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  1. They'll still look at it. You could call admissions and doublecheck though. By "credit towards undergraduate degree", they mean they don't look at post-grad stuff such as random courses not leading to a degree, graduate degrees, courses taken to earn certificates.
  2. Stuff to Bring to Law School

    I'd wait until you have health coverage from your law school, unless you're currently in school. My glasses were so much cheaper thanks to my student health plan.
  3. Yeah, I don't know. I think UBC generally has the reputation of being full of arrogant/overly competitive people. I blame Sauder (just kidding ).
  4. We still have 50-people small groups, so I am not sure what it is. I didn't hear too many negative things from fellow classmates, I have just heard from several non-UBC law students that we have a reputation for being pretty savage to each other. It definitely has not been my experience.
  5. Stuff to Bring to Law School

    A laptop and a well-fitting suit are all you really need.
  6. @richelieu If you have any more questions, let me know. I will begrudgingly admit McGill is a fantastic school as well.
  7. To my knowledge, Osgoode and McGill are the only two other Canadian schools that also participate in the Innocence Project. Ours is run by Tamara Levy, Q.C. who has done some very impressive work in the the area of wrongful convictions. I have not done the clinic but I have heard it is incredibly rewarding and a really great learning experience. LSLAP is quite easy to get into - you can work on criminal files in your first year that way. Anyone who wants to volunteer with LSLAP will be accepted (which can be problematic, but I digress). I think the Criminal Clinic is competitive but you can get into if you have some demonstrated interest in social justice work/criminal law, or especially if you have volunteered with the LSLAP. I believe 2 students end up working with Crown Counsel and several are paired with criminal defence lawyers. The Innocence Project is a bit more competitive, but this year there were some spots left over for summer semester. Admission is based on interviews and demonstrated interest, not grades.
  8. I personally have no interest in living in Toronto and I love the West Coast so location was a huge factor for me. I didn't even apply to Osgoode or U of T because I didn't think the tuition would be worth it since I do not want to live/work in Toronto. I think Vancouver is a beautiful city, and the UBC campus is absolutely gorgeous. UBC is a very good school with strong clinical programs, faculty, and I have heard from multiple recruiters that our Career Services Office is one of the best in the country. I have really enjoyed UBC - apparently we get a bad reputation for being savagely competitive but I find the environment very collegial and I really like all of my classmates. There's a lot to do, both at school and in Vancouver as well.
  9. Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    I mean it's both, of course, but it was openly known that the old dean and the administration are concerned that our tuition makes UBC look less prestigious. There was an interview I read a while ago with the old dean where she directly stated that UBC is on par with U of T but she was concerned that our tuition did not reflect that. Almostnot mentions it in this post from 2010 as well. The link is dead now, unfortunately. The administration/professors have openly made comments about how UBC isn't seen as being on par with U of T, partially because our tuition is lower.
  10. Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    The annual limit for tuition and mandatory fee increases is 2% in B.C., for domestic students. Allard is trying to fight it though because they think the lower tuition makes UBC look less prestigious. Ugh.
  11. A lot of us live in South Granville or Kits and pay $1,200 to $1,400 (including some utilities) for tiny studio apartments. But you don't need much space, really. Friends with roommates pay $800-$900 in Kits/Marpole. I really cannot think of anyone who is paying less than $850.
  12. Law School Debt

    It depends so much on where you go to school and your personal experiences. I don't think hearing about other peoples' experiences will help you.
  13. University of Toronto student needing advice.

    It favours schools that give grades in percentages, not just UBC grads.
  14. 1L "Black Letter" Courses

    I heard that from lawyers in recruitment at a couple large Vancouver firms as well. Might have been specific to those firms.
  15. University of Toronto student needing advice.

    Seconding the Logic Games Bible, it helped me immensely. The Logical Reasoning Bible was great too. I found this blog decently helpful: http://lsatblog.blogspot.com/p/month-lsat-study-schedules-plans.html U of T does not prioritize students from U of T... at least I have never heard of it and there would be no logical reason to prioritize them.