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  1. Chances? 3.75 L2 / LSAT 163

    You can qualify for access at Western if you've worked 30+ hours a week during the academic year. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/first_year_applications/applicant_categories.html
  2. Typo on my Resume

    If you haven't fully submitted your application, paid the fees, etc., I believe you are able to delete it and re-submit the correct version. I guess you could give them a call on Monday if you have submitted the complete application, but I doubt they'll allow you to change it. Anyway, I can't imagine admissions would hold a small typo against you.
  3. Finally pulling the cord.. law school ..

    I don't want to get involved in this too much, so all I'm going to say is this: You keep saying you want opinions of people who have do what you are looking to do, and everyone here that you are talking to (with the exception of me) is in law school or is already a lawyer.
  4. I'm pretty sure they go off of only what is on your transcript when calculating the GPA. Does your transcript only show percentages? If that's the case, I think your percent average is converted directly to the corresponding GPA at U of A, as others have said. So, I'd guess your 83% would convert to a 3.7, but send an email to admissions if you want a definitive answer. They were really quick to reply when I had something to ask a little while ago.
  5. http://www.registrarsoffice.ualberta.ca/Assessment-and-Grading/Students/Grading-System-Explained.aspx It's much the same as OLSAS except for an A being a 4.0 rather than an 3.9/3.8.
  6. Questions - Access Category?

    We're in similar situations, as I'm applying to Western and Queen's in the Access category because of a medical issue myself, so I can tell you what I'm doing if it's any help to you. My medical issue was physical (I won't expand beyond that because it's a rather uncommon condition and would almost immediately identify me to anyone who knows me), and I'm approaching applications in this way: First, I'm saying what I was diagnosed with, when I was diagnosed, what procedures were done to correct the issue, and how the issue impacted my studies. Then I'm outlining what it is I have gained from the experience (perspective, work habits, etc.). Lastly, I'm saying that the issue is corrected to the point that I am basically "normal" and that the grades in my final two years that I earned while I was "normal" are indicative of my academic capabilities. I'm also getting a note from my surgeon confirming what I'm writing in the statement and giving his opinion on it. Of course, that's not exactly how it's formatted in every application because of the different requirements, but those things are touched on at some point in every one. By no means am I saying this is the right way to do it, but it's how I've decided to approach it. As for chances, I've learned from reading around here for a while that you more or less can't predict the access category with any accuracy.
  7. what to put under 'comments' for referees

    Aren't these things only seen by the referee? I sent mine last week and all I included in them was my contact info as it said to above and wished them a happy Thanksgiving weekend.
  8. How to ask for LOR?

    I'm definitely not expecting anything exceptional written in mine either. I guess the good thing for us it that acceptances generally aren't given out based on what's in a reference letter.
  9. How to ask for LOR?

    That's good to hear. I was hoping to not have to ask in person.
  10. How to ask for LOR?

    One more thing if you don't mind. Would you say that it'd be ok to ask over email and offer to send a copy of a rough draft of a personal statement that I have done instead of going to ask in person? I only ask because I finished my last couple courses of undergrad this summer and have since moved about a 4 hour drive away from where I went to university. Applying to a few additional schools that require LORs is something I've just recently considered, so it's not something I've looked into much until this last week or so and don't want to come across as demanding or anything. Thanks again for the very helpful response.
  11. How to ask for LOR?

    Probably a pretty stupid question, but it's getting to that point for me and I'm wondering how I should go about asking a prof. that I don't know all that well for a LOR. I'm sure one prof. will write one for me, but thinking of who to ask for a second one and how to ask has been a little more difficult because I never really had much interaction of any sort with any prof. except this one. I've thought of two who I could ask that should at least remember I took their class. So, should I ask the one who gave me an A+ and probably barely remembers me, or the one I got an A- from but who should know me at least a little bit better? I'm probably overthinking this given what I've read on here in the past about LORs and how profs generally don't refuse to write them, but I'm still a little uncertain of how to go about it. Thanks everyone.
  12. U Ottawa LSAT

    I wrote the September test at UOttawa and it was in Desmarais, though I do believe they've held some in Tabaret in the past. We were divided into two rooms, both on the main floor. There was an analog wall clock in the back of the room I was in and I assume there would have been one in the other room since they're largely all the same, but I'd recommend bringing a watch because there are a few seats that won't allow you to see the clock at all, and it'd probably be pretty annoying to have look backwards a few times per section to check the time.
  13. Pretty disappointed with the 157 I got. Went -12 on RC, which was kind of expected (thanks, Eileen), but what really came as a surprise was the -7 and -6 on LR. LR is usually what carries me and I've had a lot of PTs where I didn't even get 6 or 7 LR questions wrong total, never mind 6 and 7 wrong in individual sections. Oh well, guess I'll rewrite and hope that this was just an anomaly.
  14. That virus game was brutal. I had about 7-8 mins left when i got to it and ended up guessing all but the first question. Also, I now dislike a woman named Eileen Gray. On the plus side, LR seemed alright. Out of curiosity, what kind of scale do you guys think the test will be scored to? Something like the recent ones where 160 = ~74 and 165 being ~82? Trying to figure out what score to be expecting.
  15. Dropped Course

    well, i feel like somewhat of a nuisance now. i went to admin and was told that if i drop the course now it doesnt show up on my transcript at all, it only appears on my end of semester grade report as a DR, which obviously isnt an official document. anyways, thanks for all the info, it was very appreciated.