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  1. Dean of Law Entrance Scholarship

    I received $10,000 (but turned it down) when I applied. My stats were 3.55, 3.8, 166. I firm accepted Western super early to secure the money but ultimately changed my mind and now I'm at Queens
  2. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Have you tried calling? The admissions people are super friendly and happy to explain things to you.
  3. Law School Survival Guide Recommendations

    I fully support this and actually think it should be stressed. Law school is not some horrible place you come to constantly fight to "survive". Law school is school, just like any other school. You (usually) go to class, (sometimes) do your readings, and (hopefully often) go out with your friends. There is no trick and there is no fundamental life shift needed. You're going to be fine doing exactly what you've always done. Law school can be stressful, but so is life. How to thrive and do better than average is a whole other question, and should be your focus. Change your mindset from "surviving" to "thriving".
  4. Where To Live in Toronto

    Please tell me where you are finding 1 bedrooms in the financial district for $1400 per month
  5. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    This is the most confusing and unexpected rankings I have ever seen
  6. Best law school to study criminal law

    Don Stuart (crim genius at Queens) told me I should have gone to Osgoode if I wanted to do Crim
  7. BLG Toronto NALP

    I also noticed this back when I was prepping for the recruit a few months ago. It's a mystery.
  8. Suits for Women

    Apologies if this has been asked before (I did a quick search and didn't find it), but what is the rule about buttoning suit jackets? I just got a suit that I ordered online, and miraculously it fits very well, except the blazer definitely looks stretched when buttoned. The next size up is sold out so I can't swap up a size. Is leaving a jacket unbuttoned during interviews ok?
  9. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Does anyone know how BLG picks which students to have meals with? I wasn't invited to a meal with them and just wondering if this indicates anything.
  10. Ask a 1L!

    I think by summary they meant outline.
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

  12. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    U of T actually has 42 libraries. Fun fact!
  13. Queens Law

    I think the Criminal reputation is still holding on as long as Don Stuart is there, but once he is gone I think it will be over. The prison law clinic is also still very unique and an amazing experience (from what I have heard). Queen's seems to be trying to be a well-rounded school, though a focus on international law is also growing. There's a new prof from Western who is really pushing a corporate focus. This seemed to divide the students and profs a bit, but certainly wasn't overwhelmingly welcome. I wouldn't think Queens is going to go full out corporate like Western did, but you never know.