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  1. What? That's such a strange dig. I don't know why you'd assume that's how I feel about NYC vs Toronto. I don't have any skin in the Toronto vs NYC slap fight. I don't even live in Ontario, let alone Toronto. But yeah, we could disagree with each other forever if we wanted to. Different strokes and all that.
  2. I dunno dude, life isn't Suits. It's not Harvard or bust. And HYS isn't a guaranteed golden ticket. It's the right choice for some but it's entirely inaccurate to suggest people are loons for not taking the same path as you or label them as being afraid if they prefer living in Canada to the USA. We're talking about two different countries with their own cultures. I think the USA is very backward in some ways that are so important to me, I personally would not choose to live there. For others, the fact that NYC will never be in Canada is enough of a reason to want to live in the US. Different strokes. That's why I said it was "offensive" (ie. insulting) to suggest that the best and brightest will go stateside and not stay in Canada and thus those who stay are less competent/qualified.
  3. You're saying that for someone who wishes to become a practicing lawyer in Toronto, it's better to go university in a different country and then jump through all the hoops to end up back in Toronto? No one's saying you made a bad decision or a wrong one, but I'm not understanding why attending HYS is always the better choice for those wishing to practice law in Canada. You're the one who made that argument, not me. Edit: What's the advantage to attend HYS over a Canadian school if they only wish to practice in Canada? I'm not being sarcastic, I realized I might be missing a huge part of this. Is it the name recognition? Wouldn't the average student who is competitive enough to get into HYS also likely to do well in Canada, school, OCI's, articling, etc?
  4. You've just implied that if one can get into HYS they should choose that over any Canadian school. Not only is that inaccurate, it's pretty offensive to many people on these forums who are excellent candidates for those schools but choose to stay in Canada since... you know, they want to practice in Canada.
  5. Well, the good news is that I'm no longer worried that the U of A might have too much focus on sports/intramurals after reading this...
  6. I think you should try to finish your thesis up ASAP, over the next few months before law school if possible. I think there's a good chance that if you don't finish it now, you'll never finish it. And while it may be overwhelming to do grad school and law school back to back, don't discount the looming feeling of an unfinished thesis. There's nothing relaxing about that. I'm actually finishing my MA right this moment (thesis is with my committee for another few weeks) and I also work full-time so my only break without thesis or work is actually the last week of August (but thank god I'm taking a vacation in July). Just get it done. Any feeling of "relaxation" won't be worth either not finishing or trying to finish next summer. Take my advice with a grain of salt since I'm only going into 1L in September, but if anyone knows anything about unfinished thesis's and guilt/stress, it's me. Seriously.
  7. The U-Pass is included in tuition (assuming the law program is like everywhere else on campus). You get a sticker to put on your Onecard (ID) each semester which gets you free transit. So it's definitely cheaper to use the transit and probably easier depending on where you choose to live (I find most people on campus purposely take bus routes and/or LRT in mind when finding a place to rent).While I'm only starting law school in September, I moved to Edmonton from a smaller city a few years ago so I know where you're coming from. Parking at my undergrad university was $350 for the entire year and was in a very close parking lot. And everyone drove everywhere, no one really walked. All my friends who go to the U of A take the bus or LRT and a lot of staff do too. I've always lived in walking distance or taken the LRT (with the exception of two months last summer where I lived in Oliver and didn't feel like taking the bus so I paid for parking).
  8. Also, parking will be fairly pricey no matter where you park near campus, but anyone looking for parking could also check out the private parking lots nearby (ie. Impark and Target Park). I rented a space from Target Park (behind Newtown) last summer for a few months for $100 a month (they have a student discount).
  9. Because that's what the term is called? Just like there's the phrase "Girl Power"? My example was for people using the term "girl(s)" when referring to women when they speak. I doubt anyone on this thread is arguing for the terms "boys" and "girls" to be thrown out of the dictionary... Also, "old girls club" is a term, it's just not used as frequently.
  10. Without diving into another debate, I think a good rule of thumb is "Would you say boy(s) if you were referring to grown men in that situation"? "Our engineer is a great girl" - "Our engineer is a great boy" - No "Come on girls, time to party" - "Come on boys, time to party" - Yes I personally think "guys" can be used as a general plural noun, but others disagree.
  11. See, and that's why I find the talk that often erupts on this forum so jarring. While there may be statistical equality, this forum is a great example of "behind closed doors". There was even a comment on the first page or two that said that the "crass" comments being made while not to be made in "polite company" may be made to a solely male audience in real life. Edit: As for it being a private message board, I agree that it's up to the mods/admins to moderate their board as they see fit. And while I'm not quite ready to ride into the internet sunset, I do think it's worth mentioning an issue I see which others may, or may not, agree with before jumping ship entirely.
  12. This thread is exactly why I don't participate on this board as much as I'd like to. Yes, this is the internet but I didn't come to this specific forum to read locker-room talk. I'm sure it's not intended but a lot of time I feel like this forum inadvertently reinforces the idea of law as an old boys club and that women (and minorities) are simply guests and that they need to act and react accordingly.
  13. I got the waitlist email today but I was accepted to my top choice schools in February. I'm not surprised they're not interested since I basically have zero Sask connection and the application kept saying I needed to submit my Fall marks for undergrad even though I graduated in 2012...(I just ignored it once I was accepted into U of A and U of C) LSAT: 160 L2: 3.7-ish out of 4.0, not sure what it is on the 4.3 off the top of my head. I'm not positive about what my GPA since I haven't thought about it in a few months and I ended up taking classes after I graduated as well as my MA. Good luck to those still waiting!
  14. Ah, that's too bad you're not getting in until September 1st. But honestly, your reasoning is why I chose to live in Grad Res my first year of my MA so I can't fault you on that. I think I applied around March and heard back in May. At the time they were discouraging law students from living there but I think that has since eased up. When I lived there I only knew of one law student in the building. They've also opened more residences since I lived in Grad Res so I'm thinking there's less of a demand for it now. I was also in a two bedroom where the studios were snatched up pretty early if I recall. Even if Grad Res doesn't work out for you, you'll definitely be able to find something nearby if you're flexible with your budget. When I first moved to Edmonton the vacancy rate was below 1%! There's way more to choose from now.
  15. I think you'd be fine. They've had vacancies since I moved in last August and I believe they're offering one month free as a rental incentive. I had the one month free and that's how I justified this year. Now they're looking to up my rent and it's made me re-think renewing my lease (even if they back down about it). If I was single I may have bit the bullet and kept my studio but there's a good chance me and my partner might be moving in together so we're likely to look for a two bedroom condo or house in the same area (there are actually quite a few right by WPP) instead of looking for a one or two bedroom in my building. One of the nice things about WPP is that all utilities except internet are included. As for internet, Shaw actually let me pick-up my modem and install it myself so you could ask about that. I used to live in Grad Res and wouldn't recommend it, but it's not awful by any means. My take is that if you're going to be here for at least 3 years, chances are you'll end up moving from grad res and needing to buy furniture anyway so you may as well do it right away and have a better selection of places to rent. I've seen a lot of places available anytime from May till July, but I haven't seen much available for August just yet. Just keep your eyes on Kijiji and you should be okay. It's a renters market right now so I've heard it's fairly easy to negotiate terms/rent/etc.