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  1. I got the waitlist email today but I was accepted to my top choice schools in February. I'm not surprised they're not interested since I basically have zero Sask connection and the application kept saying I needed to submit my Fall marks for undergrad even though I graduated in 2012...(I just ignored it once I was accepted into U of A and U of C) LSAT: 160 L2: 3.7-ish out of 4.0, not sure what it is on the 4.3 off the top of my head. I'm not positive about what my GPA since I haven't thought about it in a few months and I ended up taking classes after I graduated as well as my MA. Good luck to those still waiting!
  2. Ah, that's too bad you're not getting in until September 1st. But honestly, your reasoning is why I chose to live in Grad Res my first year of my MA so I can't fault you on that. I think I applied around March and heard back in May. At the time they were discouraging law students from living there but I think that has since eased up. When I lived there I only knew of one law student in the building. They've also opened more residences since I lived in Grad Res so I'm thinking there's less of a demand for it now. I was also in a two bedroom where the studios were snatched up pretty early if I recall. Even if Grad Res doesn't work out for you, you'll definitely be able to find something nearby if you're flexible with your budget. When I first moved to Edmonton the vacancy rate was below 1%! There's way more to choose from now.
  3. I think you'd be fine. They've had vacancies since I moved in last August and I believe they're offering one month free as a rental incentive. I had the one month free and that's how I justified this year. Now they're looking to up my rent and it's made me re-think renewing my lease (even if they back down about it). If I was single I may have bit the bullet and kept my studio but there's a good chance me and my partner might be moving in together so we're likely to look for a two bedroom condo or house in the same area (there are actually quite a few right by WPP) instead of looking for a one or two bedroom in my building. One of the nice things about WPP is that all utilities except internet are included. As for internet, Shaw actually let me pick-up my modem and install it myself so you could ask about that. I used to live in Grad Res and wouldn't recommend it, but it's not awful by any means. My take is that if you're going to be here for at least 3 years, chances are you'll end up moving from grad res and needing to buy furniture anyway so you may as well do it right away and have a better selection of places to rent. I've seen a lot of places available anytime from May till July, but I haven't seen much available for August just yet. Just keep your eyes on Kijiji and you should be okay. It's a renters market right now so I've heard it's fairly easy to negotiate terms/rent/etc.
  4. It's definitely pricey! I live there right now and I'm starting in September and it would be ideal to stay but it's hard to justify the price. I absolutely love my apartment and the location but I don't think it's a wise financial choice to stay there when I'm living off student loans and my PLOC. If you KNOW you'll use the gym every day then maybe it's worth it but you might as well just go to the gym on campus and save yourself a few hundred bucks a month. The Sobey's is really handy but the selection is pretty limited. I find it hit or miss whether they have what I need. Also, parking costs an extra $130 a month and you don't even get an assigned parking spot...
  5. Ah, thank you. I was thinking about applying online but I realized that I'm slightly above the max for previously held student loans (thanks grad school) so I'll most likely need a co-signer... I'm not sure if that's do-able online or whether I'd need to go in anyway.
  6. No, which is why I'd normally assume they'd want bank statements but from the way it's described, they don't take into account how much money you actually have in your account. And they can pull your credit info on their own. But I'm also curious about what they need as far as previous provincial/federal student loans and whether they'll pull that themselves. I only have a credit card and government loans, no previous line of credit, bank loans or car payments.
  7. This is an incredibly dumb question, but what do you need to bring when you have your appointment? Do you need to bring bank statements, previous student loan info, etc. or will they pull that information on their own?
  8. At the Dean's Welcome, someone (actually I think it was someone's Dad) in my group asked the same question and got the answer of somewhere between $21 to $24/hour. Not sure how accurate that is so hopefully someone who's a current student can comment.
  9. Seriously. Glad I'm not the only one who thought that. But yeah, I enjoyed it. The two who were guiding my particular tour focused a lot on aspects I didn't really care about and there was a lot of talk about sports (I'm not really a big sports player) but a bunch of the stops along the way more than made up for that. It sounds like there really is something for everyone there which is pretty cool. I wholeheartedly want to make friends and have a social life, but I wish there was more information on the law school part of law school and the more academic extracurriculars but otherwise it was pretty good, definitely don't regret attending.
  10. Yeah, I really enjoy Edmonton. I don't think it's entirely fair to compare Edmonton to Vancouver or Toronto, but compared to other Canadian cities, I think it's pretty great. I find the hipster-blue collar scene very endearing and have found overall that the people are incredibly welcoming (I read somewhere that a lot of Edmontonians didn't originate here so that may be part of their friendliness to others). Like any city, it is what you make of it. If you try to enjoy the city, you will. That includes in the winter. This winter I haven't done a lot of the outside events/attractions, and I've noticed that my attitude towards winter has been a lot worse this season than in previous years. Not to suggest the city is perfect, far from it, but it does have a lot going for it. Almost all my friends who moved up here around the same time of me also were surprised that they enjoyed it here so much.
  11. Was any more information sent about Admitted Students Day? The last email I have was reminding people to RSVP by March 2 but I had already RSVP's over the phone when they did their congrats call. I'm thinking more info on where to go was on that little piece of paper that came in our "package"?
  12. Sorry if you already commented on this, but is there a chance that your PT scores were wrong? Maybe you weren't timing them accurately? I see that you said you were using a phone app, but did you ever end up pausing the timer halfway to jump up/answer your phone? Or maybe took breaks between your sections instead of doing them in the marathon way the test is written day of? No matter the case with your PT scores, you need to get your test anxiety figured out. Feeling so upset that you abandoned the mock test part way through should have been a big indicator that something's wrong. What happened in the mock exam in the RC section that was so different than your practice tests? That's something you're going to have to figure out before you rewrite. It's a really awful situation, I'm sorry you're in it. I think you should go and do another mock test when it's offered again so you can identify what the issue is in a realistic environment.
  13. Lots of places won't be on the market until 30 days before they're available since that's when the current tenants would be giving their notice. You might be able to find a few places advertising for September but I wouldn't rely on it. If you're coming to Edmonton next weekend, I'd suggest using the time to check out neighborhoods (Garneau, Old Strathcona, Downtown, Oliver are the ones with the most students) and get a feel for which ones you like. That way when places do come available, you can try to snatch them up fairly quickly (the rental market's changing here though, when I first moved here, the vacancy rate was almost 0, but when I moved into my current place I received a month of free rent as an incentive). I've seen that some of the buildings that are owned by management companies are having open houses right now so you may have the chance to scope some of those out too, then come August you could feel comfortable with signing a lease without being able to see the apartment up close (though that's obviously not reccommended either). Do you live close enough to Edmonton that you can make it back up, even for a day, in July/August to do apartment hunting/lease signing? I'd avoid signing a lease/sending money through email to avoid falling victim to a scam if at all possible. Just thought of one thing, you may find some people advertising their units for sublease on Kijiji that you could look for. When I was looking, there were a lot of people in my building that signed 12 month leases but were taking off early and were looking for someone to take up their lease at a specific point. In those particular cases, the management company still did a background/financial check on you but you didn't have to pay the damage deposit.
  14. I never said it was anonymous, though the order they show the matches is indeed random to the user (based on an algorithm that users don't have access to). It's not searchable, however. If you swiped left to Jim having no idea who he was, and then met him at a wine and cheese event a week or two later, you may never connect that those two men were the same. I'm almost positive they do. From experience, I've had people appear to swipe on that weren't there the day before and when we went on dates they had been using Tinder (in the same area) for awhile. Anecdotal evidence, take it as you will. You can also only "unswipe left" right away. You can't go back and search for the person to fix the swipe. But I'm not here to argue about Tinder, just to explain it to the "marrieds".
  15. No problem, glad you found it helpful. There are some perks to living on campus (and you can find them on the U of A website) but I think it's good to see what the downsides are. And feel free to PM me with any questions you have about living in Edmonton (keeping in mind I haven't started law school yet).