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  1. Going Into Summer After 2L Without a Job

    Hey, I don't have any advice for you, but I wanted to let you know you aren't alone in this. I'm in the same boat. Above average grades, good EC's, applied all over Ontario, nothing. Just keep grinding, it's all we can do.
  2. Is law school fun?

    My problems are all tax related. That exam yesterday was a tough one. And I haven't filed yet and left my T-4 at school. Oops. Regardless, I think a solid trait for a lawyer is likely personal responsibility. I don't do as well as I probably could if I worked a bit harder, but that's on me, not on the system being a poor indicator of my success. It's all always your fault.
  3. Is law school fun?

    I don't disagree with this. I think I read a lot of my own personality into my original statement which probably makes it come off differently to you than it does to me. I'm just saying that if you have, for example a general interest in business law, both transactional and litigation side, pick a few areas of interest and highlight them over your general interest, even if you're convinced you could be happy working in about 30 practice areas. Are you being completely honest that real estate is your one true love? No, but that specificity may well work in your favour. I don't think portraying yourself as the all around grinder is a good call, even if that is who you are.
  4. Is law school fun?

    It's certainly a tough market, but it's also a market that heavily rewards certain attitudes more than others once you leave the "Bay Street" mentality. From the feelings I've gotten at least, once you leave the realm of larger/full-service you better make it look like it has been your life's dream to work in a specific area of law. And that's fine, but it sucks for people who will work their ass of for you if you give them a chance, but also won't lie to your face about their interests. But alas, that's the game.
  5. Is law school fun?

    I think this is fair. We'll need to see if it bears itself out in the articling recruit. God I hope it does.
  6. Is law school fun?

    Let's be careful about equating competency and demonstrated success with gold-medallists. There are plenty of students, myself included, with above average grades who have failed to secure summer positions. On average, your statement stands, but let's not pretend there aren't people who fall through the cracks for one reason or another.
  7. Quitting 2L Offer

    I can't speak for other schools, but I have received no less than 4 emails this year from our careers office stating these rules concretely in the body of the email. They have also told us many more times than that to read the LSUC guidelines regarding recruitment. At this point it would be ignorance or willful blindness for me or my colleagues to not know them.
  8. Quitting 2L Offer

    Accept the 2nd offer, it'll reopen a posting for people who still need jobs. If we're lucky, it'll open two.
  9. LoC and mortgage

    It's more the banking regulations that prevent it. Take a gander at last recessions' stats when it came to bank stocks. Compare Canadian banks to Americans.
  10. LoC and mortgage

    Tell your friend he's smart for not going through with it. Shorting Canadian banks is fucking stupid and he should feel bad for considering it.
  11. And people wonder why I don't want to convince their kids to go to law school.
  12. LoC and mortgage

    Monitoring. Always monitoring. I mostly own indexes, US All caps, S&P, and Canada all caps. Definitely looking into growth overseas. Also have a position in Cannabis that I'm looking to expand after the recent dip in order to cost average down. Most of my interest is in the genetics sector, but I won't have time to really research it until the summer, and won't even think of a position until then. The valuations these days are just fucking insane. Across the board. You have ten years of bull markets and cheap money and I just don't trust it. I think the social stuff is overvalued, and there aren't many deals in AMZN/AAPL/GOOG unless you really really believe in forward earnings projections, and even then....idk. Don't even think about TSLA. My expectation is a 20% correction soonish.
  13. LoC and mortgage

    Alright, good luck. Long SQQQ and JNUG.
  14. I'm never surprised at how antiquated I find out the legal profession remains. But I ask anyway.
  15. LoC and mortgage

    How much contribution limit do you have stored in your TFSA? Why are you willing to utilize that limit for short-term investments?