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  1. Rejected from McGill 2017

    Refused on Minerva; no email or refusal letter. (Was it attached in the email?) I would be interested to see what it said, even though it is obviously my grades that did me in 2.92 L2 3.9 162
  2. I applied everywhere in Ontario, but Windsor. Even though I realize my chances aren't ideal at many universities, I applied anyways.You have legit no chance if you don't apply right? lol
  3. Accepted to Western 2017

    Accepted on Jan 17 Cgpa 2.92 l2 3.9 lsat 162 (highest) Decent ECs and LORs I thought my personal statement was very honest and well written, but that's just my opinion lol Best of luck to all who are waiting!
  4. Hey there's hope! I have cgpa2.92 l2 3.9 and a 162 lsat (highest) and I was accepted in January. However, I did have compassionate extenuating circumstances which I provided medical documentation for, as it is the reason for my low cgpa. That being said, maybe apply to Dal to widen your chances. Had I not heard back from Western, I would have applied.