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  1. Where does it say how many/which users are currently viewing a thread? Or is this no longer a feature?
  2. So I watched this the other day, its the part of the admitted students day that they recorded. It seems like they put a heavy emphasis on joining clubs/going to social events ect. Can any current students share their $0.02 on this? How many clubs were you in? How much time did you dedicate to clubs/social events vs. studying? Is it better to be a hermit with an A- average or a socialite with a B average ect.?
  3. I think anecdotes won't really do this discussion any justice. There are many reasons why attending a school in the city you want to practice in is ideal, but it mostly comes down to saving money and time. The logistics of networking, interviewing for jobs ect. is easier when you already live/go to school in that city, especially if you are tight on money and/or don't have a reliable vehicle. That being said, U of A is obviously a great school to attend if you want to wind up in Calgary.
  4. Totally missed this lol, I was given until April 21 to accept, I'm assuming its the same for everyone else who was accepted on April 3.
  5. My speculation - I've been following acceptance threads from various different schools and I don't think the lower lsat trend is exclusive to Western. I'd wager that this year is slightly less competitive across many schools throughout Canada, for whatever reason that may be. Emphasis on slightly though.
  6. I received mine 4 days after the email.
  7. Best thing to do is to email admissions and get the answer from them.
  8. Hey Diplock, forgive me if you've already answered this somewhere else in this thread (haven't read through it all), but I would be interested to hear your speculations on why criminal defense firms tend to stay small.
  9. I'd say go to U of A if you want to practice in Vancouver. I don't know the exact numbers but I think its something like 15% of U of A grads are from Vancouver and many seem to find articles in Vancouver. Edit: Also it will be easier on the wallet.
  10. I don't know for sure, I'd assume those were the only second round offers but you'd have to ask admissions. If your index is the same as, or higher than, mine or MissSpecter's than I would expect more offers for the second round.
  11. Hey, just a heads up to everyone still waiting to hear, I was talking with admissions and the offers that went out yesterday were considered the second round of offers, there is still a holistic round of offers before the waitlist is released.
  12. Got accepted to Alberta so I will be removing myself from the list, good luck everyone!
  13. First offer I've received!! Will be accepting!!! So excited to meet everyone in September! 3.61 159
  14. There will likely be another round of stats based offers this month and another round of holistic offers this month or the next, nothing is certain though.
  15. This means you are on my team! "I'd be more willing I argue that the difference between anything in the 150s when compared to even the low 160s is significantly different for these reasons." The difference between 150/151 will be significantly different than 168/169, but the percentile differences get very very similar where 50s meet 60s.