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  1. The culture in Ottawa

    I grew up in Toronto and Ottawa is nothing like Toronto. Ottawa is a government city and the culture here reflects this. The downtown core is dead after 6pm, once all the government employees have gone home. The people here have all of the dynamism you would expect government workers to have. Ottawa is a quiet, sleepy city filled with boring people. Ottawa is not an ethnically diverse city, so the diversity of food here is limited. The city does have a number of outdoor festivals, being the nation's capital, but it is so damn cold here, you may just want to stay indoors. I have not found the culture at U.Ottawa Law to be particularly healthy, but I think this is true of many law schools. As all courses are curved to a B, students compete against each other, rather than help each other. Coming from a business background, this was completely opposite to how I worked. Again, this is true for all law schools I believe. Ottawa has the largest law school in Canada, so there isn't a strong sense of community. The one nice thing they do in first year (IL) is they put you in a small group of about 15 students, so you will have a chance to get to know some people well.
  2. 3.66 CGPA / 159 LSAT (3rd score)

    Not this year, last year.
  3. 3.66 CGPA / 159 LSAT (3rd score)

    I think you have a decent shot at Windsor and Ottawa. Queen's had a mean LSAT of 161 this year, and Western's was 162. You're not that far off the mean of Queen's & Western's, but they don't publish their 25th percentile scores - like American schools do.
  4. Dual Program Ottawa US&Canada

    You have to apply to MSU separately (or American University) after 1L. I believe you have to be in the top 50% of your class for MSU and have a 7.0 GPA for American University.
  5. Ottawa vs Windsor

    I am at Ottawa and I passed up UofT for Ottawa. I have also complained about how horrible Ottawa is; however, there have been some very positive changes this year 1) Ottawa has a new Dean, who is making positive changes. I expect the administration to be much better next year. 2) The exam problem was a midterm exam it happened once with Joanne St. Lewis, avoid her and you will avoid that problem. 3) Most Ottawa students are looking for jobs in Ottawa, as opposed to Windsor students who are almost exclusively looking for jobs in Toronto. When viewed through this rubric, you'll see Ottawa does much better on Bay street than Windsor. 4) I worked at a mid-sized Toronto firm my summer after 1L (I didn't do 1L recruitment, I found the job myself) and a big Bay street firm my summer after 2L. Several of my friends also landed Bay street summer jobs and articling jobs. 4) I have a number of friends who transferred from Windsor to Ottawa. They told me the administration at Windsor is horrible and that the faculty at Ottawa is far superior.
  6. Dual Program Ottawa US&Canada

    I was accepted into the Canadian-American JD program in 2015. The criteria for entry in 1L is exactly the same as for single JD. If you're accepted, you'll get an offer for Ottawa's single JD program as well. Best of luck.
  7. Ah, well that is the benefit of being your own boss.
  8. I am not sure where you work, but I am guessing it isn't Bay st.
  9. Not inferior, but less mature. Civil law students are younger than common law students.
  10. We have the same problem at Ottawa. SNAILS and young civil law students talk, eat, take phone calls, and watch videos in the library. The librarians are lazy af and don't do anything about it. In 1L I would ask students to please be quiet, but after a while it became a losing battle, as so many students talk in the library.
  11. There has been some controversy over the use affirmative action in law school admissions in America. I was wondering if any law schools in Canada have an affirmative action program?
  12. It's much easier to get high marks at York. If your goal is law school, I would recommend York for your undergrad.
  13. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Ottawa is a funny school. They were my first choice and the last to accept me, despite having a high GPA and LSAT mark. By comparison, Toronto accepted me the day after my LSAT mark was released.
  14. Ottawa also has a holistic review policy.