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  1. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    I bought a Macbook Air in 2013. I sprung for a larger SSD and more RAM. The best tech purchase I have ever made. I replaced the battery earlier this year. It probably has another three years of use.
  2. Master's in Personal Statement

    Yes, you should mention your Masters. It is a positive, soft factor that makes you a more attractive candidate. Your availability is implied. Why else would you apply in that cycle?
  3. Transfer 2018

    I declined my offer. Best of luck to those waiting to hear back.
  4. Thank you, and congratulations to you as well. Same circumstances with me. I did receive an e-mail about applying for scholarships, though. I checked my status after receiving that e-mail.
  5. Allard began reviewing applications on Monday and my application status changed to "offer" today. 1L information: A- average. Dean's List (Top 10%). Moot award and other ECs while in 1L.
  6. When was the last time you checked, anyway? To answer OP: No. 1L across Canada includes year-long courses.
  7. 3.17 cGPA, 170 LSAT Chances?

    You will get into a law school with your current stats. Not right away but I would be surprised if you did not receive an offer.
  8. LL.M. / Becoming a Lawyer in Canada [merged]

    I don’t mean to chastise you but I do think these posts are reckless and needlessly drag down UOttawa as a destination for prospective students. CRX opened on January 15 and is a literal 45-second walk from FTX. It has 1000+ study spaces and is a very modern, attractive building. The new social science is also a beautiful building with an abundance of study spaces. I went to UBC for my undergraduate degree and either worked or had classes in new/award-winning buildings. These two new buildings at UOttawa are on-par. There is a beautification plan in place for FTX as well.
  9. OCI Prospects for Potential Transfer

    No more than 50% of spots are open to transfer applicants based on academic merit. At least 50% of spots are open to those for extenuating circumstances. There may be a stigma attached to transfer students because you went through the "back door" to get in. I don't think that would apply here because Western is a competitive school for admission and OP is an above-average student at Western.
  10. The L.LL is the civil law degree offered by UOttawa. You can receive a JD if you complete an additional year of school after finishing your L.LL.
  11. Transfer 2018

    I was not checking my application status so I do not know, sorry.
  12. UBC vs UVIC vs QUEENS vs DAL

    UBC UVic/Queens -- I encourage you to think deeply about where you want to practice. UBC wins out in my view but Queens is a worthy alternative if you prefer Ontario. Dalhousie
  13. Transfer 2018

    May 14. I have two weeks. I have not decided yet.
  14. Transfer 2018

    The first batch of offers went out today. The first offer posted on LS in 2017 was made June 23. A- average (one B+, everything else in the A/A- range).
  15. Current UOttawa 1L, AMA

    You are entering a professional program where grades may play a significant role in determining what opportunities are available to you at the onset of your legal career. This will produce a sense of competitiveness at any school, especially amongst those vying for "big law". It is silly for anyone to say otherwise. That said, I had no issues meeting people in 1L. Everyone was friendly. Very collegial environment.