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  1. LSAT Study Advice

    What's your target score and what is your current average on practice test?
  2. Chances at Uvic 900 index score

    I think you’ll get in, just not right away.
  3. UBC and UVic use index scales. Look in schools' threads for more info. In at Dal.
  4. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    Me too. I did way, way better after a couple months of practice and needed a mid-160s score to get into the school I wanted. So studying made sense for me.
  5. I think it's always wise to hope for best but plan for the worst. If you do get accepted, it would likely be quite late in the summer. So planning to get a job when you are done school seems like the smart move. Obviously getting a job and then leaving a few months later is not ideal but I find people are quite understanding when you are leaving to go to law school or something similar. Especially since you would probably have an entry-level job.
  6. How do they decide what associates get to be in the room?
  7. Lsat improvement advice

    Oh I see. I did Oct/Dec and I did not have that problem. You should be using all new prep tests as much as possible. I think it's better to be doing one from several years ago than repeating prep tests because you will encounter the same issue. How many timed 5 section, tests did you do before your last write?
  8. Law school in Australia?

    Haha well it was last commented in a year ago and I think it's still relevant
  9. Law school in Australia?

    No problem! Personally, I agree with everything Hedgis said (as usual ). But this is the best thread on the topic IMO.
  10. Law school in Australia?

    @kcraigsejong He did his degree in the UK and it practicing. I know it's not the same but he's usually willing to comment on his experiences.
  11. UBC vs. UVic vs. Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    Agree with all of this. A cheap bedroom in a house with a bunch of people in Vancouver is ~$800. And all the young lawyers I have spoken with are bitter about the fact that they likely won't be able to afford a house in Vancouver unless the real estate bubble bursts.
  12. Lsat improvement advice

    Have you tried any prep books? I would recommend them. Definitely do blind review and afterwards make notes on each answer explaining why it was wrong or right. What you mean you were doing two tests back-to-back - do you mean 2 prep tests? What were you averaging on prep tests before the actual test? Were you doing 5 section prep tests?
  13. How are you coping with the long wait?

    I ran. A lot. Cardio really helps with the anxiety.
  14. Law school and exercise

    Thank you both so much. It's only been a few days but I've started using some of the strategies you both provided and I no longer feel burnt out every single day. It's already made a huge difference.