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  1. How to pick an Ontario law school?

    Come back to the forums in 3 years, enjoy the moment and undergrad for now.
  2. Ask a 1L student

    Thanks both Cabaret and Pinkroses! appreciate it.
  3. Been at Western for a week and its been pretty great. O-Week was awesome, the dinner had a damn poutine bar... yeah, you heard that right. Everyone seems very supportive, kinda bummed I didn't get any clinics but oh well.
  4. Ask a 1L student

    Im a 1L at Western right now and didn't get any offers for the clinics, is this at all detrimental? I am aware that you can apply in the winter term for other clinics but not getting any interviews when people you know are definitely stings a bit. Ive signed up for a few intramural teams I'm pretty excited for but other than that I wont really have much involvement unless I decide on participating in some of the moots.
  5. I hate questions like this, want to be a doctor? go to med school, want to be a lawyer? go to law school, want to be a nurse? go get your BScN .. the list goes on. Don't get caught up in prestige just think about what YOU want to do with your life.
  6. Practice practice practice. Go through the LGB practice problems and if you have prep tests that you aren't going to do in their entirety do the games section alone and do it timed to see where you're struggling. I SUCK at games, the highest I ever got was around 17-18 correct per section while I practiced in the low to mid 160s. Follow 7Sage's advice when he says "SPEND TIME UP FRONT" spend time with the set up, the inferences and the overall game board this will save you some time and make other questions much easier. Also be on the lookout for certain games where you can solve for all scenarios and set up 3-4 different game boards. This takes time up front but makes the questions go by in seconds.
  7. Go ahead with the job interview. You might get it and have to quit if you get into Ottawa, but if you don't at least you have a kickass job and can re apply for the next cycle while also saving up some $.
  8. Accepted to Alberta 2017

  9. Accepted to Alberta 2017

    Rejected my UofA offer. I hope my seat goes to one of you guys!
  10. When Will I Get It?

    You will "get" LR after you read through the LSAT Trainer.
  11. Waitlist 2017

    Declining in favour of Western. Hope it bumps some of you people on the forum up !
  12. Waitlist 2017

    Also waitlisted at Ottawa. Not very optimistic about my chances. GPA 3.5, L2 3.85, LSAT: 159 (Highest)
  13. Accepted to Ottawa 2017

    Congrats ! I have nearly identical stats, hoping to hear back soon.This post gives me some more hope.
  14. Accepted to Alberta 2017

    Which ON school are you going to if you don't mind me asking?
  15. We are In-House Lawyers - Ask Us Anything

    Thanks for the insightful replies Bort and Conge. Will keep this in mind moving forward.