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  1. Chances cGPA 3.44; L2 3.7; LSAT 152, 154

    I have similar stats 3.4/3.65/161 - and I was told I have a pretty good shot but later in the cycle, so I would say if you get your LSAT up around the 160 area then you would be in the same boat as me
  2. Transcript Request Question

    Okay thanks so much. I was getting worried about that. I appreciate the clarification!
  3. Transcript Request Question

    Okay I think that might be right. I went to document tracking at it says I have no documents received from my university. The deadline for transcripts is Nov. 1, do you think this is the deadline for OLSAS to receive the transcript, or for you to request it?
  4. Transcript Request Question

    I did the OLSAS transcript request a few days ago, just wondering how will I know that it went through and they have my transcript?
  5. Chances 163 + L2 3.5

    What about a 3.4/3.65/161? i made a thread on mine but no responses im debating a re-write, but if people think I have a decent to good shot I probably won't
  6. It's a LOR and ranking system - I got told to get references that can back up what you say in your personal statement from the career services rep at my university
  7. Re-writing LSAT

    From my understanding when you apply you check off that you are writing a Dec LSAT. I have seen people post in this forum saying they have gotten accepted a week before their December LSAT
  8. Re-writing LSAT

    What is your GPA?
  9. Western is my top choice and my stats are 3.4/3.65/161 (83rd) - above average ECs and LORs thanks in advance!
  10. CHANCES: LSAT 162. L2:3.7 CGPA 3.14

    I'm posting this because I have similar stats, and no one commented on my post 3.4/3.65/161 - what would my chances look like for the same schools
  11. Chances 3.4/3.65/161

    All Ontario + Alberta, Calgary, Dal - thanks in advance!
  12. Reading Comprehension HELP

    Hey everyone! Just thought I would update you on my progress! I started to take caffeine pills before my PTs and have noticed an extreme improvement in my score. Today I wrote PT 68 and got a 171. RC -5, LR -2, LR -3, LG -1. I would highly recommend trying them, it made a huge difference for me! And thank you to everyone who gave advice on RC, it truly did help!
  13. Reading Comprehension HELP

    Yeah once you cut down the time for the first 10 questions hopefully you will see improvement! For LG I find that some games I can finish in like 5 minutes, but some games can take me up to 12, so for that reason I don't really have a timing strategy. I usually find there is 1 maybe 2 games where I can just fly through, then 1 or 2 games where I really have to think and it takes up a lot of time, so I don't really have a benchmark for when I want to finish each game. For RC (which I am not very good at), I try to finish each passage between 830 and 9. But this also varies because some passages have only 5 questions while others can have 7 or 8, so I typically try to finish the passages with 5 questions quicker than 830-9 to give myself more time on the longer passages.
  14. Reading Comprehension HELP

    I used the LSAT Trainer accompanied with "Lawschooli.com's" 4 month study schedule. The schedule would make me learn a question type, then do quite a few drill questions from PT 52-56 so I got used to recent questions from the get go. The approach that I find that helps me a lot is reading the question stem first, which will let you know if you approach the stimulus with an objective/subjective standpoint. For example, if it is a resolve the discrepancy question I would know that I would look at the argument subjectively and be looking for holes in the argument while I read. On the other hand, if it was a find the conclusion question, I know I would have to look at the stimulus objectively and only look at what is in the stimulus, which saves me time for not looking for holes in this argument. I found this approach was very helpful for timining and I can always get under 35 minutes now. Typically with questions you can eliminate one stupid answer, two kinda stupid answers, then are left with two answers, then figuring out which one is more wrong and go with the other. The first 10 questions are always the easiest too, so I finish those in 10 minutes to give myself more time for the harder questions which are usually in 10-20. I would recommend doing a section untimed and see if you can get a really good score, if you can you know you have the fundamentals and just have to work on speed, if you are still getting the score you currently are getting I would recommend seeing which question types you are getting wrong and go back and study those specific question strategies. Hopefully this helps!
  15. Reading Comprehension HELP

    Hey guys! So I used all of your advice and was basically just doing RC this past week. I just did my best section ever getting -6 which I'm really happy about. I honestly think it was just a lack of practice on RC as when I was doing them and reviewing, I was able to anticipate questions better and also retain much more information per passage. Thanks a lot for your tips, much appreciated!