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  1. Both are equal in the eyes of the Law Society. Once you’re fully licensed, it doesn’t make a difference. Both schools being public colleges, it is unlikely an employer would view one more favourably than the other. If you want to do immigration work, you will need separate accreditation from the ICCRC (which you can get online while practicing as a paralegal, from what I’ve heard).
  2. How much does it matter where you go to school?

    Back to the topic - I once had a lawyer admit to me that he wished he had chosen his school based on tuition price. (Thankfully, I had already made my decision based on tuition/living expenses when he told me that.)
  3. Is there any reason why the online versions are not sufficient? Is there something that the annotations can offer that the noteup bar in CanLII cannot? Will these be the only versions we can access during an open-book exam? I'd rather avoid spending a fortune on the print copies unless there is no other choice. (Asking for everyone's benefit, but for me personally, I've had a head start working as a paralegal for the last few years and I concede that the answer might be different for the average student coming in with a clean slate.)
  4. Barber Recommendations

    Bumping this thread because I refuse to repeat the experience of looking like a rabbit that narrowly escaped the lawnmower.
  5. Paralegal Qualities

    I get that; my least favourite part of my job was the admin work. I worked under a lawyer, which I guess is similar to what you would do back out west. I did my best work in research and writing - there's something to be said about finding the answer to a complex legal problem. That said, not all paralegals who work under lawyers do admin work; that depends on the firm, the resources it has available and the type of work the firm does. Real estate would be more towards the admin side than litigation, for example. I'm serious about your future classmates, though. Brace yourself for a lot of eye-rolling.
  6. Seneca vs. Humber

    If you already have an undergrad degree, go with Seneca. The Humber degree will give you the option of applying for Master's programs when you're done, if that's something you might be interested in, but there's no point if you already have an undergrad degree.
  7. Centennial Graduates?

    If you had asked two or three years ago, I would have said Centennial hands down. But if you're in a hurry to get it done and you don't care about the "school experience", go with Centennial (and cover your nose in the overpass between L block and C block in the summer).
  8. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    No duplex. They all got sold before we got pre-approved, except for one with a bachelor unit for which the bathroom was too small to install a shower. Bought a cheap bungalow instead.
  9. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    My fiance and I are trying to buy a duplex. Our mortgage broker took his sweet-ass time, but we've now gone with someone else and we're hopeful we can have something secured shortly. There's one with a vacant 2-bedroom unit that I've got my eye on, but don't wait for me just in case.
  10. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    That all starts August 1, but payments are applied to the second semester.
  11. Accepted to Windsor 2017

    August 15th to pay tuition minus your OSAP amount. The Scotiabank branch mentioned in the offer letter got through my line of credit application in about a week, so you have plenty of time to sort that out if you have to. As long as you've never declared bankruptcy, they'll probably approve you for 100k without a second thought. They didn't even run a credit check on my application.
  12. ON Paralegal

    I second asking the Law Society, but if you can't just go ahead and sit the paralegal exam without getting a college diploma in Ontario, I would suggest accreditation instead. The cost isn't that much more than college tuition + LSUC fees - all in all, more bang for your buck.
  13. I'm currently a student - Ask me anything

    Have you (or any other single JDs you know) taken courses at UDM or Wayne State? Are they interesting/worth the hassle?
  14. Chances of getting into Dual JD Windsor (low cgpa)

    I also had an uphill battle in applying to law school. My GPA sits somewhere between the upper end of crap and the lower end of not crap, and I can't replicate my practice LSAT scores at the testing centre (never managed more than 153). I have a disability to explain away the LSAT scores and financial circumstances to explain away my GPA. In support of the access claim, I provided a letter from my doctor. On top of all of that, I also became a licensed paralegal and worked as one for two years, during which time I contributed to some textbooks my boss wrote and argued at trials and arbitrations. One of my references is my boss, who can personally attest to the quality of my legal work. It took two attempts before I got in (Windsor Single JD this fall). I didn't have my boss's reference the first time, and I was still in college and didn't have the legal experience that I do now. (I also chose not to apply access the first time, but when you're autistic and you pass as neurotypical, speak without assistive software, and have a degree, your own apartment, a career and a stable long-term relationship, you get gaslit into thinking you're gaming the system if you ask for help, which I couldn't see when I first applied). Point is, you should be aware that it might take more than just an explanation and documentary records to prove that your stats don't reflect your aptitude. While a lot of access applicants are like us and have low stats due to personal circumstances, there are also access applicants who have better stats.
  15. Saadati v Moorhead, 2017 SCC 28

    Decision is reserved, so I might be able to sneak in a page or two of written submissions (and it will probably have to be written since FSCO is determined to have all outstanding AB matters concluded by the end of the year).