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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Just happened to me too! Difficult pill to swallow and really put some hitches in how I approached my earlier second interviews.
  3. 2018 2L Recruitment

    So does just about everyone get a Tuesday interview at the bigger firms? How much whittling down happens between Monday and Tuesday??
  4. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Anybody (U of T or otherwise) hear back from Aird & Berlis or Wildeboer yet??
  5. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Post-OCI PFO from Davies (U of T)
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    OCIs from Goodmans and Gowlings yesterday (U of T)
  7. 2018 2L Recruitment

    OCI from McMillan yesterday and Stikeman this morning (U of T)
  8. 2018 2L Recruitment

    OCI Faskens (U of T)
  9. 2018 2L Recruitment

    OCI Davies (U of T)
  10. LSAT Prep Books for Sale - Toronto

    Price is negotiable, guys. I really want to get rid of these bad boys!
  11. LSAT Prep Books for Sale - Toronto

    Hello, folks -- I'm offering a very good deal for someone in the Toronto area who is looking to get there hands on as many prep books as possible for a low price. For 100$ you will receive: PowerScore Logic Games Bible PowerScore Logic Games Workbook PowerScore Logic Games Set-Up Encyclopedia (PTs 1-20) Powerscore Logic Games Set-Up Encyclopedia (PTs 21-40) PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible PowerScore Logical Reasoning Workbook PowerScore Logical Reasoning Question Type Training (PTs 1-20) PowerScore Logical Reasoning Question Type Training (PTs 21-40) PowerScore Reading Comprehension Bible PowerScore Reading Comprehension Passage Type Training (PTs 1-20) All 5 Books of the PowerScore LSAT Course (approx. 200+ pages each) Kaplan LSAT Complete (Book containing PTs 1-45) Kaplan The Big Orange Book of Real LSATs (Contains questions organized by type for each section as well as PTs 15-18) The Princeton Review's Cracking the LSAT (2013 Edition) Individual Official LSAC Copies of PTs 41-62 Anybody who is able to come pick these up and can deal with erasing some pencil markings can have these books that were worth around $1000 new for $100. PM me if interested.
  12. Accepted 2016

    In this morning too 3.61 cgpa 3.87 L2 172 LSAT Will be opening up the spot soon as well
  13. ACCEPTED 2016

    I would note that not everyone has facebook - although that might be a very slim minority. I know at least one admit doesn't
  14. Accepted 2016

    Got the email this morning! CGPA 3.61 L2: 3.87 LSAT: 172 In Queue: Dec 2 (I think) Good luck and congrats!!
  15. Accepted 2016

    Accepted today as well! cGPA 3.61 L2 3.87 LSAT 172 I will most likely decline and free up another spot. Good luck/congrats!!