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  1. If you take out a student loan, you automatically receive a $2000 bursary from Ottawa. Most receive a fed. grant of ~$2800 as well, so tuition is closer to $7500/semester. Not insignificant and still more, and I am unsure of how it breaks down at Sask with bursaries etc, but thought I would share that info.
  2. Just read this article about a woman that investigated substance abuse amongst lawyers after her ex-husband, a lawyer in SF, died of an overdose. Link: I'd be interested in hearing what the LS community thinks about/is willing to share about substance abuse in the legal community.
  3. TD does prime flat, no co-signer.
  4. Registration has already opened, so you should be able to register now. If you click on the small group URLs, they show you the timetable for the year. It's all set already.
  5. They don't explicitly tell you, it's a little haphazard like that. Check daily to see if you have access. You can find some grading breakdowns through the course search engine, but there is considerable overlap in terms of professors teaching the same courses for most people that it seems kinda moot. I looked up the professors on RMP and factored in the course schedule in making my decision. If you're set on crim as what you want to do, I would imagine it would be best for you to do your small group in that realm. Build a stronger rapport with the professor and leverage that, and hopefully excel in the course. Most upper year students I have spoken with don't really think small group/large groups matter in terms of area you select, but the professor does. Everyone takes one thematic course of their choosing in the second term. Comparative Health Systems Law and Policy - Colleen Flood Cyber Feminism - Jane Bailey Climate Change and Legal Change - Heather McLeod-Kilmurray International Humanitarian Law - Allan Michael Rock Introduction to Legal History - Constance Backhouse Law of Good Government - Duff Conacher Natural Resources Law - Stewart Elgie Charter Rights and Remedies in Criminal Cases - Jeffrey Johnston Immigration Health Law - Yin Yuan Chen Legal Data Science - Wolfgang Alschner Access to Justice and Refugees - David Wiseman Aboriginal Legal Mechanisms - Darren Padraic O'Toole Disability Rights Law and Social Justice - TBD Public International Law Craig - Stephen Forcese
  6. "The Education Bursary is credited to the student's account in two installments within four weeks of government financial aid being disbursed." I don't know if you qualify since you didn't take the loan.
  7. Definitely not. You won't have an offer extended until your LSAT score is reported. Rolling offers mean that as complete applications (including LSAT) come their way, schools will give out offers or waitlist or keep you in queue. If someone has a killer LSAT and GPA ready on Nov. 1 for consideration, they may have an offer the first week of December. If that same person doesn't have a LSAT score yet but does well on the December sitting, they could receive an offer days after scores are disclosed. If you're a more borderline candidate, your application can sit for an extended period.
  8. In addition to this, a portion of student loans come in the form of grants (which you don't pay back). You can get around $2000-3000 this way.
  9. No penalty for writing later but all schools have rolling admissions. Accordingly, some schools have bursary/scholarship deadlines before all offers have been handed out. Starling is also right about potentially wasting money on application fees if you do not do as well as you hope.
  10. Heading to uVic would knock $20,000 off your final tuition cost for law school. I can't speak to your financial situation but that and your desire to work in BC make this an easy decision in my opinion.
  11. I'll be starting law school in Ontario this fall. There was a point at which I received an offer to a Canadian school. I was elated. The more I thought about it, however, the more I came to believe it was wrong for me (entirely subjective) to go to any law school for the sake of going to law school. There was enough doubt that it didn't feel right for a number of reasons - value for my dollar, school reputation, network, life during law school, etc... I decided that if that one offer was all I had, I would rather rewrite the LSAT and give it another shot during the next cycle. I got into a school I'm content with so that never materialised. As for lawyers that went to top schools struggling to find positions, I would very much assume those people are a tiny fraction of their graduating cohorts. Even TRU has had a 90%+ articling placement upon graduation during its first few cycles. I wouldn't count on connections being a strong path back to Canada unless it's a family member, and even then I would be a sceptic.
  12. If you're diligent in your fourth year, I see you in at more Ontario schools than not. Your LSAT score is fine, your L2 is TBD, your cGPA should also rise. Don't apply to UoT, you won't be in with those stats.
  13. Most schools have different character limits. Ottawa was 10,000 characters. Other schools have much fewer. Some schools have additional sections/optional prompts to write about. It's great that you have a particular event leading you to law. You should think critically about that moment, and try to draw out a few points you want to talk about. Depending on the school you apply to, you'll be able to add depth where you see fit.
  14. I went with TD. Was not asked to close anything, approved for 100K over three years at prime (2.7%).
  15. This is a very short-sighted idea. You're basically lumping on a ridiculous amount of expenses (rent etc. would also be in GBP) to be a less attractive candidate for employment in Canada... what? And no, your personality isn't going to make up the difference of having a degree from the UK. You're applying for law school. If you're up and away travelling Spain and the like, you won't be giving your program the attention it deserves. Why bother? If you're this exasperated for a break, then take a break. Go travel, go on exchange in 3L, but don't couple the two ideas together. It's stupid and doing you a disservice.