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  1. I would just phone them! I have no idea what the answer is, though someone here may know, but your best bet for stuff like this (particularly things that involve dropping $1000+ in course fees) is just to ask admissions directly! They are super friendly and then tend to be very helpful with things like this
  2. Is anyone else still in "App Forwarded for Review" limbo?
  3. Does anyone know when waitlist position #s come out typically?
  4. Sorry this is super late, but I know that Uvic doesn't - they only look at 2 of the 3. I had two professional and one academic and they said they would look at one from each category - they let me decide which two I wanted read and claimed that they will not read the other one.
  5. Are you a regular applicant? I have a 90.78 (confirmed) in the discretionary category (and they mentioned I'd be on the waitlist) but no status change yet - still says "file complete - awaiting evaluation"
  6. No update for me - I called and they said they must have made a mistake lol. They will not review the discretionary application until May although they did say I am on the waitlist, but status has not been updated yet, so very unsure...
  7. Is your acceptance conditional?
  8. Do you know if you can get waitlisted in the regular category and accepted through discretionary with a later review, or does that bump you out of the discretionary category altogether?
  9. Oops, I just called and asked - I think I misheard them the first time, they said 82.94, not 3.94 lol. So that brings my index down a fair bit - 90.78 by my calculations. Waitlist maybe? I'd be stunned if I was in with that this early, unless they did take into account some of the more recent grades and just didn't use my index score to admit me..
  10. I'm a bit confused about my GPA actually - from UBC, I should have had about an 82.8% (based on the grades calculator), but I did have some miscellaneous courses from other universities which I was not sure if they were going to use, and my most recent semester's grades which averaged at around 90%, so I'm not sure exactly what they used from all of that. But by UBC's scale, an 3.95 = 85% (though I don't know if they use that scale for law as well or just undergrad programs). They may also have given me more drops due to the discretionary circumstances I mentioned. So, to answer your question, I have no idea what my % GPA would be. Also though, keep in mind that it's 3.94 out of 4.33
  11. Oh okay, well hopefully you're right - fingers crossed. I will let you know! Good luck to you as well!
  12. Hey all, Has anyone been accepted or rejected yet under the discretionary category? I called today and asked when I would find out about admission/rejection (as I am in a bit of a housing pickle) and they said I will know within a week... Now I'm scared because I didn't think they had even begun discretionary category file reviews - I was expecting to hear back closer to May. Does this sound like a possible rejection? I feel like it's too early to be accepted with my stats. GPA = 3.94 (confirmed) LSAT = 161 Index ~ 91.3 (by my excel sheet)
  13. Does anyone know if this is a change from previous years? Do they normally do it by screening index scores or is this case-by-case strategy the normal admission process?
  14. That's early for discretionary category acceptance I believe, congratulations! Do you mind me asking when you applied? I am also discretionary but have stuck been at "Forwarded to Review" for months.