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  1. Hi dtor3, Yes, this is possible. Once space opens up and restricted priority is removed, you may enroll in the class (and drop your previous one). Most students try to complete their breadth requirements in Year 1 or 2, but it's not necessary to do so.
  2. Unfortunately, it actually doesn't matter if you're taking an "honours" degree at a college. My main point was that you're attending a college. This, respectfully, is not to the same standard as a "university" degree (as per Ryn's comment, OLSAS is very clear that only "university" grades are taken into consideration). With that said, college work can although build your overall Law School application. I hope this clears things up.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, to be eligible in applying to Law School, you must study at a recognized university - not a college.
  4. If anyone also has the Powerscore Logic Games - Game Type Training book, PM me as well! Toronto.
  5. [emphasis added] for my general knowledge.
  6. L2 = Last 2 Years B2 = Best 2 Years
  7. @boo Admission Standards: General/Access Category descriptions (both quoted from the Queen's Law website) are mentioned below. General: "A cumulative undergraduate average of less than a “B+” (77–79 percent, CGPA 3.30) and an LSAT score of less than 157 (70th percentile) are not competitive for admission in the General category, unless graduate degree work was completed successfully." Access: "Applications in the Access category are encouraged, but please be aware that a cumulative undergraduate average of less than a “B” (70–74 percent, CGPA 3.0) and an LSAT score of less than 151 are normally not competitive for admission."
  8. Windsor Law looks at your cGPA. Quoted from Windsor Law: "The Admissions Committee considers an applicant's entire academic history regardless of how a service calculates the cumulative GPA score. However, if the applicant scored significantly higher in the later years of his/her course of study, then this will also be considered by the Committee." Hope that helps.
  10. He/She is asking if the marks posted are average for entrance into Bay Street firms.
  11. @Diplock, Do you feel (is there reason to feel) that the courtroom over-time has turned out to be a competition between Lawyers, instead of a mindset on only prosecuting crime/defending your client? Thanks!
  12. Bump.