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  1. References

    OUAC contacts the prof with the instructions regarding references. I imagine it is supposed to be confidential as the professors submit directly to OUAC. As far as I know, it is impossible to see the reference before or after it is submitted. Although not my personal experience, I would not be surprised if a professor shared their reference with the student before submitting. But that would be outside of the OUAC website.
  2. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    I have used a Macbook Air for a few years now. 100% the best choice I have made. I'm going on three years now, and my battery is still pushing 8+ hours. All my programs are still very responsive and the computer does not slow down. Its very light and portable and works very well. That being said, I primarily use the computer for school (Microsoft word, emails, netflix). I was uneasy paying over 1k$ for the Macbook at the time, but three years later I have no regrets.
  3. Clerkships

    I am interested in maybe clerking at a court, but I understand for positions in 2020 I would have to apply this winter. I am wondering if anyone has any advice or experience regarding the application process. I'm thinking the federal court, federal court of appeal or the Ontario court of appeal. I have decent grades out of 1L (2 B, 5 B+ and 1 A-), but I believe I am lacking in legal experience on my resumé. How important are grades when applying for a clerkship, and more generally, how could I stand out as a candidate with little legal experience? Thanks
  4. Keep or get rid of car?

    Its not necessary to have a car, but would sure be nice. You will have a bus pass, and if you're living within walking distance to campus it means you're also in walking distance to downtown, bars and restaurants and grocery stores. Personally, I walked to the grocery store every week and to and from class, only using my bus pass for rare occasions. Having a car would be nice to reach things outside the downtown core, and even nicer things like getting to a Walmart or a different grocery store. I'd say keep it (barring any financial reasons: i.e. insurance, maintenance, parking, etc) but don't rely on it.
  5. If you know what the 1L schedule is like, the amount of work you're in for and how exams are done, you're doing pretty well. In terms of jobs, clinics, etc. there's no need to worry about that for now. They'll give you the information you need to know when it's time. Personally, I think 1L is a lot like undergrad, just with more reading to do. I don't think a certain undergrad program is best for law school, but that's just me. That being said, certain undergrads where you read and write more will allow you to transition pretty well I think. In terms of actual legal knowledge, I found profs generally treat the class as if nobody knows anything. This was good considering I came from an undergrad that has nothing to do with law or social sciences. They'll teach you as if you know nothing, but you also have to be prepared to do the work. Law school moves fast, but its set up a lot like an undergrad and the work is similar (besides exams of course).
  6. Confused about JD program

    Yes the JD program is an undergraduate program. It would be listed as "common law" on the tuition fee estimator. Roughly 20k a year if I recall correctly.
  7. Workload in law school

    The difference between undergrad and 1L isn't much, in my opinion. In 1L you'll have about 15h of class a week, then readings. I didn't have any papers in 1L. I never did readings in undergrad, but in 1L you'll have to do some sort of readings to be familiar with the material, how you wanna do them is up to you. Overall I find my course load much lighter in 1L, especially considering these courses don't have lab components like you may have had in undergrad.
  8. How do I deal with a referee on sabbatical?

    One of my profs was on sabbatical and not in the country. He was able to provide the references letters and when one school requested a paper copy in a sealed envelop he even arranged another prof to print and seal the envelop for him. I'm sure if he agreed to write the letter he will be able to, even while on sabbatical.
  9. Personally I talked about health promotion, fitness and things related to that in my personal statement. I had other things that could connect to that and relate it back to my desire to study law. I think its an interesting perspective, but I'm not a part of any admissions committee so not much I can really say.
  10. Waitlisted at McGill 2017

    When you get waitlisted does "Ready for review" on Minerva change to Waitlist or do you just get an email notification?
  11. Living on campus residence.

    Hello, I just received an offer for an on campus residence at uOttawa. It's an apartment style 3 bedroom in the Brooks residence. I'm just wondering if anybody has lived in residence during 1L and could shed some light on how it is at Ottawa? I am also in the midst of a house hunt with two people I know from home that would be living in Ottawa next year, so I imagine any option with them would be cheaper than residence - but also a little less convenient. Any tips on housing in Ottawa or advice on residence / off campus housing would be great!
  12. UofO Personal Statement

    I believe OLSAS allows for 8000 characters. It's roughly two pages on Microsoft Word if I recall correctly.
  13. I paid a deposit today for a school that I'm very happy going to, but I am still waiting to hear back from one other school and that could change my decision. The price of the deposit in my mind is worth keeping my spot and potentially losing the deposit if I end up going to a different school.
  14. French Common Law

    Juste pour ajouter, j'ai reçu mon offre en mars et fallait que j'accepte avant le 14 avril, mais la date d'échéance pour le dépôt de 500$ pour tenir ma place était le 1er juin. J'imagine qu'il aura d'autres offres après le 1er juin pour remplacer ceux qui ne payent pas leur dépôt.
  15. University Undergrad NEED TO DECIDE PLZ HELP!!!

    I think you should pick the program/school that you'll enjoy for the next four years. I did my undergrad in a field completely unrelated to law and enjoyed every minute of it (and didn't even plan on going into law until third year). Only UofT says they consider the degree that you got... but if anything else the degree is a soft factor that could influence your chances. Its not worth stressing over. Study what you enjoy and you'll do well!