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  1. This simply isn't true. I know a few people who have transferred to other schools from Windsor's dual program.
  2. Don't withdraw your application and ignore the numbers posted on the link, as they're taken from self reports here. 2.89 GPA won't get you into Ottawa, but you may have a shot at Western, if you score high on the LSAT, and you may have a shot at Windsor's dual Canadian-American JD program, even with a LSAT of 160. Yes, the dual program at Windsor is outrageously expensive, but if you work hard in 1L, you can transfer to another law school for 2L Getting into any Canadian law school at this point should be your goal. Forget your GPA, you can't change it, and get all of the noise out of your head. Put all of your energy into studying for the LSAT. Write full LSAT tests every time, including the extra section. You need to build up your endurance. Go thorough each test after you've marked it and find out where you went wrong. Personally I found Powerscore's LSAT Bible helpful and 7sage's free videos on youtube to be very helpful; however I have been told there is a new interactive LSAT service from Magoosh. I've never used Magoosh, so I cannot comment. I wrote the LSAT a few years ago and I wrote 3 or 4 practice tests every week. Hope this helps, best of luck
  3. Chances 3.72 OLSAS GPA, 151 LSAT.

    Ottawa places a larger emphasis on GPA than LSAT but 151 puts you in the 48th percentile, not a great place to be when applying to law school. I would say your chances are slim to none. I would re-write - you have plenty of time to study for the December & February LSAT tests.
  4. I am hoping that you've resolved this, but if not contact the Dean of UOttawa common law: Fran├žois Larocque, 613-562-5800 ext. 5927, [email protected]
  5. Make sure you're writing full tests, including the practice section and the essay, under timed conditions. Also, write practice tests at the same time of day that your LSAT is scheduled for. I would also try writing practice tests in different environments with varying degrees of noise to perhaps mimic actual conditions, as I have heard of construction noise during actual tests. As this is your third test, I am guessing that your nerves are not a factor, but make sure you get adequate sleep, nutrition, and exercise.....and best of luck!
  6. You should have no problem doing your thesis defence in September.
  7. Housing

    I am going into third year and I am looking for a one bedroom/bachelor close to the school. I am not a native of Ottawa, so despite living in Ottawa for the past two school years, I don't know the rental market well. If anyone knows of a decent bachelor or one bedroom close to school, please inbox me.
  8. Take the pass. In my undergrad, I was allowed to take two pass/fail courses. One of the courses I chose I ended up with a 93 in, A pass/fail is not indicative of a bad grade.
  9. Waitlist 2017

    I know being on the wait list sucks, but I wanted to offer some hope. One of my good friends in law school was offered his spot days before classes began. A few years ago, someone posted that Osgoode had offered them a spot on the first day of classes.
  10. 140 Practice Test

    1. Please list all the things wrong with me: - You didn't study for the LSAT. 2. Logical tips to better yourself: study for the LSAT. -The Logical Games Bible is excellent. I also used the free 7sage videos on youtube. 3. Are you doomed? -Not as far as the LSAT is concerned. I can't speak for your immortal soul, that's between you and Jesus. 4. Can you turn it around for the Sept LSAT? -Yes, you have lots of time. Study regularly from now until September. Don't go more than a few days without studying. After going through the Logical Games Bible, write full timed practice LSATs.
  11. Chances? (cGPA: 3.97/ L2 3.99 / LSAT: 158)

    You have a great GPA and a decent LSAT score, but your LSAT score is below average for most law schools. I am sure you'd get into multiple law schools, but if you want Osgoode, I'd recommend re-writing the LSAT. You may get in with the LSAT mark you have, but you have tonnes of time to study for the September LSAT, so why leave it up to chance, when you can make it a lock.
  12. What to do with outdated law textbooks?

    Find a George Costanza, who always wanted to be a lawyer, and sell him the textbooks. Costanza faked being everything from a marine biologist to an architect. If you know someone who lies about their profession to impress people and/or to get girls into bed, approach them about buying your textbooks. Explain how a set of legal textbooks will fool anyone into thinking you're a lawyer. They can get the prestige and the women without the work, cost, or effort.
  13. How do I find a roommate

    Getting references from former roommates. There are a lot of stories in law school about roommates from hell.
  14. Lakehead or Windsor?

    Windsor. 1. Lakehead has no alumni connections with law firms, as the law school is so new. 2. Lakehead has few established profs, most of their staff are quite green. 3. Toronto firms don't do OCIs with Lakehead. 4. Windsor is the warmest city with a law school; Thunder Bay is the coldest city with a law school. The only reason I can think of for choosing Lakehead is if you want to practice law in northern Ontario.
  15. GRE prep materials?

    Has anyone written the GRE? If so, can you recommend which prep materials are the best please?