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  1. Those firms are ... just the top PI firms. There is really no distinction.
  2. That's probably the one good reason to choose business law (assuming you define that as corporate/commercial/securities solicitor side work).
  3. Mid-life crisis during Articling?

    You say that the alternative is that you could go back to a job paying $35K. That's actually above the median income for individual income tax filers in Canada ($27.6K a few years ago. It's probably just over $30K now). A lot of lawyers do work a lot of hours. And most get paid commensurate with that. The amount of money most lawyers make fresh out of school dwarfs the amount of money most other programs make.
  4. Is it fun?

    There are some lawyers who don't need to get in that zone. But most lawyer jobs require you to do that, at least for part of your time. Sit, read, think and write are major parts of most lawyers' days. If that's not your thing, it might not be the job for you.
  5. Is it fun?

    Yeah. Even labour and employment lawyers, who are out of the office a lot compared to most Bay St types, spend most of their time "typing away on their laptops, making calls, consults".
  6. I think most Bay St lawyers would not be fazed by a tattoo, as long as it's not gross/controversial, or above the shoulder blades. There are still some dinosaurs and tattoo prudes, though, so there may be marginal cases where it would make a difference.
  7. The top students will likely be the top students no matter what they do, because they get law school and what it takes to do the exams successfully. But I'm pretty sure that for almost everybody there is a return on both doing the readings in advance and attending class regularly. That return differs for everybody, and might not be worth the effort, but I'm fairly sure it's there.
  8. Oh, I do get into it on occasion about whether you can discriminate against someone for wearing an Ed Hardy T-Shirt. And if anyone in my family is reading, the answer is "yes".
  9. People think I have knowledge of the law! When I told people I was an employment lawyer at one of Canada's top law firms, their response was "My cousin just got fired. Can they do that? How much should the company be paying him?" Now, when I tell people I do employment law at a big company, which is obviously not nearly as prestigious, their response is "My cousin just got fired. Can they do that? How much should the company be paying him?"
  10. 7 hours a day is 1750 for the year, which is what I always used to do on Bay St. It's not partner material, but it gets by just fine...
  11. Remember the quaint old days like 10 years ago where they told you not to get a mortgage bigger than 3-4X your gross annual income?
  12. thoughts on canadian law firm rankings?

    There is one good post in this thread.
  13. Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    I'm not sure jacket or tie are necessary, but shorts? No way you should wear shorts.
  14. Debate this: Summer Firm Tours

    They're marketing tools for the firms. It gets their name and image out there. Like sponsoring frosh week events. I'm not sure its effect could be precisely tracked, but that's true of a lot of branding marketing activities.
  15. Groceries $90 and eating out $371 for the month. If you believe this person spent a total of $15 a day on food, I have some beachfront property in Oklahoma to sell you. I mean, you could spend $15 a day on food. But you'd have to spend most of it on groceries, and little of it on eating out. Does not compute.