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  1. Lol yeah i grew some grey hairs when i read that email
  2. You have probably heard of the pareto principle (80-20 one). I know this is an imperfect use of it, but think of your apppication this way: a whole lot of your application strength depends on your lsat and your undergrad gpa. All the other stuff is nice but those drive your success. Now, I think the gpa is good and the rising trend is good, but nothing can be said sans LSAT score.
  3. There is a link in solus for this. Otherwise, email the admissions coordinator assuming you're fresh blood. They'll give you a letter.
  4. yo I read this as what is a new articling student's salary at Baker McKenzie lol.
  5. They register you for everything. Just show up
  6. I wouldn't use them at all. If you have a question on a law, scan a treatise. They tend get things right more often. But using another outline is a bad idea generally. If you force yourself to outline, you'll get an understanding of the law that is much deeper. You can always tell in study groups who did their own outline because they know the law and how it is applied inside and out. Unsurprisingly they tend to get the good grades, which is what you want right?
  7. My fellow professional interpreters, you must look at the entire context! I said it was scary because op was talking about ocis and I assumed bay street. It is scsry that there is little wiggle room between 2l and articling for recruiting.
  8. I did a deep dive on these numbers on NALP. Almost every firm that hires 2Ls hire back their 2Ls for articling. It's pretty scary stuff.
  9. This is too broad to be answered. If you're transferring from u of t to TRU then ya, that's an issue. If you're transferring from Windsor to U of T then that makes you a stronger candidate. In my opinion, that would show ambition.
  10. Wait. So I don't automatically get a clerkship at the SCC and an associate position at Skadden?
  11. I am going to assume by OCI you mean full service bay street since you worked at an IB. In that case I would be worried. Your average is not truly a B+. You can't just ignore two grades. More to the point though, your black letter common law average is much worse. Add in what seems to be a Windsor discount these days and you're looking at some issues. Having IB experience is definitely a plus though so I think you'll get some interviews...just not from the grade-heavy firms.
  12. As @CoffeeandLaw said, you will have a tutorial in ils. It will grow to be one of the greatest annoyances of 1L.
  13. Some firms are offering open houses for the upcoming 2L recruit. I wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts on the usefulness of going. My initial reaction is mixed. On the one hand, I am likely applying broadly so one night won't change my decision on where to apply. Also, I don't see the value for networking. My grades are good enough to land OCIs and my application materials are good to go. On the other hand, I could see value in getting firm-specific application or interview tips. Anyone care to comment?
  14. OK. Fair enough. Didn't know about the U.S. schools.
  15. This is kind of a dumb thing to say. It would just make Queen's look bad. First, if all the "smart" kids are in one class, then someone's gotta take the hit when there are no more As to give out. That would be unjust. Imagine the lowly peasants going to firm day while most of the stacked section binge watches the Crown. Second, this would be embarrassing for the school. You will soon find out that the kids who got the scholarships tend to disappear into the abyss of Bs. I don't know why it happens, but that's what happened in my circles. This is kind of embarrassing for the awards committee: most of their first round draft picks are duds. It would kind of feel like Jake Virtanen all over again (what were the Canucks thinking?!). Edit: this is not true for everyone. You will definitely get your odd Auston Matthews who was born to be a lawyer or at least law student. lol.