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  1. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Not any more. The subway goes right there!
  2. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    It's because his cousin is a senior associate at a dustbag firm and can't get a better job because no one respects anyone who didn't get a job at the Big 5.
  3. Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    Your exit opportunities depend a whole lot more on the specific work you do than on the firm you do it at. And your opportunities for that depend on the specific practice group you're in and the clients they serve. I was at a non-"big 5" firm. but in my practice area, you'd go to a "big 5 firm" only if you couldn't get into one of the better firms.
  4. Elite Extracurriculars

    Don't be so sure. Recall that I was speaking with a lawyer.
  5. Elite Extracurriculars

    When the conversation turned to hockey, I always said that I don't currently follow hockey (that way they won't ask about it any more) but told the story about how I did as a kid, and became a Leafs fan just to rebel against my family, which was all Habs fans. We'd have a good laugh then find something more interesting.
  6. Yeah, when I was at the firm, we had a program where a community legal clinic could refer us their clients who had meritorious employment-related claims. Which we could do if your employer was some small business in the suburbs, but no partner was going to let you sue a bank or other big employer.
  7. Case of the nerves

    Any kind of plain dark chocolate that comes in squares is good. Just break a few pieces off and pack them. It's probably hard to get now, though, because convenience stores don't often have that, and the grocery stores are closed...
  8. Case of the nerves

    Good luck! Seems like it has a comprehensive selection of snackables, so you're in as good a position as you can be. But maybe a little chocolate for some sugar?
  9. Elite Extracurriculars

    I think the point is that adding classical music, skiing and golf to your resume is not going to help you get the job. Being the type of person whose parents got them into classical music, skiing and golf is what helps you get you the job. You can't add these things to your application once you get to law school, because the point isn't whether you ski or golf. If you're a person who doesn't have them, you still have opportunities (more in Canada than in the US) but you access them more by being yourself than by signing up for "elite extracurriculars" late in life.
  10. Contracts

    Most of us are in jurisdictions where grocery stores can't really sell beer anyways.
  11. Investing LOC

    I am not interested in buying any individual stocks, but weed stocks? Way too unpredictable. No one knows where that market is going. I'd rather bet on sports. At least you enjoy watching the games more, so there's some sort of a guaranteed return...
  12. Investing LOC

    Just browsed the Reddit Canada investing forum for a few minutes. Man, those guys are buying a lot of weed stocks.
  13. Jordan Peterson, being right about... wait, he's googling "bikini"?
  14. Workload in law school

    No. You can finish at the top of your class, or at the bottom, with the exact same social life.