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  1. Suits for Women

    Apologies if this has been asked before (I did a quick search and didn't find it), but what is the rule about buttoning suit jackets? I just got a suit that I ordered online, and miraculously it fits very well, except the blazer definitely looks stretched when buttoned. The next size up is sold out so I can't swap up a size. Is leaving a jacket unbuttoned during interviews ok?
  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Does anyone know how BLG picks which students to have meals with? I wasn't invited to a meal with them and just wondering if this indicates anything.
  3. Ask a 1L!

    I think by summary they meant outline.
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

  5. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    U of T actually has 42 libraries. Fun fact!
  6. Queens Law

    I think the Criminal reputation is still holding on as long as Don Stuart is there, but once he is gone I think it will be over. The prison law clinic is also still very unique and an amazing experience (from what I have heard). Queen's seems to be trying to be a well-rounded school, though a focus on international law is also growing. There's a new prof from Western who is really pushing a corporate focus. This seemed to divide the students and profs a bit, but certainly wasn't overwhelmingly welcome. I wouldn't think Queens is going to go full out corporate like Western did, but you never know.
  7. Exams / November Reading Week

    I did this last year and was totally fine. My Friday classes were cancelled because profs know that most people were going away.
  8. Ask a 1L!

    I agree with the above. I ended up having to find a suit in 2 hours at the Kingston mall which just wasn't ideal. Getting one before school starts, or over Christmas break when you have time to look around and think it over is the best option.
  9. LSAT Burnout

    It's not as soon as you think. A lot of people only study for a month, so you're already ahead of them. Taking a few days will produce more good than bad, trust me. If you really don't feel like you can do it, watch youtube videos of logic games being solved, read general tips for test day, etc. Do things somewhat related to the LSAT without actually doing it yourself. That way you still get a break but might not feel as bad about it.
  10. LSAT Burnout

    Hey! I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling burnt out, but just know that it is completely normal. This is going to sound so incredibly cheesy, but I find it really helpful to watch things that remind me of my goal. For instance, I'll watch legally blonde, suits, law school videos on Youtube, anything that will remind me of the goal (it helps if they make law looks unrealistically exciting like movies and TV do!) Just try to find the excitement and passion for your future again, because once you do, it will be easier to focus. I also think you should take at least 5 or 7 days off. Just completely forget about the LSAT and try to relax.
  11. Is a new transcript worth it?

    I don't think it's worth it. The employer is going to see that on your cover letter/resume. They aren't dumb. That is something they will take immediate notice of and don't need to see it repeated multiple times to factor it in. Additionally, some schools don't put that notation on transcripts until tuition is paid in September, so employers are used to not always seeing it on the transcript.
  12. OSAP question

    Both schools that I have gone to allowed you to defer paying your tuition until your OSAP comes in. Maybe check to see if this is available at your school?
  13. Suits for Women

    If you know what size you are from RW and Co now, why don't you order from their website? They have way more suit options on there and you can return in store if it doesn't fit.
  14. Like I said, there are no percentages or grades for (almost all) of Canadian med schools. I believe you've said you're in Asia, so obviously, things are different there.
  15. Last I heard all English schools were just pass/fail, but some french schools retained letter grades. I think U of T and U of O were the last to hold onto honours but eventually dropped it. I could be mistaken though.