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  1. I am a POC wondering if there are other POCs on LS that can offer work + interview-related advice that might be valuable/specific to POCs. I welcome PMs if that is more comfortable for you.
  2. UBC vs Dalhousie

    UBC, no debate.
  3. Calgary 1L recruit interviews

    Anyone heard from Fasken?
  4. Accepted Civil law Ottawa 2018

    Congratulations on your offer. LS has another section for Civil Law programs: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/forum/31-civil-law-schools/
  5. I feel like questions of this nature can be easily addressed. You're from the GTA. All things being equal, you had the now chance to get a legal education from an excellent school while in proximity to family and friends. Now, you're career-oriented and [Vancouver firm] offers a wonderful opportunity to establish yourself in a market you are ready to work and settle in. As others have said and I touched on lightly, going to school in Ontario with the intent to work in BC will require a little legwork to secure articles, network, etc. But Osgoode is a very strong brand. I don't think the work would be particularly difficult, I know students at less prestigious schools hopping around the country.
  6. How is L2/B2/B3 Calculated

    No. They won't cut how many courses they look at in your L2. They would look at your L2 in its entirety.
  7. Workload in law school

    Current 1L. The workload this semester feels like a fraction of what law school started with. To that end, nearly everyone I have spoken to has said 1L is the hardest year and law school becomes a joke in 2 and 3L.
  8. How is L2/B2/B3 Calculated

    To an extent. Some schools actually do L60 credits, so if you did not have a full course load for your L2 it will capture whatever academic session has the 60th credit going backwards.
  9. If I were in your shoes, I would go to Osgoode or Victoria. Victoria is a beautiful place, so if you want a change of scenery I would advise that you go there. Osgoode will also open doors in BC after you graduate, so that's less of a factor if you decide you want to come west and are willing to do a little work to make it happen.
  10. legal podcasts

    American, but I think Mic Dicta is hilarious.
  11. Building my resume for IP law

    Your education already gives you a wonderful advantage. I would encourage you to look into IP sole practitioners in Toronto, as well as IP practice at mid and large-size firms. Contact lawyers that interest you via e-mail asking to chat. Many are willing. Networking is the best thing you can do in your time frame.
  12. 2018 1L Toronto Recruit

    I'm assuming this is a Toronto thread because you're at Osgoode if I remember correctly, @BlockedQuebecois ?
  13. Ottawa vs Windsor

    Anecdotal but a lot of strong peers at Ottawa are from Ottawa. They are not interested in Toronto. Some 1Ls have received summer positions at big law offices in Ottawa.
  14. Ottawa vs Windsor

    1. The average student does not deal with the administration with any sort of regular frequency. 2. When students talk about administration, they are not talking about faculty. They are talking about tuition, accommodations, things of that nature. 3. We have a new dean, Adam Dodek. He is a very accomplished and well-respected person in legal academia and at the school. 4. Our faculty are professional. A few professors are known for being hard on students. Law schools curve to a B, so this is moot. 5. Exams have not been cancelled this year. I do not know about past years. With respect to my peers at Windsor, I think this is the case when you ask law students. I do not believe employers, generally, care. Especially if you do well in law school. I am certain you get a good education at Windsor. If you want a job in Toronto big law, you will need to do very well at either school. Ottawa probably has a slight edge because it's a bit older.
  15. I failed nine credits in my first year of university. That year pulls down my cGPA considerably. I got into law schools. You have a great LSAT score. Do your best for the rest of your undergraduate program and I am sure you will receive offers.