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  1. 10 reasons TO go to my law school

    An Adidas, a food court, and an AMC? Is Ryserson located in a mall or something?
  2. You say that your second year screwed you over. To what degree did it hurt you? If you have a decent GPA otherwise and then one year full of D's and C's, look into schools that drop your worst years, or your lowest credits. There is a sticky at the top of this forum that contains info on how all the schools calculate your GPA. Also if you're taking a year off, don't take the Feb LSAT. Finish your degree as strongly as you can, and then use some of the time on your year off to study.
  3. Apply with bad LSAT and intention to rewrite in December

    Probably not, most schools will ask if you intend to write the LSAT at a future date when you submit your application.
  4. This year's stats

    4th post down in that thread.
  5. This year's stats

    In the fall sometime I would guess, once classes are 100% finalized. Someone on the Queens forum said that they contacted admissions and were told that this cycle was unusually strong compared to the past few years.
  6. I think in at Alberta, Calgary, and Dal. For Uvic you can actually just check the index score calculator that is available on their forum, and then compare your score to past years.
  7. I would write it, unless you're applying to a school that averages LSAT scores. I know that UofA averages, and UofC and Western say that they look at how many times you have written it. If your top choices are schools that just take your highest score, go for it.
  8. Save Money in Manitoba, or go to Ottawa?

    Thanks for your response. One thing I noticed is that quite a few Vancouver firms go to Ottawa for OCI's, but none do for Manitoba. Does the career office at Manitoba post jobs in BC/help at all with getting jobs in BC, or are you basically on your own? Also, how hard is it to get a job in Winnipeg as an outsider? I've heard it's pretty difficult to convince firms to take you on as an articling student if your entire life in is another province, as you're seen as a flight risk.
  9. Save Money in Manitoba, or go to Ottawa?

    Can I re-rail this thread? I am currently making the same choice of Ottawa vs Manitoba. I am from BC, and would like to move back there eventually. Right now my interest is in criminal law (although that could change of course). Ottawa seems like it would be easier to get summer internships/government jobs in, and would be a nicer place to spend three years. On the other hand, Manitoba is just about the cheapest school in Canada, and Winnipeg is likely a cheaper city to live in. Anyone have any insight?
  10. Articling/Employment Stats

    I saw this file: http://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/sites/commonlaw.uottawa.ca/files/2016_common_law_ar_web_final_en.pdf on the uOttawa site. If you scroll down to page 13, it has a breakdown of all the different types of articles/clerkships. Looks like it adds up to 292 students with articling or a clerkship. However, I have no idea what time of the year this data is from, or if it includes French students. Maybe someone else knows?
  11. Provisional acceptance on OLSAS

    I actually figured this out, I needed to hold down control to select more than one response. Case of me being computer illiterate rather than a problem with OLSAS.
  12. So I have received an acceptance to one of the Ontario schools that I applied to, and I am going to provisionally accept it. Is it possible to keep my applications open for more than one of the other schools? Right now it's only letting me select one that I would like to be considered for, and closing the others.
  13. Possibly unique transcripts.

    I think if you are willing to broaden your horizons a little bit in terms of what schools you're looking at, you will have a better chance. Calgary and UofA both take only your last two years, and Dalhousie and Sask take either cGPA or last 2, whichever is higher. As far as I know, Ottawa and McGill are fairly cGPA focused. Queens I think takes a GPA trending up into account, but still cares about cGPA. As others have said though, you are applying as a mature student and have quite a bit of separation between your current grades and your original grades. I think you have a decent chance at the schools you've listed. Good luck on your LSAT!
  14. Essay help!

    Essay writing can be a bit of a black hole in my opinion. I've had essays where I put in a lot of work, talked to the prof about it during office hours, gave myself tons of time to finish it, and got an A+. I've also had essays where I put in the exact same amount of time and work, and received a B or a B+, and was given no feedback. When you're in a class with 100+ students and the assignment is a 12-18 page paper being marked by overworked graduate students, grading becomes a bit subjective. It's not like a science or math course where there is one correct answer.
  15. I think you have a good chance at UofA with your current stats. Their FAQ says: "The Admission GPA is calculated using the applicant's most recent 60 units/credits (equivalent to 2 years of full time study) in a recognized university degree (undergraduate or graduate)" With your grad school grades that gives you a 3.7/163 which is above the stats of a fair amount of admitted people.