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  1. I worked full-time when I was studying so what I did was did the timed sections/drilling during the weekdays because I worked during the day, and on weekends I did 1 or 2 full time PTs
  2. Updated Chances?

    just a quick check through Western Accepted: 3.35/3.62/161 3.42/3.71/158 3.45/3.5/163 3.4/3.7/159 3.4/3.71/160 There are people with our stats who get in forsure, best of luck to us!
  3. Updated Chances?

    I have 3.4/3.65/161 and was told that I have a pretty good shot just later in the cycle - and I think the same would apply to you! After going through the accepted threads of Queens/Western/Ottawa, I think so myself as well. Although we are not a shoe in, we do have a good shot (imo)
  4. This past summer I worked full-time that was about 55hrs a week and so did my friend - I got a 161 and she got a 165 We would drill the week days and review, weekends is when we did full timed PTs
  5. What is my L2?! I went on exchange

    I talked to the law advisor at my school about it and all I remember is that it is some complicated process because the grades you get on exchange are pass/fail. You can request grades but the grading schemes on exchange are much harsher, so I would second what the above poster said and contact the admissions departments from the schools you applied to.
  6. Updated Chances? 3.48/3.6ish/163

    I have 3.4/3.65/161 and was told I have a pretty decent shot just later in the cycle
  7. When are ON schools' first round of acceptances coming out?

    I work in undergraduate admissions, and I can say with 99% confidence that won't happen
  8. My friend is in 1L right now, the class is divided into 3 30 people "core" classes - so still pretty small
  9. Referred to Admissions Committee

    In the email it said that you will be "pending review" until your information is put into the student information centre. My guess is that right now they are putting all of them into the system, then decisions will be made. They just cant input all of them in at once which is why some of our statuses have changed and some have not. This is just my guess, just thought id share!
  10. Referred to Admissions Committee

    I was also referred a week ago. 3.4/3.65/161 last name S
  11. Incomplete/Missing Documents

    My application says "referred to admissions committee" they have my GPA and LSAT under "details", but under "documents and tests" nothing is satisfied including LSAT. my guess is that they have it, as they clearly have my LSAT, they just haven't checked the boxes for satisfied yet. Since it's all through OLSAS - if they have one they must have all - that's my guess anyways
  12. Confirmation of Application

    I still haven't received an email from Western, anyone in the same boat?
  13. Should I rewrite?

    Well I hope your right as it's nice to know I'll get in somewhere
  14. Should I rewrite?

    Western, Queen's, Ottawa, Windsor, Dalhousie (putting in that app on Monday)
  15. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    I just checked Windosr and they only have my LSAT score. So I'm sure it is something on OLSAS's end, not us. (well I hope anyways)