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  1. Highs? Lows? Unease? Better? Bueller? Other than grappling with some theories in property, I'm feeling pretty good about school. I've met people I enjoy being around outside of class and my professors are awesome. Readings are perpetual but we deal with that the best we can.
  2. Going abroad first

    Your CGPA poses real problems. Not to say you can't get into law school, but it would probably be a school. Think about that. My thoughts at 23: Go explore for a year. You want to and the opportunity is there.
  3. AdComs are comprised of real people. Life happens. Ten years is a long time. Address this in your application, but know and explain why you are not who you were a decade ago. You allegedly have merit for admission based on your most recent academic performance. Emphasize that.
  4. autobiographical sketch + personal statement

    If I remember the sketch correctly, that's the section with the very low character limit. Write concisely. Some example statements: https://www.law.utoronto.ca/documents/JD/UofT_Law_Personal_Statements_Examples.pdf Google and the website's search function are your friends as far as the other Qs go.
  5. Let's do lunch.....NOT

    20 nonattendant minutes with a pot and stove top can make you enough quinoa for 4 days of lunch/dinner. A little seasoning, maybe some crushed nuts and cranberries or some beans and avocado = tasty, healthy, and filling meals. Add meat as you see fit.
  6. Fall 2018 chances [3.82, 4.0, 162]

    You would be accepted at nearly every school in Canada. Maybe not UT though. Prouda you, OP.
  7. OLSAS 'resume'

    If those experiences are fundamentally linked to and support your desire to go to law school (or answer the supplemental questions), they should be mentioned there as well. Could you give an example of a resume experience you can't narrow down to 144 characters?
  8. Study partner for LSAT

    You can find a cohort to share your test-prep misery with in this subforum over here: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/forum/23-law-school-admission-test-lsat/
  9. Should I even bother applying? [3.3]

    I had an undergraduate cGPA of 3.2 and had a very pedestrian LSAT score for my single write. I received two offers. So no, it's not impossible - without knowing your L2/L3, a very strong LSAT score could open doors for you. You'll have to work for that. You should use this website to break down your GPA, and then share that with us: http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/CGPA/Index
  10. Do I have to do anything through LSAC?

    If I remember correctly schools will make a request to receive your LSAT scores once they become available (if you have yet to write). I didn't do anything else when I applied to those schools.
  11. Tips of Reapplying

    PS are soft considerations for most schools so I think you'd be okay with minor tweaks. Some schools do put more weight into them, however (uOttawa) - these schools will emphasize this, so take a look at the websites of schools on your list to be sure. You might be served well to give them a more thorough edit.
  12. Waitlist 2017

    Aha, so the collective butt-clenching was not for nothing - congratulations!
  13. How do I deal with a referee on sabbatical?

    I had this happen last year. I had to go with another prof in the end - it sucked but no harm was done (I guess). Offer to send him a scanned PDF of your papers in place of posting it to him.
  14. Waitlist 2017

    You still got two weeks - crossing my fingers for you (and everyone else waiting)!