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  1. Hello everyone, I have already emailed Dal enough times and decided to give Randi a break by asking the question here: In my dal online application, there is a blank space in my Sept 2017 LSAT section. Does anyone else have this? I took the lsat this past September and it's been blank since my application has been completed around a month ago.
  2. Chances/GPA Calculation

    I emailed them, and they said that - at least for my case, in which my summer course was between my final 2 years - yes, this summer course would be included.
  3. During my last month of study, I went from 160 plateau to a 165 on test day. I agree with the some of the other posters - i took 1 week off during that final month because I was starting to feel overwhelmed and anxious, and that 1 week off was great for me. However, I have been studying for over a year, and so I am used to taking necessary breaks.
  4. Accepted 2018

    Congratulations Bart and Cmb123! Both your stats are pretty great, so I'm not really surprised at both your early acceptances. Bart, I read that your app was completed at Nov 2nd, but I was wondering when your (Cmb123) application was completed?
  5. How does Dal calculate L2?

    Hey, from what I recall, it was the last 10 credits, and if that falls into your second year (like it does for me), then they take the highest scores of that year. That's what I recall at least, during one of the law school events. I'd email them to verify however. Good luck!
  6. Jobs pre-law School

    Truthfully, just family friends who felt the need to comment. Thanks for the response! Thank you all for your helpful comments, they definitely contributed to my reflections.
  7. Jobs pre-law School

    @artsydork and @Cabaret -- thank you for your responses! I'm currently working at the administrative assistant level at the moment. Although I'm really enjoying it, I've been told by some people that I needed a job that would "tell a good story" - basically interesting enough for law schools to take interest. It's a stable and enjoyable job that I am happy with for the moment, so I definitely need to reflect before I pursue other career areas for the sake of "tell[ing] a good story".
  8. Jobs pre-law School

    @whereverjustice Thank you!
  9. Jobs pre-law School

    Thanks for the head's up! I was on my phone and was just trying to find 'General discussions' -- I'll try to delete this, if I cannot, the moderators are free to delete my question. mod edit: I've just gone and moved it for you -WJ
  10. Jobs pre-law School

    Hello all, I've decided to take some time off before pursuing a law degree, primarily because I would like to dabble my feet in several ponds before I commit myself to school again, and also earn some money. With that being said, I would really appreciate if anyone would share what jobs they had before attending law school and why you chose that particular job? Is it helpful for law school (e.g. knowing what branch of law on which to focus, etc...). I just want have a dialogue on the topic of jobs pre-law School ADDED: The moderators are free to delete my question if they feel this is in the inappropriate board.