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  1. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    I did not receive the login information as well, so I contacted uOttawa and they said there is some delay from OLSAS side. They are expecting to rectify the issue before the end of next week.
  2. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    I did not even get email confirmation from uOttawa yet 😭😭
  3. Document Tracking Error

    I have the same error.
  4. I got rejection. Good luck to others who are still waiting.
  5. I completely agree with you.
  6. Me too. I feel like calling Marie, but I have done it once already, and last thing I wanna do is piss her off. Please let us know if anyone of you decides to call. She was very friendly when I called her first time, so don't be scared to call her.
  7. I agree. I don't mind waiting till tomorrow (saying it like I have control over it ) as long as we are getting decision before end of Friday.
  8. I hope we would get some offers today. Can't wait. This process is killing me.
  9. No need for anxiety. Offers will go out close to the end of the week. Some interview committee members are not available for few days.
  10. If anyone calls Marie to find out. Please let us know.
  11. I am waiting anxiously as well. The longer it takes, my brain is assuming that I will get rejection. I hate this process.
  12. Usually they send out at least few offers on first day after interviews, but it looks like they haven't this time.
  13. As soon as someone gets offer please post here. Thanks
  14. I am getting nervous. Marie told me yesterday that most of the offers will go out on Monday. I haven't heard anything yet.
  15. I am sure you will get the offer. Good luck.