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  1. Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    I don't think there was anyway it could have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she intentionally lied. That must have been the Crown's reasoning. If that wasn't why, and it was because of the fear of a public outcry, then... I worry about the state of our justice system.
  2. OLSAS B3 3.87, LSAT Best 163

    Ah, well alright. If I were OP I would still apply. This is corny, but you'll never know if you don't try. Then you might kick yourself for a while after thinking what if.
  3. OLSAS B3 3.87, LSAT Best 163

    This is entirely conjecture. Might be true. But it's conjecture. This would unnecessarily discourage, say, 164 or 165s from applying. Is the 25th percentile published? That would be somewhat helpful. I think of it this way: if U of T is the school you want to go to, and you're not crazy uncompetitive (OP is not) then apply. 90 dollars is really nothing in the grand scheme of things (and if it is, which it can be, I'm pretty sure u of t offers to waive it in some circumstances).
  4. First trial

    I think lawyers could better give you tips if they knew what type of trial it was. Civil? Criminal? Etc etc
  5. Personal Statement - McGill University

    If it says 1.25 inches, follow that. It doesn't matter how it looks. But make sure it's actually 1.25 inches. There's a way to make sure of that on Word, which I can't remember right now, but can be googled.
  6. Any Osgoode Students get ITC?

    I know for a fact McGill OCIs haven't happened yet, so if firms do wait until they're all completed, there's still time for ITCs to be sent out.
  7. Lawyers with accents

    His writing struck me as fine. If you hadn't said so I'd probably not even assume it's not your first language. Of course a forum isn't a place for academic writing. That's a different beast. But he has 4 years of undergrad and 3 years of law school to work on it if he even needs to.
  8. McGill Law School - GPA

    I would call admissions and ask what they're looking for if it's not clear. Best be sure than mistakenly enter in misleading information.
  9. How many OCIs is too many?

    How was there 5 days of OCIs at your school..? Outside Canada?
  10. Glasses or not

    But if you're not perfect in your eyesight without aid, how can you ever be perfect in your practise of the law without aid*? Firms hire future partners, not shmucks*. *sarcasm in case tone wasn't clear.
  11. Vacation

    I didn't even know you were allowed to take vacation during articling?
  12. When's the best time to start making my summaries as a 1L?

    I'd say as late as possible while still leaving sufficient time to do it, PLUS "study" it more closely after and write a few past exams for each course before their finals. I started around mid November and found I was short on time for early December exams. For finals I started early March and found it was enough time for mid-late April exams. Each person's speed is different though, so midterms are basically your way of figuring it out :).
  13. When's the best time to start making my summaries as a 1L?

    I agree with the above advice, especially as it pertains to making the course make sense as a whole. But compiling summaries as you go doesn't necessarily mean making 1-2 pages of your 30 page December summary as you go each week, then not touching it. Learning as you go is a different process than prepping for finals, and is arguably the more individualized of the two processes. I learn best by reading, going to lecture and taking detailed notes, then coming back and compiling my reading notes and lecture notes. It ends up being roughly a 5-7 page document. Come finals, each lecture which was a 5-7 page document I reduce to about a page, sometimes 2. And that's my summary. That middle step I've heard of so many different variations, I honestly can't count them. But I know they don't with for me (I found that out the hard way during my 1L Christmas exams). Figure out your way, and optimize it as you go.
  14. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    Excluding Quebec where it's what you described on a miniature level, Montreal being Toronto.