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  1. Undergrad Taking 4+ Years

    I took 5 years so I could work part time and save some money. My last year I had 2 courses per term I believe. I'm in law school now, so they didn't look negatively at it
  2. U of C v. U of A

    If you want to practice in Calgary, you should go to school in Calgary IMO. If you're already living there, your family is there, your girlfriend is there, why would you want to move aside from not wanting to go to the same school for 7 straight years/experiencing a new city? I had similar reasons for wanting to go to USask over UAlberta (that, and not actually getting in to UAlberta at the time), but ultimately the proximity to family and reduced cost of living was a major factor for deciding to transfer.
  3. Transfer Students - Resume

    Hi, I briefly took a look at Google (but most were for American law schools). I'm wondering how you would write that you transferred on your resume. Also! I worked at a law firm during the summer as a summer student, but I'm staying on with them and working one day throughout the year. How would you put that on your resume?
  4. I have an "Interests" section at the bottom of my resume and I put both competitive soccer and competitive bodybuilding/strength training (have competed 3x). It's a great topic of conversation that every single employer has asked me about that I've interviewed for!
  5. Does anyone know if the U of A and U of Sask grade on the same scale? I cannot seeeeem to find the answer to this. Thanks
  6. Transfers (USask to Alberta)

    Thanks for that! I actually didn't realize that the paper application was due instead of the online - must have overlooked the part!
  7. Does anyone have any useful information re: transferring. It wasn't something I was seriously considering until a few days ago. Currently at USask (& loving it), but I want to be closer to my GF, friends, and family, so I want to try and transfer to UAlberta. Anyone have any useful hints/perspective into the experience?
  8. Am I too old to attend a Canadian Law School?

    NO. I thought I was too old to go back to law school (just turned 25 - I know, what a dumb thought), but 2/3 lawyers at the firm I was working for went back really late. My boss told me he went back to law school when he was 36 - and now he's widely successful and owns his own law firm. It's never too late especially if this is something that you really want!
  9. Accepted 2016

    Wahoooo!!! Congrats!
  10. TRU vs SASK

    I went with Sask thanks everyone!
  11. TRU vs SASK

    I do have that nagging feeling in my gut that the proximity is a massive determinant! I'll have to make a pro/con list.
  12. Accepted 2016

    The deadline to accept is August 15th. I believe that I will be, but I am fully committed to TRU at the moment, so I'm going to make a decision this weekend. I'll update the forum either way!
  13. TRU vs SASK

    Could you maybe divulge why?
  14. TRU vs SASK

    Hi, I was just accepted off the waitlist for Sask. Can someone please outline the benefits to each school? At this point, I'm potentially want to move back to Alberta to practice law, so I recognize that might be easier to do if I attend Sask? Personal Pros to Sask: 5 Hour drive from home Lower Tuition Peronal Pros to TRU: BC living Smaller/newer School Already have accommodations set up Personal Cons to TRU: Higher Tuition 8/9 Hour drive from home
  15. Accepted 2016

    Accepted off the Wailist! cGPA: 3.3 L2: 3.67 ish LSAT: 159