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  1. Please. You can mange brioche at 60k income levels. 100k is more like mangent de la foie gras.
  2. It's not a real negroni, but it could maybe be a "Prosecco Negroni" But yeah, menu titles these days are irritating.
  3. It's a struggle, for sure. Lawyers make a lot of money relative to most Canadians, and my life is easy compared to most, so I try not to take that for granted. If you can make 100k, good for you, just don't pretend like it's normal or expected.
  4. Do you know the personal situation of each of the 85% of Canadian income tax filers who earn less than that? 100K is a very large income in Canada whatever your personal situation. I have family members raising 5 kids on an income half that.
  5. I'm not really the one to ask. I made do with a lot less than that for years, but don't any more. But the reality is, most people get by with an income less than 100K. In fact, the median family income in Toronto is around $80K, and that's mostly dual-earner families.
  6. What sounds hard to believe? An individual income of 100K puts you in about the top 15% of income tax filers in the country. And that's people at all ages and stages of their career, not fresh out of school.
  7. Obviously if you're switching out the gin for something else, you'd want to specify that it's no longer a negroni, but a variation of it. But offering a gin negroni is like offering a rum rum and coke.
  8. Why would you specify that a negroni should be made with gin? That's the recipe.
  9. Yeah, if you know something about wine, pick something that's mid range and let it be. Give a quick explanation ("I'm getting steak, so I think the Cabernet-Sauvignon would be nice. Would that work for you?"). If you don't know shit about wine, say "I normally prefer red/white wine, but should we ask the waiter what he'd recommend once we've all ordered our food?" They'll either take over, or everyone will be in the hands of your waiter, which is fine too.
  10. She was a flake from California. This is why they elected Trump... Apparently her job is to lead sketching travel tours. Which is totally legit, unless your food is cooling while you do it.
  11. Yes! I would have taken a photo, but that would have been rude. Plus, I wanted to eat my dinner while it was hot.
  12. He may have been impressed with the painting, though I could see it and it was pretty much crap. But he wasn't impressed with sitting there while his dinner cooled while she squiggled all over the page.
  13. Have we come this far? I've not yet seen someone take pictures at a professional lunch. I took a trip to Italy in the spring. At one restaurant, there was an American woman at the next table. She pulled out a watercolour kit and painted her dinner before eating. Her date was not impressed. I wondered how he ended up travelling to Italy with her without knowing about this issue.
  14. I don't know the mechanics of the application, etc., but I know a lot of people of my vintage (8 year call) who went directly into legal positions in the government with between 2-5 years of experience. I don't know if that's any faster or slower than taking a non-legal position and trying to transfer, but you'll probably compile more relevant experience along the way.