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  1. Is OASIS down?

    Well, I found the email they sent me last month when the OASIS accounts were created, clicked the link that takes you to your account, and it allowed me to sign in without getting the error. Problem solved ... somehow.
  2. Is OASIS down?

    Hm, that's odd. I doubt it's anything serious for either of us, probably just some minor glitch they might sort out themselves.
  3. Is OASIS down?

    Hahaha I can promise you I'm not that guy. The last thing I want to be doing in my year off school is write papers. Thanks for the reply though, I guess I'll contact them tomorrow if it still doesn't let me sign in.
  4. I was going to do my daily check of OASIS earlier today, but I got this message when I tried to sign in: “[my name], you are not authorized to access /abstract.osgoode.yorku.ca/studentservices/teachassignsyllabus.nsf/facprefstart.xsp. Please sign in with a name which has sufficient access rights: It has been like that for a few hours now and I’ve tried signing in on different devices and on different networks, so I don’t think it’s something on my end. Seeing other schools rejecting people the last few days made me think I might’ve been rejected, but osgoode doesn’t start sending out rejections until much later, right? Anyway, is anyone else getting this message?
  5. Accepted 2018

    I was accepted in December as well and I believe I still have the lowest index score of anyone who has posted, so don't worry about it. If you got the email, you're in.
  6. Accepted 2018

    The first set of offers had a Feb. 2 deadline, so I wouldn't expect another set of offers to go out until that passes.
  7. Chances? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156

    I’m going to assume you have letter grades on your transcript, so the conversion is pretty easy. Here are the values: A+ = 4 A = 4 A- = 3.7 B+ = 3.3 B = 3 B- = 2.7 And it continues like that, though I doubt you have any grades in the C range with a 3.95/4.33. As long as your GPA stays at 3.8 or better after the conversion, you should get in.
  8. Not sure what the early offer score was, but a 74.16 is very borderline. If you do get in, it’ll probably be near the end of the wait list offers. I don’t mean to be discouraging, but I don’t want to mislead you either. If Manitoba takes the February lsat, I’d consider rewriting because even a one point improvement would put you in a much better spot. As for the waitlist, I believe it’s made around April and at some point in the summer it turns into Manitoba residents only, so you’ll have a very slight advantage if you’re from Manitoba. Generally, It’s pretty safe to assume that the top 30 or so on the waitlist will receive an offer, but look at previous years’ waitlist threads to get more info and a better idea of the timeline.
  9. Accepted 2018

    Yup, and I think I did the conversion and drops correctly. I guess I either made a mistake or the early offer score was lower this year than in previous years.
  10. Accepted 2018

    Also got accepted GPA: 3.92 (with drops) LSAT: 158 I'm surprised to get in so early, but I'm not going to complain. Also, is everyone's deadline to accept Feb. 2? It seems quite quick.
  11. It's the amount of points towards your GPA that you earned in the classes that term. Values / Length = GPA
  12. Length looks to refer to the amount of courses taken in that year and values is the amount of credits toward your GPA in those courses. So, for example, if you took 10 courses in a year and got a B in all of them, you should see 10 as the length and 30 as the value. I started in 2013-14 and the first year listed is 2014, so that looks like how it works. I guess it's because your first year isn't actually over until 2015.
  13. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Thanks! I'm thinking the same thing about Alberta, but it's still nice to hear it from someone else as well.
  14. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    I don't remember exactly, but it was between two and three weeks ago.
  15. Got the email a few hours ago, so I guess I'll start this. Stats: L2: 3.85 cGPA: ~3.4 LSAT: 158 ECs, PS, LORs all probably below average, so this was pretty much expected given that they're a holistic school.