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  1. Clinics at UBC vs UofC

    I'll just go ahead and say it, UBC is a more reputable school. I know I'll get ripped to shreds for saying this, but I also don't really know how important it is to go to school where you want to practice. Students at UBC, for example, got hired at higher rates (per applicant) in Calgary and Toronto than did UBC applicants for the Vancouver market. The judicial externship is great, but can be competitive. The business law clinic is competitive as well.
  2. Am I going to law school fall 2018?

    I like how you've asked people to chime in on the the likelihood that you'll be accepted to a Canadian law school, then chirped them when they've told you that you likely wont get in with your current stats. If you know people that have gotten into X school with similar stats, why are you asking random strangers online? My 2 cents: no chance at any Canadian law school unless you significantly raise your LSAT score.
  3. Application timeline for first year Associate

    I don't see the harm in applying (unless you're also hopeful to get an offer where youre currently at and worried that word might get back to the firm that you have applied elsewhere). I have approx 3 months left in my articles and I have started to send out feelers.
  4. Solicitor Solo AMA

    How much do you pay yourself, and how much have you been able to save in PC (whatever that is)?
  5. Solicitor Solo AMA

    How much money do you make
  6. Regional Salaries

    Or other Kelowna firms?
  7. Regional Salaries

    anyone know what the associate salaries are like at FH&P?
  8. Anyone have advice on trying to transition to a large/national firm after articling at a medium sized firm? Thanks.
  9. UofT Vs McGill Vs UBC

  10. Boss Placed Me On Probation

    It seems like you're just trying to argue. A lot of legal employers don't request a reference when you currently hold a position, as they realize the importance of discretion and the delicate nature of trying to lateral (i.e. you do not want your current employer knowing you're looking to get out, and then not get the job). It is unquestionably better to be looking for work while employed than it is to be looking while unemployed.
  11. UBC v. Oz/Van v. TO

    Past UBC student. Feel free to message me with any specific question. The only thing I disagree with on this thread so far is the comment that Uvic and TRU are a step down from UBC. I do not think that is the case for Uvic students - they seem to have absolutely no disadvantage in the Vancouver market.
  12. Feeling of Missing Out on Big Law

  13. Failed the Bar - Which strategies worked for you?

    Ontario bar or BC?
  14. School Rankings by Admission Standards?