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  1. Grades and being a Lawyer

    I have to disagree. I'm a "top" student and worked significantly less than my peers in law school. It's been difficult in practice because now that billables are important, I can't procrastinate and do everything very quickly at the last minute like I was used to doing.
  2. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    You're right. I suppose I just see your hours as not necessarily representative of a lot of bay steet and wanted to make that clear. I also surpass NYC targets but can see that many many people don't even come close and are fine and making the same amount I am (for now).
  3. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    That's a great point. Like I said, I just wanted to pass on one person's experience but it is by no means accurate/representative!
  4. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    You said the difference would be marginal. I don't mean to come accross as combative I just want to ensre prospective students aren't getting skewed informtion. Big law in Toronto (with the exception of a few firms, perhapse yours included), is very different than NYC in terms of hours.
  5. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    Note how I specifically said osgoode students probably have a more realistic idea. Also, I'm sorry but working at a bay street firm which has a flexible 1700 target (aka many people don't hit it) is no where near the same as a NYC firm where the published target is known as the bare minimum that ought to be far surpassed.
  6. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    In my experience the belief about hours is not realistic. The "slightly more" attitude is completely false past the summer. Second, I don't think people realize that it makes coming back to Canada to practice very difficult (against, if you stay in NYC past summer). Law students often like the idea without thinking through what it means for their life in the time after law school.I go to a school where going to NYC is rare so perhaps people at U of T/Osgoode have a more realistic expectation about what NYC means. Finally, I have a friend who as a Canadian law student, felt like a foreigner at her NYC firm. She said that being around HYS and other top US law students who often have many family connections in the NYC legal market was difficult for her. She never felt 100% like she fit in and was looked down on my her peers and some associates for being from a Canadian school. This is of course only one person's opinion, but the notion that "old money", school hierarchies, and nepotism is even more prevalent in NYC was not appealing to me as I already find it obnoxious in Toronto.
  7. 1L Grades Feedback For NY

    I'm in the same boat. Had the stats for NYC and was often asked if I was applying but had absolutely no interest whatsoever. I'm not sure everyone fully comprehends what accepting a NYC position means.
  8. Student Average Hours/Week

    I mean, you've just been sharing lots of unsubstantiated material these past few days and not listening to other opinions so..
  9. Student Average Hours/Week

    Do you have anything to back this up?
  10. 1L grades - OCI prospects?

    FFS will this ever die? If the exact same criteria were used today the 7 sisters list would be different. Stop this.
  11. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    It depends on the time. Usually no, but if it's exam season and there are no spots in the LC, people might get a bit annoyed. If they are with you no one will say anything but best not to.
  12. Does any law school actually have a quiet law library?

    Queens has a quiet "library". I say "library" because the actual law library is populated by SNAILS and is very loud. However, the learning commons, a locked space for law students, is generally pretty quiet.
  13. Therapist Recommendation

    Helen should have some recommendations, no?
  14. Is law school fun?

    1L was very fun for me. It was stressful, sure, but also fun. 2L has been an absolute grind. I got a job early but the stress from the build up to that process takes a while to go away. After that, there's nothing you're really working towards so all of the work feels much less important and tends to drag. I've heard 3L is a fun, especially if you go on exchange. Obviously can't comment on that yet but fingers crossed.