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  1. It was closest to home.
  2. Quitting 2L Offer

    Anyways, lets all be friends. This thread has gone off the rails. I shouldn't have chirped Diplock, s/he has been an important contributor over the years. I apologize.
  3. Quitting 2L Offer

    Im no longer an articling student, D. Further, I didn't article in big law.
  4. Quitting 2L Offer

    I did not read every page of this 14 page thread. I am so embarrassed. I didn't know "they did it first." Very embarrassed.
  5. Quitting 2L Offer

    Ah, getting so heated that you're starting to make personal insults. I'm embarrassed for you, friend. Can we lock this thread now?
  6. Quitting 2L Offer

    Expresses popular opinion that is inline with Law Society rules. Gets sworn at by Diplock, a member who, although occasionally posting some great advice, has been trolling these boards and acting like an asshole pretty much 24/7 for 10 plus years. I have caught myself wondering how miserable Diplock's life must be on several occasions. At the very least, s/he wastes an absurd amount of time on these boards. Go ahead, Diplock. Rip me apart.
  7. Will I Get In? (3.0, 150)

  8. Quitting 2L Offer

    I was replying to a comment which stated "the rules are stupid." I'd consider that line of argument about as close to simply giving up as one can.
  9. Quitting 2L Offer

    I follow all of the rules. It's cool that you don't know anyone that does, Diplock, but anecdotal evidence doesn't mean much. No need to curse.
  10. Quitting 2L Offer

    Who cares if the rules are stupid, they're the rules. I'd imagine you have something better to do with your time. The rules are the rules and, at the very least, I hope OP's reputation in the legal community takes the blow that it deserves.
  11. Quitting 2L Offer

    Also, OP, you cannot quit an offer. This thread should be labelled more appropriately: backing out after firmly accepting an offer. ...I echo BQ's comments and feel sorry for whatever firm ends up with you.
  12. Quitting 2L Offer

    OP is clearly going to take the second position. S/he came on here looking for support with respect to a decision what was clearly already made. Likely, they know this was the wrong decision, feel bad about it, and just wanted some cradling. Why is this thread still open?
  13. Clinics at UBC vs UofC

    I'll just go ahead and say it, UBC is a more reputable school. I know I'll get ripped to shreds for saying this, but I also don't really know how important it is to go to school where you want to practice. Students at UBC, for example, got hired at higher rates (per applicant) in Calgary and Toronto than did UBC applicants for the Vancouver market. The judicial externship is great, but can be competitive. The business law clinic is competitive as well.
  14. Am I going to law school fall 2018?

    I like how you've asked people to chime in on the the likelihood that you'll be accepted to a Canadian law school, then chirped them when they've told you that you likely wont get in with your current stats. If you know people that have gotten into X school with similar stats, why are you asking random strangers online? My 2 cents: no chance at any Canadian law school unless you significantly raise your LSAT score.