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  1. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

  2. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    It seems like you're just trying to argue. A lot of legal employers don't request a reference when you currently hold a position, as they realize the importance of discretion and the delicate nature of trying to lateral (i.e. you do not want your current employer knowing you're looking to get out, and then not get the job). It is unquestionably better to be looking for work while employed than it is to be looking while unemployed.
  3. UBC v. Oz/Van v. TO

    Past UBC student. Feel free to message me with any specific question. The only thing I disagree with on this thread so far is the comment that Uvic and TRU are a step down from UBC. I do not think that is the case for Uvic students - they seem to have absolutely no disadvantage in the Vancouver market.
  4. Feeling of Missing Out on Big Law

  5. Failed the Bar - Which strategies worked for you?

    Ontario bar or BC?
  6. School Rankings by Admission Standards?

  7. RBC's "A & B List Law Schools" Bias

    Odd that UBC would not be considered tier A. I don't think many would dispute its rank as the best (or at least most prestigious, though that doesn't mean much) law school in Western Canada.
  8. Does anyone feel like they're not doing good enough?

    To sort of piggyback...am I the only one who feels like a total moron most of the time/like I have no idea what I am doing? Is this normal?
  9. Victoria Salaries

    I find those numbers surprising as well (higher than I anticipated). Can anyone confirm these numbers are actually in the ballpark?
  10. 3, carry the 9, minus 4.....0. I spent 0 hours during the average week. I was a crammer. Turned out fine. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. UBC vs. Queen's - SOS

  12. 0Ls: do this.

    Take the time off and relax. You'll soon realize that law is one hoop after the next, after the next, after the next (literally: first its undergrad grades, then LSAT seems like your whole world, then grades in school, then getting a job, then passing the bar, then feeling incompetent...). Take the time off, try to relax, enjoy yourself...it may be that last chance you get to do so for quite some time. I think this is the reason a lot of young lawyers burn out, and a lot of lawyers have substance abuse dependencies, they don't take the time needed for self-care. Also, one can definitely get good grades and relax before LS.
  13. Articling vs LPP route? Need advice!

    Avoid law all together, it sucks.
  14. Baker Newby Articling Salary

    Im not sure why one would change the name of the practice when they have 80+ years of goodwill built up in the community. I don't think your analogy is even close to being relevant. Newby/newbie is nothing like having the name ISIS before ISIS 'came out.'
  15. Baker Newby Articling Salary

    A friend of mine was wondering what the current articling salary is at Baker Newby. Does anybody here know?