect to graduate with separately.
  4. When an offer is conditional they usually tell you, right? It was never mentioned in my call or the letters I received, and when I called to ask about it she said that it wasn't (but I'm not sure if the woman checked or not). Has anyone ever had their acceptance revoked over lowered grades otherwise? Or does it have to be a full wide-spread fail type thing?
  5. This is a troll obviously but yes, you've summarized the Western culture pretty well. You'll love it there. You can even see if your frat branch or whatever is active at Western and stay in touch with it... the frats there are pretty well received.
  6. I know this question gets asked to death but I'm neurotic so I'm asking it again I already called adcomm at U of T earlier this year and asked and they said that my offer was unconditional and it was fine. But I just got two final grades back and one is in the 60s and the other is in the 70s - I've never had a grade on my transcript lower than 85 lol. I'm graduating this year and I'll still graduate but will they look at these grades and rescind my acceptance? I just feel like crap, these two classes were so difficult, have I screwed myself? Or does "no conditions" really mean that all I needed to do was graduate?
  7. No, I guarantee you that they won't care unless you took like, 8/10 first-year courses every year of your undergrad. As long as you have enough courses to graduate with your degree, you should be fine. Like the above user said, some schools place limits on the number of first-year courses that will count towards your degree, I believe my own was 7.0
  8. I have some personal problems wrt to my acceptance to law school that I've been anxious about. I'm not sure who to contact for advice and I don't really feel comfortable contacting admissions committee. Would anyone on this forum be able to offer me advice on what I should do? I don't feel like posting my question online either because it gets archived. Preferably want help from someone with experience with admissions to law schools.
  9. I don't want to make a new thread for this, and I'm new to using credit and stuff like that (lol), my credit score is around 700-750 (right in the middle, I don't wanna spill the exact number) - would I be able to get a semi-decent rate with or without a co-signer?
  10. It is a waste of time/money. Easier to just bump up your LSAT score. If you were going from a D or C to A+ that would be a different story, but the difference between an A- and A+ is marginal at best. If you think that shows "determination" you're quite wrong, everyone knows that taking a course a second time around is easier because the content is recycled. Chances are an A- is above the cut-off range for most schools adcomm, so really the important thing to focus on would be getting the LSAT as high as possible too
  11. Campus is really white. There is a huge, stark difference between the U of T campus and the Western campus in terms of demographics. I don't think there is anything wrong with that necessarily, but I do miss the GTA/Toronto in general after being here for so long. You kind of start to forget what living in a big city is like after a while.
  12. I've been here for 5 years, moved from the GTA. The Western campus is by far one of the most beautiful campuses in Ontario. The transit is decent, more or less. Around campus and downtown it's great, fast, on time and frequent. If you want to hit up the suburbs it's kind of shitty. The driving is really bad, I don't know what it is about London but I hear people from TO always coming in and complaining about our driving. I used to drive and it was fine in my opinion, but maybe that's because I learned to drive here lol. In the summer, we have some really nice trails all around London and I wouldn't say it's the most boring city in the world if you're into nature-related stuff. I've stayed here for four summers and I never ran out of things to do in that regard. The nightlife here is small, and in other respects it is a fairly boring little town. Downtown is pretty sloppy and some places can be very shady. In general though, I find it more or less okay. I preferred it to places like Guelph and Kingston. I can't wait to move back to TO but at the same time, I don't think it's as bad as people say.
  13. I don't think it will be an all-out rejection, some people do get waitlisted and then in off the waitlist according to previous threads. So it will probably be a mixture of acceptances, rejections and waitlist offers.
  14. Just fyi people don't understand how quickly a society can change course. In Japan, the current real estate market is one where property is a depreciating asset. This isn't something that people in the West tend to think about or see as a reality, but who knows what could happen with the current volatile political situations around the world. I think that if you are wealthy and have the money, it is a reasonable thing to look into, especially if you're not planning on selling any time soon. But if you are looking at it from the point of view of "saving money" and "investing" I don't think that is a very smart plan. You don't want to come out of law school with 100k in student debt and barely breaking even on your "property investment." If you aren't financially prepared to take a hit, don't play this game. I think that's a reasonable suggestion.
  15. I was under the impression that JD/MBAs are considered during the 2L recruit in their third year?