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  1. Just wanted to throw this out there, but Newmarket and Barrie have sent out interview offers as of late last week from what I understand.
  2. Going Into Summer After 2L Without a Job

    Internships deadlines are a little more than a few weeks away. I'm assuming you aren't a PDC student, which may be wrong. But having until June 8th to have summer internships count towards fall or winter credits is quite far off. Lots of time.
  3. US Law School Ultimate Bar Pass Rate

    It's... fine. The characters just make so many self-interested and irrational decisions. But I guess that's the point. They aren't supposed to be bright.
  4. US Law School Ultimate Bar Pass Rate

    One of my guilty pleasures is reading John Grisham. He just published a book this year on students in the bottom feeder schools, "The Rooster Bar". Honestly it wasn't that great. I mean, it was no Rainmaker or Pelican Brief. But it was informative as far as crippling debt and no prospect of employment go.
  5. If there's one thing you should walk away from law school feeling comfortable about, it's legal research. That the skill that's going to keep our head above water wherever you end up.
  6. There's not much to it. I won't be doing the tour since it's exam season, but I can give you a rundown. First floor when you walk in - Gowlings Moot Court and attached rooms. These are the nice rooms and where (in my case) most first-year courses take place. Down the stairs on your left - More class rooms and some lockers. Also note Vern Krishna's room where Vern Krishna teaches Vern Krishna tax. Vern Krishna. Second floor up the stairs - civil law floor and the civil and common law student centres. Also some more classrooms. Third floor - the Fish Bowl room. Some more rooms in the 'Borden Ladner Gervais' wing. Wall of fame type thing. Associate and tenure faculty offices. Also the 'Atrium', which is just the area with limited seating. Fourth floor - Library and some really shitty classrooms. You can go to the fifth floor from the library and get to the second floor of books and seating. Or, you can take the elevator or stairs to the other part of the fifth floor where the part-time faculty is. That's about it. UOttawa has a lot to offer and I love it here. But the building is not a major drawing feature. I'm pretty sure years ago the law school was supposed to get the social science building... but it went to the other faculty because their other building was condemned.
  7. The Socratic Method​​​​​​​

    I got screwed once from Feldthusen,. Got called but hadn't done the reading. He and Forcese use it in the English Common Law. It keeps you on your toes, but in some cases it means deliberately studying more for one class than other. So at the end of the day the teachers are kind of asking you to put more effort in to their class at the expense of others. It isn't bad. You sit there and hope you don't get called. Then you get called, stumble through a shitty answer, and move on with your life. If you don't know the answer, but make an attempt, the teacher will basically direct you in to the right answer. I can't speak to the french common law experience though.
  8. "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    I always figured the way the Universities are presented on the homepage of this site are the official rankings. Going through it again though, I realize it's just the schools from West to East... Now my rejection from Dal doesn't hurt so much.
  9. Braille Criminal Code?

    What? The Bible is 3 - 4 feet? Was I lied to by The Book of Eli when Denzel was carrying around a braille Bible in his bag?
  10. Question re: Access Application

    Come on man. If you're going to pile on try to add at least a little bit to the conversation. This is needlessly mean considering this point has already been covered in the thread.
  11. Logistics and transport law

    It would help to rephrase your question.
  12. Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    I guess you're right. But still, using standard perception of pass fail with 50% and higher as a pass. Then that's just an unfortunate rate.
  13. Ryerson Law by 2020 - Letter of Intent

    LSAT 75th Percentile - 147. Holy shit, 75% of their class literally failed the LSAT.
  14. Does anyone regret going to law school?

    I'm in second year and don't for a second regret going to law school. I know what's on the outside for me though, whereas as a lot of students I know never explored other career paths. I gave up a pretty good policy job to move to law after grad school. Considering debt and my own career goals (criminal law), this is basically a lateral movement income-wise in the long-term. But policy is just something that, at this point in my life, is so far from being even remotely fulfilling that I didn't want to be there. And private sector stuff is just not for me. I wouldn't fit in, and I would hate myself for doing it. The OCI process wrapped up at my school and I can tell there's going to be some people who will regret going to law school in a few years. They've chosen areas to go in to that they have no interest in because of either economic pressure, or social pressure to get a job right now at this second. And it's not like they're just giving it a shot. A few of the people I know are adamant that they'll be there for the long haul despite their disinterest. It's absolutely baffling to me why someone would deliberately put themselves in that situation, regardless of external pressures.
  15. Tips on enhancing a GPA to get into law school

    Those numbers are too round. Take every grade and convert each one to it's OLSAS equivalent. Then average that value.