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  1. did anyone hear anything from the toronto worker's health and safety clinic?. The spanish position combined with the centre for spanish speaking people.
  2. changing litigation areas

    do you think this would be the case at most, if not all, L&E firms?. I would have a demonstrated interest from course selection in school and some extracurricular stuff, and as Adrian suggested I could join the relevant OBA section, but as far as experience goes, if I worked at an insurance defence firm for example, I can't imagine I would gain much. Would this make immediately after articling the best time to attempt a move since experience for people in my year of call is still relatively low?. Not that I can imagine I would leave an associate position on the table if offered one at a firm just to pursue this, as much as I would like to do L&E work. That would probably be more risk than I would be willing to take. I suppose I am just wondering how realistic the move from one field to the other is.
  3. changing litigation areas

    I will be participating in the articling recruit in August and have some interviews with insurance defence firms, a couple personal injury, and some labour and employment. My main interest is labour and employment, but I would be very happy to come out of the recruitment process having secured an articling position at any of these firms because it would allow me to do litigation work. However, I was wondering how difficult it would be to change practice areas after articling or a couple of years down the road, for example from insurance defence to labour and employment, whether specialized firms like these tend to only look at people who already have experience in the respective practice area or if litigation experience is considered generally translatable to other fields. For those who have made the switch, how difficult was it to begin working on a new field?.
  4. Toronto Articling Recruit 2017/2018

    so did anyone hear from - MAG civil - Dewart Gleason - Toronto workers health and safety clinic - mathews dinsdale
  5. Toronto Articling Recruit 2017/2018

    anyone heard from Mathews Dinsdale or Ursel Phillips?
  6. 2L marks just came up and I am really concerned...

    I was wondering the same thing as good2bad. While my grades are ok, my 2L grades were worse than my 1L grades. 1L i had 1 A-, 4 B+, 2 B. My 2L grades were 1 B+, 6 B, 1 B-. I am just wondering how important grades are for the articling recruitment process and mainly how employers might perceive a downwards trend in grades from 1L to 2L. I could be very wrong but I was under the impression that experience may be more important at this point. Considering that many 2Ls by now have worked in legal clinics and/or might be getting legal experience this summer, I was perhaps more worried about being able to get some relevant experience.