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  1. 2L Summer Employment Dilemma

    Call me churlish but I would absolutely file a complaint with your law society. You have been royally screwed and there is no excuse for it.
  2. Summering in London, ON - salaries

    For added reference, $800-900 seems to be the standard in Eastern Ontario too. That includes Ottawa.
  3. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    BLG, McMillan and NR just called without sending an ITC. From what I've heard, Gowling has so far sent ITCs to Queen's but has not called. To clarify, I did not receive an offer from all of these firms myself.
  4. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

  5. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    BLG, Gowling, McMillan, and Norton Rose have been calling today. Anybody hear from any other firms?
  6. Ottawa 2L Recruitment 2018

    That's a lot! Are you able to share roughly how many of these applicants got OCIs?
  7. Accepted 2016

    Just jumping in to support this - I would put serious money on you getting into Queen's with those stats! The last few acceptances in this thread, including mine, have had the same if not slightly lower stats.
  8. ACCEPTED 2016

    Congrats! Thanks ! Nope, middle of the alphabet. Based on what I've read in earlier threads, I don't think that there's really an alphabetical order to the process. I'm sure you'll get your call soon.
  9. ACCEPTED 2016

    Looks like the next wave has started - just received a call ! Huge honour. cGPA ~3.5 LSAT 167.
  10. Accepted 2016

    Same! My stats are almost identical, too.
  11. Accepted 2016

    If it makes you feel better, I have almost identical stats and have not heard back, despite getting accepted into my other choices months ago. Don't sweat it.
  12. Accepted 2016

    Congrats! I'm sensing a general theme of high GPAs taking priority here. I've gotten into a few other schools across Canada and most of the Accepted Threads are full of people with LSATs in the 165ish range but GPAs all over the map. Neat to see Queen's with a bit of a different approach. Still hoping for my acceptance - 167/3.5 cGPA at the time of submission.
  13. Accepted 2016

    Offer received early this morning! 3.5gpa and 167 lsat.
  14. Accepted 2016

    Got the email today! Average ECs 3.5 GPA 167 Feeling grateful!
  15. Accepted 2016

    I got the call on Wednesday - 3.5 GPA before drops and a 167 LSAT. Really excited! uVic is my second choice. I spent some summers on Vancouver Island as a kid. So beautiful, and Victoria is a lovely city from what I've seen. My west coast fam is already putting on the pressure