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  1. There has been some controversy over the use affirmative action in law school admissions in America. I was wondering if any law schools in Canada have an affirmative action program?
  2. It's much easier to get high marks at York. If your goal is law school, I would recommend York for your undergrad.
  3. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Ottawa is a funny school. They were my first choice and the last to accept me, despite having a high GPA and LSAT mark. By comparison, Toronto accepted me the day after my LSAT mark was released.
  4. Ottawa also has a holistic review policy.
  5. Minimum LSAT score needed for U of T?

    Just out of curiosity, where are you getting those numbers from?
  6. I wish people wouldn't make these absolute statements. I would say the OP has a very good chance, but I had a friend who scored 173 on the LSAT and had a 4.0 GPA and she was rejected from Windsor. She was accepted to every other school she applied to. It is not always possible to predict how an admissions committee will react to an application.
  7. I have met quite a few people who have transferred schools after first year. Of course, it is preferable to start in the school you want, but if that isn't an option, transferring after first year is always a possibility.
  8. Thanks for the sarcasm, let me know when you grow up. I know exactly 3 people from Windsor's dual program and all three transferred to other schools. I am not a fan of Windsor's dual program, but if that is the only Canadian option open to this person they should take it.
  9. This simply isn't true. I know a few people who have transferred to other schools from Windsor's dual program.
  10. Don't withdraw your application and ignore the numbers posted on the link, as they're taken from self reports here. 2.89 GPA won't get you into Ottawa, but you may have a shot at Western, if you score high on the LSAT, and you may have a shot at Windsor's dual Canadian-American JD program, even with a LSAT of 160. Yes, the dual program at Windsor is outrageously expensive, but if you work hard in 1L, you can transfer to another law school for 2L Getting into any Canadian law school at this point should be your goal. Forget your GPA, you can't change it, and get all of the noise out of your head. Put all of your energy into studying for the LSAT. Write full LSAT tests every time, including the extra section. You need to build up your endurance. Go thorough each test after you've marked it and find out where you went wrong. Personally I found Powerscore's LSAT Bible helpful and 7sage's free videos on youtube to be very helpful; however I have been told there is a new interactive LSAT service from Magoosh. I've never used Magoosh, so I cannot comment. I wrote the LSAT a few years ago and I wrote 3 or 4 practice tests every week. Hope this helps, best of luck
  11. Chances 3.72 OLSAS GPA, 151 LSAT.

    Ottawa places a larger emphasis on GPA than LSAT but 151 puts you in the 48th percentile, not a great place to be when applying to law school. I would say your chances are slim to none. I would re-write - you have plenty of time to study for the December & February LSAT tests.
  12. I am hoping that you've resolved this, but if not contact the Dean of UOttawa common law: Fran├žois Larocque, 613-562-5800 ext. 5927, [email protected]
  13. Make sure you're writing full tests, including the practice section and the essay, under timed conditions. Also, write practice tests at the same time of day that your LSAT is scheduled for. I would also try writing practice tests in different environments with varying degrees of noise to perhaps mimic actual conditions, as I have heard of construction noise during actual tests. As this is your third test, I am guessing that your nerves are not a factor, but make sure you get adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise.....and best of luck!
  14. You should have no problem doing your thesis defence in September.
  15. Housing

    I am going into third year and I am looking for a one bedroom/bachelor close to the school. I am not a native of Ottawa, so despite living in Ottawa for the past two school years, I don't know the rental market well. If anyone knows of a decent bachelor or one bedroom close to school, please inbox me.