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  1. This is basically related to my question. I'm pretty sure I only have one call coming (hopefully I'll have it) but on the outside chance that a firm that I prefer a bit better might call, what is the appropriate length of time to leave firm A hanging before it becomes disrespectful
  2. 2018 2L Recruitment

    If anyone from U of T is unaware (the CDO not emailing is bizarre), the first round of interviews offers are out and you need to accept or decline (and schedule) by tomorrow morning on UTLC
  3. New Subway

    I would be extremely skeptical of any date they list
  4. There are alot of students from McGill, U of T and Queens from what I can tell (I am from neither) but there are representatives from all over the country (some more than others) and some students who went abroad. In my class there are students from Yale, Oxford, Michigan and Berkley and a few other schools out East from my understanding
  5. Ask a 3L!

  6. CGPA concerning UOttawa

    The other part of this that no is discussing is we can objectively measure this using medians. Ottawa median acceptance has a higher CGPA (based on their own reported stats and the ones done here) as a percentile of students than they do LSAT. There might be correlation problems here, but tbh it seems pretty obvious that the fact that Ottawa compared to other schools like Western admits people with lower LSAT scores compared to CGPA on average seems to indicate they care more about the CPGA than the other schools. There may be exceptions for super achieving LSAT/extracurricular folks which makes it "technically holistic" but on the aggregate doesn't it just statistically seem that way. This could change but we would see that reflected in changes in data.
  7. To get your CGPA yes (be sure to factor in if some courses are worth than others) and that you apply the column that applies to the respective school for each year. To calculate your B3, just do your final 3 years etc.
  8. So if you did, you can just use the OLSAS calculator to calculate your GPA for your credits at both schools and calculate your CGPA.
  9. When I was accepted, I received no requirement for maintaining my grades (my fourth year grades were not part of my acceptance though). However, it might be different if you get accepted at a different stage of the cycle. It will likely be a factor imo if they are still deciding whether to admit you (such as in the case of a Waitlist) and are requiring you to submit your 4th year grades. Did you go to a Canadian university in your first year?
  10. It depends on some behind the curtain magic, but I think you will get in. Well U of T does have a very high LSAT level (I think more of those students than you think are splitters who are also relying on ECs) , the GPA here is so high athat combined with a near average entrance LSAT I think this person can expect to get in
  11. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    This is a complicated profile because you did so much better after first year or second year (Which kudos to you for working hard and giving yourself a chance) in the rest of your degree. From what I know talking to some friends (who are also in law school) and from what I read here, I do think the idea of a first year drop/lesser consideration is possible. So I would say your chances at getting into Ottawa is fairly good (75%) but for most of the other schools its going to be tough (Windsor is a complete unknown) mostly because of the LSAT. If you retake the LSAT and do well (lets say 159-163 for a sake of argument) imo your chances at Ottawa would become a near guarantee and Queens and Osgoode and Western become real possibilities. Good luck
  12. I submitted my application, what now?

    This is my advice that I wished someone really drilled on me during this period. I probably wouldn't have listened to it truly anyway and I have my doubts that you will either: 1, Stay off this website until being accepted . It is great during the per-application process and after you get offers and saved me a ton of times on questions (I'm more of a reader not a poster). However, during the process while you wait it will only cause you anxiety to constantly check here if anyone has been accepted and once people have and you see them but you are not you will get progressively more anxious. I got a relatively early acceptance to my top school and it was still anxious while waiting. The exception to this imo is if you have legitimate questions or concerns (Beyond mere paranoia about how slow the process is taking, and if different emails mean different things) and want them to answered. Another idea is to avoid the acceptance threads of this forum if you want to keep reading but that seems impossible to me once you are already here. 2, Set a schedule for checking your status (on the school websites, email of course is checked all the time) and stick to it. I would suggest to check your status every 2-3 days. Checking all the time will also result in anxiety. Having a set schedule means you will do it but not focus on it all the time. If you are a person who doesn;t get anxious by these things (though based on your LSAT comment it does seem that way) ignore these steps. 3, Enjoy your last months of your university program or job because it will be gone soon. If you don't enjoy what you are doing now, appreciate the people around you because you may move and even if you don't you will have substantially less free time. (At least as a 1L, this is my experience) 4, Try to do some things you have wanted to do but have put off. Again, your time commitments will likely increase next year so you should try to knock out a few goals while you can. This is a good idea generally in life as procrastination can sometimes lead to never accomplishing things. 5, If you are in 4th year, keep your marks up. These marks may make a difference if you are borderline at a school and enter their wait list or are a late acceptance. Your winter marks or even your spring marks could prove to be important. Obviously, you want to balance that with enjoying the end of your undergraduate experience. I hope this is helpful.
  13. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    For the Ontario schools, Western and Queens are near locks especially Western. With that LSAT I think you have a very good chance at U of T (Ryn's calculator has it around 85%, I might subjectively say a bit lower)
  14. I'm not as optimistic as the folks above about your admittance to Queens with your current stats. You are three points under the average person who was in the Queens class in terms of LSAT and under the CGPA and L2 by a decent margin. Ryn's calculator has you at less than 33% and while your EC profile is likely above average and I'm sure you'll write a good PS, its far from a lock. With the current LSAT score its 50/50 as an optimistic take. To ensure a good chance at Admissions, I think you want a 163 on the LSAT
  15. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    I think you are very likely for Queen's and basically a lock for Ottawa. Western is decently likely but because of its LSAT focus , its a bit less likely than the other two (but probably still around 75%). Don't know about Dal. With that GPA, I'm curious why you are not considering Osgoode which focuses alot on it