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  1. Étudiants de l'UdeM

    Merci pour ces informations!
  2. Ok thanks, I could always speed things up beyond my comfort zone of 4 courses, especially if 5 courses is the norm. On the other hand, by September when I start, I'll already have completed 4 courses of the microprogram, so maybe I'd be able to complete all 35 credits in the first year without taking 5 courses per semester.
  3. In law school, how many courses on average did you take per semester and per year ? For example, did your take 4 courses in the fall, 4 courses in the winter and one in the summer, for a total of nine per year? Having recently been admitted, I'm considering this regimen, but I wonder how common it is for law students to do 5 courses per semester.
  4. Étudiants de l'UdeM

    Question à ceux déjà inscrits au LLB: prenez-vous normalement 4 cours par session ou bien 5 ? J'imagine qu'une bonne formule serait 4 cours l'hiver, 1 cours l'été et 4 cours l'automne pour un total de 9 cours par année.
  5. My source for the alleged 4.1 GPA for transfer students is the lecturer who teaches Habiletés de juriste in a duo with his wife (I don't want to name names). I mean, if you're skeptical about that, you could always ask other teachers on what the cutoff for 2nd year is, but I really did hear him say that.
  6. If you completed less than 7 law courses at Sherbrooke, you wouldn't be a transfer student, so I believe it would be the same as doing only 6 courses of the certificate in Montreal. I believe they only credit DRT courses, therefore non-law courses cannot be credited. Only law courses could reasonably be transferred.
  7. A certificate student who didn't complete 7 of 10 courses isn't a potential transfer student. But I believe if you did 7 or more, you are a potential transfer student, according to what is written on the UDEM website. The ideal would be to have done only 6 courses before you apply, because then you aren't considered a transfer student but you still completed lots of courses.
  8. When you finish the certificate in law or complete a first year of law at another university, you qualify as a transfer student. The problem is that the UDEM Law faculty accepts very few transfer students. It is likely much easier to qualify as a first-year student at UDEM than as a transfer student because they deliberately make it very difficult to ask for admission in the 2nd year. Teachers at UDEM have said in class that you need a 4.1 GPA to be admitted as a 2nd-year transfer student. When you ask for 1st-year admission at UDEM, the requirement isn't as strict. For this reason, it's probably better to do the microprogram in law (9 to 15 credits) instead of the certificate in law (30 credits) if you want to be prepare in advance for the bachelor's degree because the microprogram doesn't automatically turn you into a transfer student. On the other hand, it's not guaranteed that everyone who does the microprogram will be admitted because you still need a high GPA from previous studies. If your B.Sc. Concordia friend with a 3.5 GPA applies to UDEM LLB and doesn't obtain admission as a first-year student, he could always get an M.Sc. and ask again later. It certainly wouldn't hurt his chances if he obtained a graduate degree. I think the closer you get to a PhD, the easier it gets, because apparently they accept almost anyone with a PhD. In my case, having already obtained an M.A., I hesitated between applying to a PhD program or applying to Law school, and I chose the latter. I'm not an expert on admissions, but I did get admitted into Udem Law, and the above comments are merely the result of my personal reflection on the issue.
  9. I wrote all of my stats at the beginning of this thread: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/46638-notes-assez-%C3%A9lev%C3%A9es-pour-ladmission-en-droit/
  10. Accepted uottawa fall 2017

    I was admitted to the Licentiate in Law program in Ottawa, but I will most likely attend Université de Montréal, partly because it costs less money to attend. Anyway, congratulations to all new UOttawa students.
  11. Sherbrooke 2017

    I was admitted to Sherbrooke, but I will most likely attend Université de Montréal, because this would save me from moving to a completely new city. Anyway, congratulations to all the new Sherbrooke students.
  12. I wrote ''DESS en traduction'', which means a graduate diploma in translation.
  13. Hier soir, j'ai formellement reçu une offre d'admission de l'Udem. Je vais faire de mon mieux pour bien réussir le programme. Je pourrai déjà faire créditer quelques cours à l'automne, vu que je suis actuellement inscrit au microprogramme en droit.
  14. I was recently admitted last night (April 13).