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  1. Bay St Articles Offers

    Hey - I am wondering when do Bay St firms send out their commitment to offering articles? At my firm they noted it would be before the application deadline (July 6) - I was just wondering how much sooner than that deadline would they extend their unofficial offer, because it takes time to prepare applications. Thanks
  2. I ve seen both sides argued here - you're more junior it is ok you ll probably get away with it for a bit AS WELL AS she is partner, she has proven herself. Sooo which is it? I never said suits are not the norm, and i never advocated for others not to wear their suits. I just said, i didn't and it was ok! That was also my comment in the Suits for Women thread - you can imagine i was kind of surprised my personal experience was brought up in this thread in a -WTF is wrong with her- manner. I am a 2L, coming from a long career in the corporate world as well as the government before. So you may think I have no business speaking my mind, I think my experience might benefit someone one day. At the end of the day, my philosophy is, look sharp as hell, look professional always, look put together, it is ok if u r wearing a blazer and a dress of different colours or of different shades! We'll all live, and i hope we all thrive! night ladies
  3. I was worried about it because of such posts where people would say no suit = not professional = no job.
  4. Again - this is your perspective that I am sure is shared by many people out there. As the person you are referencing above re: WTF wearing separates my point was, for women, not wearing a suit to your interviews is not the be all or end all. I landed a job. I had multiple offers. So since this was a thing that caused me great concern and worry, I wanted to take that pressure off other women who may at some point be in the same situation and feel the same way. And it is not always about money. Many times it is. Other times it is not. For me it was not. I can fortunately afford very nice suits, but choose not to and that TO ME and to many others is ok. No one said show up to court in a pink dress - but if you are showing up in dark conservative colours - in a professional, sharp af dress and blazer I and many others think it is ok. The point of the post, that you continue to reference days later, is that it is not the end of the world - I don't think it is and my personal experience proves that it is not. It was also my personal experience that aprt from one, all female interviewers (partners and some even on the exec board of the firm) were in a dress and blazer. They always say take your cues from your boss - so if my boss is wearing a dress and a blazer to the interview, it is ok that I do as well. But again, just MY two cents
  5. Suits for Women

    I disagree. I think a black blazer and a grey dress for instance can still be considered quite business formal. But hey, different perspectives.
  6. Suits for Women

    To be fair, I will clarify that I only wore a light coloured dress on the morning of the 3rd day. First two days it was varying degrees of dark grey. I always wore a blazer on top of a dress, and it was only my last meeting on Wednesday that I wore a skirt and shirt.
  7. Suits for Women

    I interviewed with both men and women on the first day. Mentioned that I loved meeting women partners on Bay St. and 'coincidentaly' all my meetings on days 2 and 3 (except for 1) were with women. I saw dresses and blazers as the norm, but I guess for a day in the office it is ok and your point may be more geared towards going to court. The dresses worn by my interviewers ranged from black, grey to bright red and green. Throughout 1L I participated in 5 moots, went to the final stage in two, was part of a legal clinic and held a law job last summer - no suit, and it was never an issue. My issues with buying a suit were, fortunately, not economic - it is a personal preference. As a woman in my late 20s, coming off another career, where the norm was also to wear a suit, it was not something I was ever comfortable in and thus quickly moved away from it. I understand your point but I disagree when you note that a dress and a blazer is always business casual - sometimes, especially when purchased as an ensemble so same material, same colour, it can come out very business formal. Also, when I joke that I don't own a suit, it is not because I was trying to be "cute" it was because I was a bit nervous, but was quickly reassured by my host at the firm I will be joinjng (a 2nd year associate), the recruiter at the same firm, and a partner on the executive board of another firm that it is quite alright and that my attire was professional and quite suitable! But hey, different perspectives. Again, my post was to offer my own insight having gone through the process, and worried like crazy over it all! I was told Sunday night that no suit = no job and that I was quite 'bold' going that route. I just wanted to be comfortable and project my best self. It worked for me! I ended up ay my first choice at a quite large, national full service firm. I am not saying it is the norm. I am not saying that was what everyone was wearing. I am saying it was my experience and I wanted to share it - mainly for someone out there who may one day freak out that they dont own a suit and think it is the be all or end all. Cheers!
  8. Suits for Women

    Hey ladies! Now that the process is over, I wanted to give my 2 cents based on my experience. I do not own a suit! I was told that was unacceptable before the process. BS! I own a blazer, that i paired with sheath dresses underneath flr all 3 days. One place I really liked for these dresses: Brooks Brothers. The Bay and Nordstrom also have really good options - Tahari + Calvin Kelin are pretty much always on a good discount there. Nordstrom's in house brand Halogen has some great options for a more affordable price. Also, don't be afraid of light colours. I wore very light coloured dresses throughout the process and I had 3 offers - so I don't think it impacted the interview in any way. Yes law is conservative profession, but don't be afraid of colour I went a major faux-pas round and wore a skirt, shirt, no blazer to Day 3! And it was ok. I even joked that I do not own a suit (which i don't) and it was ok. Keep it professional of course - but make sure you are comfortable! If you are fidgeting in your suit, or it does not feel natural to you, you might be distracted by that fact. TLDR: I was told I was silly for not owning a suit before the process - it is ok! Dresses + a blazer is a great combo that is just as professional. Just make sure you are comfortable. For context; my offers came from 2 large full service firms + 1 mid-sized full service.
  9. Who usually calls at 5? The recruiter? Someone you met with? The student/ associate you were paired with?
  10. 2018 2L Recruitment

    I totally am! I thought more conservative dark colours were preferred - especially if i am going the dress and blazer combination. But yes I am 100% overthinking
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Thoughts on wearing a light coloured dress and a dark blazer for breakfast/ coffee/ lunch tomorrow OR a shirt, skirt (no blazer). May potentially have underpacked for this.
  12. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Does the same hold true for 3pm on the Monday? One of my top firms called while I was on the phone with another and by the time they called back, the only time I had that could work was 3 (though they offered 11/1, but I wouldnt have been able to make those because of my other interviews). Is it bad i turned those other slots down for a later one?
  13. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Also wondering this
  14. Are you supposed to answer intent to call emails?

    I did. Some of my ITC emails were directly from my interviewers and were quite personal so I think it is best to at least respond to those. Others were more generic, but I still replied noting my excitement.
  15. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Children's Law Office sent out ITC. They did not participate in OCI - which makes me think other MAG offices also sent/sending out ITCs