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  1. Authors or lawyers?

    Practice, practice, practice... Thanks for the helpful responses!
  2. Authors or lawyers?

    Hey guys, random question. For anyone that's completed law school, how much would you say your writing has improved? I scroll through this site a lot, and I sometimes get confused on whether I'm reading posts from lawyers or authors. Were you guys great writers before starting law school (I would assume at least half decent, since you did get accepted to law school), or did law school really help? Any techniques or practices' that you can share that helped improve your writing?
  3. Rejected from McGill 2017

    Yup, yesterday 3.71 GPA LSAT 156 Prob lsat did me in. And probably because I didn't volunteer to teach kids English in China while performing Circque to Soleil on the weekends while at the same time being president of a non-profit whose mission is to save rhinos going extinct in Africa. Seems like that's what they look for. (being a hater right now)
  4. What would you spend 100k on?

    @SirBroccoli I like the bigger picture perspective. You are right, people would love to be in our shoes. Thanks for that. @BlockedQuebecois The AMG would probably be more fun to drive. Definitely going to take up your advice on that excel spreadsheet. I mean, I've done some rough calculations, but ill go into more detail with those 3 spreadsheets. Thanks for the advice, and happy 365 years!
  5. What would you spend 100k on?

    So my post acceptance elation has faded, and I'm back in the real world. The thought of having 100k debt (or something close), is burning me inside. I worked so hard to get to this point, but the debt is making me second guess myself. Ive been thinking about all sorts of alternative routes, e.g. go for a masters, jump on the entrepreneurship wagon, etc. I mean, sure, I've literally been dreaming about this my whole life, but what if I get there, and don't like it? What if after 2L and 50k in debt, I realize practicing law is not for me. I know "what ifs" never do anyone any good, but i can't help it. Im sure I'm not the first, nor the last person to experience this. Do any of you good people have any advice/insights that may have helped you decide when/if you were in a similar position?
  6. Earning 2 Million Dollars a Year

    You obivously have not looked into lawyers starting salaries. I think you're more caught up with the idea of 'being a boss' and having your 'name on the door' than actually practicing law. What I think you should do is decide whether you actually want to be a lawyer, instead of using the law as a means of feeding your ego.
  7. JD Common Law wanting to practice in Quebec..help?

    @kevinman4404 "Of course, it would be a bit cheaper to do the "national program" at a Quebec university, and most places offer one." Thanks for that, and one of the main purposes of this post was to get some input on anyone who has ever taken this route. I am fully bilingual though I've been studying in English all my life. Studying LAW, in a language you are not necessarily comfortable studying in, for 3 years, is not ideal, and is not (in my opinion) a good plan. Obviously, I would save money doing the LL.B in QC, but wouldn't you want to learn the law in your native language? Also, I did apply to McGill and am waiting for a response, but McGill isn't the easiest of schools to get into. Also, there are a number of factors that employers look for in prospective lawyers. Sure, maybe they will find it weird that I chose this route, but will it be a deciding factor on whether one gets a job or not? I don't think so.
  8. JD Common Law wanting to practice in Quebec..help?

    Thanks for the response kevinman, and thanks for showing me the how much more expensive a JD in Ottawa is compared to LL.B in Quebec (as if i haven't been obsessing over this for the past couple of days). I may not have explained myself properly. What I was asking was whether anyone has done their JD in Ottawa, and then completed their LL.L in 1 year at a Quebec university (e.g. udem, uquam), and hence saving that 17 000 from Ottawas national program. Im not sure where you got your information about employers frowning at you for doing a 1 year civil law degree after doing a JD, but I would be happy to hear about any experiences you may have encountered. Oh, and my decision going to Ottawa has nothing do with my 'anglophone identity'.
  9. So, I'm sure I'm not the first, nor the last person to take this approach. I will most likely be attending the JD program at Ottawa, but would like to practice in Quebec. I understand going to law school in the province you would eventually like to practice in is recommended, but I'd rather learn the law in my native language (English). Whats cool about Ottawa is that they offer a 1 year LL.L program post JD. Im wondering if anyone on this forum has taken this approach or something similar and can shed some light on it. For example, is it hard to find a job in Quebec using this method? Being a QC resident, is there a way you can complete the JD at Ottawa and do a 1 year LL.L program in Quebec (to save on tuition)?
  10. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    lmao...Minerva=McGill checking 15 different school websites a day will do that to you..my bad!
  11. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Accepted today! No email, just status change on Minerva. cGPA 3.71 LSAT 156 Its been about 3 years since I've been a severe lurker on this site. I can now officially change my user name!
  12. Any Quebec Notaries on this forum?

    Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone did law school in Quebec and ended up choosing the notary path. If so, I have a couple questions. How was finding a job post school? How is the work/life balance as a notary? Any insight would be highly appreciated!
  13. Chances 3.71cGPA/ 3.70 L2/ 156 LSAT

    Hey guys, I applied to Ottawa and Queens. Completed my undergrad while working a minimum 25 hours a week. Not sure if universities take part time work into consideration. ECs I would say are mediocre and mostly surrounding work (not sure what outstanding ECs consist of). Reference letters were written by two solid profs. Obviously my LSAT score is not the highest, and that's what worries me most. What do you guys think?
  14. Another Chances Topic [3.71, 156]

    3.71 cGPA and 156 LSAT Decent ECs (worked minimum 27 hours a week throughout undergrad), not much volunteer work. What do you good people of the lawstudents forum think?
  15. Chances? 3.71cGPA/158

    Ive got almost identical stats 3.71cGPA/156 LSAT...At least you know you will get in before me! lol