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  1. I asked my professors with about 6 weeks notice. I offered any documents they may want (transcript, c.v., personal statements, etc.). One professor asked for the personal statement I planned to send as well as my transcript. I provided him with a draft copy as I hadn't finished my statement at that point, but he didn't mind. The other professor didn't ask for anything. Basically I asked if they would mind writing me and then I offered to meet with them to discuss why I was applying / to provide the documents they might want (transcript, c.v., etc). The professors will tell you what they need to write your letter. Good luck!
  2. J'imagine que oui. Ils veulent simplement confirmer votre niveau de français.
  3. J'ai soumis mon application en personne. Tous les documents ont été reçu le 20 février et j'ai été admis le 3 avril.
  4. Minerva has had my status at "Ready for review" for a long time now. Hoping to see some changes soon!!
  5. This has also crossed my mind. I imagine your law school experience and grades matter most. If anything, I imagine you might have a neat connection with someone working Bay St. that also attended your university for undergrad that might not be worth bringing up in the case of two people who went to UofT for their undergrad. I don't think there's too much to worry about to be honest.
  6. Anyone wanna give an update on uOttawa? If there's anything about the french section too that would be cool.
  7. Ma demande en ligne a changé à "admission anticipée" aujourd'hui. J'attends ma lettre par la poste avec plus de détails, mais je ne prévois pas étudier à Moncton. Bonne chance!
  8. Accepted today. 3.41 CGPA OLSAS, french first language, strong LOR (including one from a dean) and pretty average EC's. I'm a long shot at McGill but still hoping for that one.
  9. I got rejected from the PDC earlier this week, but that is on the french side so not sure if that applies to your situation.
  10. At the university where I'm completing my undergrad, the academic year starts in spring/summer semester and ends with the winter semester (at the end of april). I think that's pretty common, but I may be mistaken. If however that is the case and you took classes during the 2013 spring/summer semesters they would be in the same "year" as your 2013 fall and 2014 winter semester. Hope that helps, but like I said it may be different at your school!
  11. After my first year of university, my school changed its grading scheme from percentage grades to letter grades. According to the OLSAS undergraduate grading system conversion table, I am supposed to use row 3 for my percentage grades and 7 for my letter grades. The problem is, I don't find that row 3 accurately reflects percentage grades from my school. Without going into too much detail, professors still submit grades to the registrar as percentages, and then the registrar converts it to a letter grade accordingly. Seeing as professors havent changed their grading styles, it doesn't make sense to my why a 76 in my first year (when we used percentage grades) would be a 3.0 GPA according to OLSAS but if I was to get a 76 in my fourth year (now that we use letter grades), registrar would convert that to a B+ which would now be a 3.3 according to OLSAS. The row for percentage grades is good for grades above 80%, but below 80% its divided into categories that don't make sense for how my university actually grades and its negatively affecting my first year GPA. Is there anything I can do about this or am I just unlucky and have to roll with the punches?
  12. From what I see on Minerva, its not possible to upload a new PS.
  13. I think generally people will recommend submitting in your strongest language. I considered submitting a bilingual personal statement, however opted for french as it's my stronger language. Lots of people advise not submitting a bilingual one either, mostly because the difficulty in maintaining a style through two languages. Your choice though!
  14. I'm wondering how important the LSAT is in regards to being admitted at McGill. I just finished my third year of university at an Ontario school and my cGPA is sitting around 80% (or a 3.7 I believe?) I plan on applying to Université d'Ottawa, McGill et l'Université de Moncton for the 2017 admissions. The goal is to get a common law degree, but McGill is very appealing because the possibility of working in Québec, specifically Montréal after graduation. That being said, I am currently doing my undergrad in a science program (completely in french) and have never taken a single course in english besides my 4 high school english courses. I really don't feel the LSAT would help me in any way, especially seeing as I don't plan to apply to any english law schools. But as I skim through the McGill accepted thread people have similar GPA's to me or higher and great LSAT's and are getting accepted. Would I have less likely a chance with an average GPA and no LSAT to be admitted? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated, Thanks
  15. How does working in Montreal compare to other cities (say Ottawa and Toronto)? Also Is there any benefit to doing the PDC at Ottawa or going to McGill in terms of getting both a civil law degree and common law degree if you hope to article / start your career in Montreal?