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  1. I would caution against referring to Scarborough as a single area. It has some of Toronto's poorest neighbourhoods, but also some extremely wealthy ones. It's mostly middle class sprawl though. There is just not much happening in Scarborough, though it does have delicious food options. Some people love it. If you are happy getting around everywhere by car and travelling a long way for anything, you can be happy there. And rent is definitely cheap.
  2. Well, you have your answer then. It is virtually impossible as a statistical matter, though your chances are marginally improved by your family's business connections.
  3. It's a good point. If your family sets you up in the family business and backs you with a lot of capital, you can make a lot of money. You still need to be 1 in 10,000 among all Canadians, but you have a much better shot at getting there than most of the other posters here. If the OP's family is already earning these kinds of sums in their business, he/she could very well too. Seems strange, then, that he/she would come on an anonymous forum and ask how he/she can earn them as a lawyer.
  4. The market for both law students and law professors seems to be quite different in Ontario/Canada than in NY/US.
  5. Hey, Bob and I are telling OP honestly that if he/she is among the 2,500 most successful people in Canada 30 years from now, he/she may meet their goal. And we even suggested various paths to get there. They just have to be more successful than about 35.5 million other people, many looking for the same thing
  6. You start to get into the top 10% of income earners in Canada at about $97K. You get into the top 1% at about $250K. When you're talking about making $2M, you are probably talking about a couple of hundred people in all of Canada. And very few of them are lawyers, at least by profession.
  7. There are probably a couple of dozen lawyers making that kind of money in private practice across the country. Your best bet is likely in house, and you'll probably need Bay St experience to get there. You could try the Jeremy Diamond path too.
  8. In my years reviewing student resumes, I am not sure I saw any that were not two pages.
  9. I'm not sure it causes any sober second thought, but it's still a good rule. Otherwise people can go in and delete/change stuff and the threads no longer make sense.
  10. It's a double whammy because the overdemand for teacher's college is because the job is paid well over market rates (plus the amazing pension). So we overpay for teachers, but we also overpay when we subsidize all those kids in teacher's college who will never become teachers.
  11. The problem with that approach is you don't take any trips or acquire big purchases. It's all about balance...
  12. Confirmed. Done deal, folks!
  13. There is a lot of academic research showing this works. Enough that the federal government just decided to anonymize all applications. Which maybe law firms should do too. But until then, changing your name on your application is not a solution.
  14. How is anyone looking at your transcript going to even know there is a discrepancy? It's not like the transcript notes whether a course is exam or paper based, does it?
  15. There are plenty of people hired to do junior associate work who are not able to do it competently. It's easy to do poorly. It's not easy to do well.