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  1. Ask a 1L 2016 Edition

    Hey all, I was curious if anyone could speak to the experience of WIND mobile service on York Campus/in the Osgoode building. I am currently researching a new smartphone/plan and hoped to avoid the absurd fees associated with the big three companies. Any general, phone-related advice is welcome as well. Apologies in advance if this question is a little silly. My search results on this board and elsewhere on the internet were not posted recently enough to trust their accuracy. Thanks!
  2. Accepted 2016

    Quick question: I was recently accepted. My offer indicated that my "myOsgoode" account and e-mail were ready for use ASAP. OASIS indicated that I was required to wait one business day before I was able to do so. At least two business days have passed since that point. My "myOsgoode" profile and e-mail button currently indicate that I am "(undefined)" in the system. Did anyone have a similar experience with their e-mail? Should I contact admissions, or continue to wait? I am growing concerned that I could miss important information (e.g., when tuition fees are due, etc.). Thank you! ed: formatting
  3. Accepted 2016

    Got the call yesterday....had a heart attack (no waitlist; queue in March). CGPA: 3.7 LSAT: 156 (yup) Lucky golden horseshoes: 1 Filled out part B -- I try not to consider myself a 'special snowflake,' but this must have played a significant part in my acceptance. My references were from fairly prominent academics. Considerable work experience. I am accepting...this may be the happiest I have ever been in my life. Edit: added details
  4. Scotiabank PSLOC

    I did speak to a Small Business Advisor, but I guess he screwed up. Unfortunately I signed the 100k loan, as it was still far and above the best I could receive elsewhere as I understood at the time...hopefully they will re-arrange the funding structure of that to be more sensible.
  5. Scotiabank PSLOC

    I was approved for the PSLOC with Scotia at 100k / 4 years (that would be 25k/year, including the articling year). To my understanding, it is atypical for them to allocate such a heavy amount to the articling period. Has anyone had a similar experience? Invariably, I will need to rely on OSAP to supplement my expenses each year, but this seems...poorly calculated.
  6. How to best prepare for first year?

    I kicked myself reading this: I became another victim of forum-compelled laziness without realizing. Not my proudest moment. At any rate, many thanks!
  7. How to best prepare for first year?

    A friend indicated that the law faculty sent around some materials intended to be studied prior to orientation week: podcasts detailing some basic legal concepts, among other things. I did not receive these --should I be concerned? I don't take her as the kind of person to be pulling my leg on this kind of thing. If possible, could someone point me to where these are?
  8. Accepted 2016

    Thanks -- I contacted Amanda as well. I think you were correct about the generic template. She said everything was fine. My payment has since processed.
  9. Accepted 2016

    Hey all, I was accepted recently and only received my admissions package yesterday. Based on the information provided by infoweb, I thought I had until June 9 to pay the $500 admissions deposit. The admissions package I received indicated this needed to be paid by June 1. This alarmed me and I hastily submitted payment yesterday through online banking. I e-mailed the response e-mail and had previously accepted my offer via SAM. Should I be concerned that my payment may not process by tomorrow (how long does it take)? I called the admissions office and left a message as well; I thought about sending an e-mail as well, but that seemed redundant and annoying. ...advice? Should I worry?
  10. Accepted 2016

    They told me the same. I suppose I should have been more clear: I was implying that I felt my final grades likely affected my place on the waitlist -- this is, of course, entirely speculative. I really did not expect to hear positive news without a final year GPA boost. Sorry if that was unclear or misleading. Hope this clarifies.
  11. 1L Living options/residency/roomates

    Thanks so much for this! I really appreciate the input. Do most law students live with roommates? I am really keen on living alone, but I can't tell if that is too exorbitant an expense or not (sorry since this is an extremely subjective question). Any advice?
  12. 1L Living options/residency/roomates

    Curious if any current law students could give a rough idea of a reasonable monthly rent to pay as a law student -- meaning, for example, are the residences total highway robbery (at ~$1000/mo)?
  13. Accepted 2016

    Infoweb: I randomly checked and it had switched. I have yet to receive an e-mail. Stay positive -- I had given up hope entirely. Anything can happen. and thank you so so much!
  14. Accepted 2016

    Accepted off of the wait list today! I am SO ecstatic! CGPA: 3.62 L2: 3.71 (Note: final grades submitted this week -- I really think this made a difference.) LSAT: 156/155 Strong LORs from high-profile Canadian historians; 3 jobs during undergrad, full time. Ahhhh! Thanks to everyone on here for being supportive over the past year; I posted occasionally and always found this site to be helpful
  15. Waitlist 2016

    Eery indeed: looking at last year, there is very little to indicate any movement on the wait list. ....Does anyone have a sense of whether there is any hope for us recent wait-listers, or what we can expect?