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  1. Chances? 3.87 cGPA

    Agreed with richelieu. I honestly predict a february/March acceptance, but McGill is a bit of a black box. You seem like a solid candidate all around though.
  2. Very Low Paid Articling Position

  3. Question regarding references for 1L and 2L summer positions

    I've seen at least one big law firm (so far) ask for reference letters (either that or references, but I'm pretty sure it was letters). Certainly seemed to be an exception though, unlike government.
  4. UBC vs. Queen's

    Sure, I never disagreed with you on that. Harvard has no shortage of unbelievably entitled people .
  5. UBC vs. Queen's

    That's on the someone else to decide, not the student.
  6. UBC vs. Queen's

    Fair. And I never said they Did, nor that every top student does. But providence made a claim that in my view was potentially dangerous to future readers (it certainly is contentious), so I noted otherwise. OP sorry to derail your thread.
  7. UBC vs. Queen's

    Ok but, I (and stats) disagree. You're disagreeing with my premise that pre law school stats are at best a 50 percent predictor of 1L success, which is statistically founded. If I literally had a coin toss of a chance to get some form of success that I didn't know I even wanted 3 years before graduation (because that happens.. a lot) vs a more guaranteed chance at that same thing, and debt, etc wasn't an issue, I take the latter option each time. @Livinginamerica can probably elaborate more on the material differences between HYS and even CCN and any Canadian law school (yes even you u of t, as much as you wish it wasn't so).
  8. UBC vs. Queen's

    Ok so here's my thing with this. Statistically, your pre law school stats are at best, a 50 percent predictor of 1L performance. at best. Working with the idea that - no - a 173 and 3.86 doesn't mean you'll be a top student at ubc and middling student at Harvard - then it becomes a question of opportunities. Harvard (and co) have networks vastly exceeding those at any Canadian school (yes even my own precious McGill who likes to brag about its sizeable international network). Those networks open doors (on their own). So given the second premise of uncertainty, and first premise of little to no debt, it makes sense to go to a T6 school over UBC (all else equal, I.e you're fine with leaving family behind - which OP clearly is). And since when was the moniker of success for all "some job"?
  9. Suits For Men

    Is anyone else freaking out about these names and prices? I feel like I'm doing it wrong. Is Browns taboo or something?
  10. Accepted at McGill 2018

    If you rewrite and get a substantially better score, they may weight less the first write. However, they average scores. If you've written it, it is considered as a part of your application. If not, it neither hurts nor helps you.
  11. UBC vs. Queen's

    If OP (or anyone) has the financial backing to go to Harvard (or any t6 school really, but certainly HYS) without taking on debt or substantial debt, they should go, regardless of what market they "dream of (right now). I can't see any legal employer turning down an HYS grad in any market over another in a local market (grades and stuff equal ish). It's different if you're competing with a gold medalist at ubc who clerked for Wagner, but how often is that your only competition? And even so, you're likely in a better spot being an HYS grad than being a a Canadian law student competing with that same person. I don't mean to derail the thread, but it's certainly not so black and white (for future readers).
  12. 2019/2020 Toronto Articling Recruit (ITC Emails for Interviews)

    Edit: never mind
  13. The OCI Process: Part 1 - The Application Process

    Deadline is August 20th.. No?
  14. Extra Curriculars for 1Ls

    You can certainly join a journal. There are many at the faculty. It may be important to do so if you want to become a high level editor in future years. Mooting is open only to 3L/4Ls. But you'll get a chance to moot in your integration course (in the winter). PBSC has some great opportunities for direct exposure to helping people and working with the law.
  15. Multiple employment offers

    I was really excited about my set date experience. It really helped me get confidence in court, learn to deal with fuckery that comes up a lot, and tell crown to go stuff it when they tried to pull a fast one on us (obviously not in that language). ...I was in 1L. But I'll say this much: OP you sure write a persuasive cover letter for anyone who doesn't know how set date court operates (and it seems to have worked!)