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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    PFO blakes
  2. First Year Schedule Release

    1st year Enrollment will be done in early July, and we will be sent information on our section then.
  3. Another Person Asking about their Chances

    Check UofT's entrance class median stats, on their website. An LSAT score of 167+ should give you a pretty good chance.
  4. Chances at getting in next year?

    what a completely useless thread derailing argument. drankcoffee, congratulations on your amazing stats, you will definitely be in (short of having an abysmal personal statement)
  5. Hi Guys, I've recently had a chance to speak to several law students from Queens, Western and Osgoode and I've noticed that with the first two, a lot of commentary has focused on discussing the strength of the friendships made and the close knit nature of the law school class at western/queens. Would you agree that Osgoode, being a commuter school, makes for a less close knit community? I am currently in the process of deciding, and am leaning towards Osgoode for its great faculty and course selection. However, currently finishing my undergrad at York, I am personally familiar with this commuter lifestyle, and I will say that all my close friendships were not formed on campus. Overall, I guess I find it really concerning if the nature of Osgoode's location and large entrance class leads to less meaningful connections and friendships being made. Making friends is obviously not the reason to go to law school but I would be lying if I said i wasn't excited about meeting new people, and experiencing a collegial environment with people of similar goals. Anyways, Osgoode people, please chime in.
  6. Accepted 2016

    Accepted today 3.3, 168 Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    thanks- you give me hope!
  8. Predict-O-Matic For Ontario Law Schools

    CGPA- 3.34 LSAT- 168 Currently in 4th year. Last year gpa was 3.85
  9. I am pretty worried that by the time they get my spring marks, most of the offers will have been sent out..
  10. Hi, First post, but I'm stressing very hard about this. I am currently in my fourth year. My 3rd year, I got a 3.85 gpa and I think i will do even better this year. However, my first year brings my CGPA down to 3.34. What are my chances with Osgoode- will they wait to see my 4th year marks?