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  1. Questions regarding Law

    Definitely don't worry about ECs. I had basically no volunteering on my resume at all and got in everywhere I applied. Just play the sports you like and volunteer for causes you care about (as you are doing) and that is enough. It seems like you have no idea what you want to do, which is very understandable and not a problem at this stage. I'd recommend trying to do some informational interviews with lawyers, people who work in finance, people who work in skilled/high-paying trades etc. to see what their days are like. It will give you a better idea of what your options are and what you actually want to do since high income seems to be your only criteria. If you want to start university but you still aren't sure, it can be good to go to a smaller university or college or transfer school just for first year so you can take Sciences, Arts, and Business classes to get a better idea of what you want to do. I know a number of people who have done this and it helped them figure out what they actually wanted to do. Have you tried working at a job you don't enjoy long-term before? For more than a year? It does get to be really, really draining.
  2. Questions regarding Law

    Law school is definitely stressful but pretty much any job where you're making $100k+ is going to be very stressful in some way. In reference to your 5th question, I did both throughout undergrad. Most people don't do summer classes though as providence said.
  3. Talk to the school - they might not require any.
  4. Thanks for the thorough answer, I really appreciate it! For being at Superior Court as duty counsel, would you take crim files? And what happens to a file you cannot take because of conflict? Does someone else take it?
  5. Elite Extracurriculars

    Because everyone knows that hunting the most dangerous game is the only elite extracurricular Morgans cares about seeing on your resume
  6. How do most big firm lawyers integrate pro bono into their practice? I assume it probably depends a bit on the firm. Do they usually want you working with specific agencies or projects they have selected? And are there many big firm lawyers who just take a certain type of pro bono file (i.e. employment, tenancy etc.) so that they also get to know that area of law really well?
  7. Yeah, we talked and determined that was the case. Makes way more sense.
  8. With drops? That’s interesting, it seems like stats might have lowered a bit this year. I am actually not overestimating since I have a good idea of what the range of indices was for the year I was admitted.
  9. Regular category? Unless the stats have substantially lowered, that's generally not a high enough index to even get waitlisted so I am wondering if you calculated your index wrong. Generally 91.1 is the lowest admitted index.
  10. With a 91.55 you will probably be waiting a couple months to hear anything - probably April. They evaluate in order of index numbers. Not by when your application was received. You will likely be waitlisted and they don't even start the waitlist until later in the year.
  11. Can't get it to work but if you search "Allard Housing" it should come up.
  12. You can PM me if you want advice on neighbourhoods etc.
  13. There's an Allard Housing Facebook group! Or try posting in the group for your grad year.
  14. I agree with others. One of the best things about law school so far has been the opportunity to have respectful disagreements and discussions with very interesting and educated people that have different viewpoints from me. I had a great conversation with a conservative classmate on an issue that I was fairly hardline on before. It really allowed me to understand and identify with a different viewpoint on the issue when my research and reading opposing opinions had always failed to do so. If you try to be open-minded and respectful, you will have nothing to worry about.
  15. I’ve never in my life heard of this happening. Do you have examples of this happening at Canadian law schools?