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  1. RBC PSLOC prime minus

    Someone actually sent me their prime plus 0% offer and I sent it off to Scotia (as per my advisors request) and they offered it to me. Make sure everyone negotiates! Scotia just needs to see that other banks are more competitive than them and they will offer you the same rate.
  2. RBC PSLOC prime minus

    Hey! Anyway you can send me your RBC offer of prime plus 0% so I can send it off to Scotia to use for leverage? They don't want to give me anything but prime plus .5% without proof other banks are doing it, and I can't get TD or RBC to send me anything official!
  3. RBC PSLOC prime minus

    Hey! I am trying to get Scotia to give me prime plus 0%, anyway you can send me the email you got from TD offering you that so I can use it for leverage????
  4. Prime plus 0%

    Hey guys! I am am currently negotiating my PLOC with Scotia and they are not waivering on their prime plus .5%. My advisor said best chance for me is to get info from another bank (TD/RBC) offering law students prime plus 0% and then they can show Scotia. Does anybody have this rate with their current PLOC that they can send me to show Scotia it exists??? I would greatly appreciate it! Cheers.
  5. Hey guys I have a similar question except my email was slightly different. The response to my email enquiring about my application status was: I can confirm that you file currently now appears complete. Unfortunately, all applications will be processed over the next couple months. All final decisions will be made by mid-June. I cannot give you a specific timeline as all depends on what the final applicant pool looks like. Do we think this means that I am not competitive enough to currently gain acceptance but they are not straight out denying me, i.e. waiting to see who else applies and what the pool looks like...? Looking at stats from last year I think I am right on the cusp of acceptance so these emails are confusing me greatly. For reference my stats are L2: 3.6 and LSAT 162, non-maritime resident.